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I have a horrible feeling Hamas have won

Monday/Tuesday blog

Of course we don’t know what’s going to happen in the Israel/Palestine/Hamas imbroglio. And many more much more intelligent people than myself will speak and write millions of words about the situation. But I have a worrying suspicion that Hamas has already won. Here’s why:

Whatever the Israelis do will be ‘wrong’
  • The Israelis are caught between a rock and a hard place. They can’t attack while supposed negotiations to free their citizens are supposedly ongoing. Yet the longer the Israelis delay, the more time Hamas have to prepare
  • Throughout the world, public sympathy is firmly with Hamas with many millions believing the Israelis deserved the October massacre of around 1,400 Israelis by Hamas subhumans
  • The Hamas attack has brought to the surface widespread anti-semitism where we have Australian mobs chanting “gas the Jews”, Stars of David being painted on Israeli homes and businesses in Germany and massive anti-Israel protests in many other countries
  • If the Israelis do attack Gaza, every time a Palestinian is hurt or killed, Israel will be accused of genocide and there will be massive pressure on Western leaders to distance themselves from Israel’s actions.
  • If Hezbollah, Jordan, Syria and even Iran decide to pitch in, hoping to finally kill all Israeli Jews ‘between the river and the sea’, it’s difficult to see how Israel can survive
The situation in the West


  • there are 3.9 million members of the Religion of Incredible Peacefulness (ROIP) in the UK, but only 0.3 million Jews
  • there are 5.7 million members of the ROIP in France, but only 0.4 million Jews
  • there are 5.6 million members of the ROIP in Germany, but only 0.2 million Jews
  • there are 0.8 million members of the ROIP in Australia, but only 0.1 million Jews
  • there are 3.5 million members of the ROIP in the USA, however there are 4 million of Jewish heritage

Moreover, while the ROIP populations of most countries are increasing rapidly due to higher birth rates and open-borders immigration from the wordls’ worst hell-holes, the populations of Jews are static or declining. Soon, the USA will be the only Western country where a political party can be elected while being supportive of Israel’s right to exist. That doesn’t bode terribly well for Israel’s future as Israel will become increasingly isolated.

Ignorance and stupidity:

It seems that the same mobs of narcissistic, virtue-signalling, West-hating, oikophobic fools who demonstrated with such passion for the utterly corrupt BLM and who bleat and moan about the supposed coming climate catastrophe are also turning out in their hordes to protest for a free Palestine. The most ludicrous of these useful idiots are the LGBTQ+++ supporters of Hamas:

They seem to be unaware of what happens to people like them under radical ROIP governments. I could post a few videos here of homosexual men joining the Fallujah Flying Club with lifelong membership. That lifelong membership being the last 4-5 seconds of their lives as they are thrown from tall buildings with their hands tied behind their back and then their bodies are stoned just to make sure they see the error of their ways. But I’ll spare you.

The West’s societal suicide

There used to be an acronym used by economists – the BRICS – referring to Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa which were regarded as the fastest-growing developing economies. Perhaps we need a new acronym – the CRINKS – China, Russia, Iran, North Korea and South Africa? Our enemies – China, Russia, Iran, North Korea and South Africa (the CRINKS) – are uniting against the West, increasing their militaries and getting stronger. Meanwhile the West is impoverishing itself with the ludicrous Net Zero stupidity and tearing itself apart with the even more stupid culture wars – women can have penises, all Whites are inherently racist, diversity is our strength, there should be no borders and so on.

Third-world countries are watching a rising, self-confident, corrupt, democracy-loathing CRINKS and a declining, self-destructing, self-hating West and deciding which side to join. Many corrupt, kleptocrat-ruled, resource-rich but economically basket-case African countries have already enthusiastically substituted hard-won independence for subjugation to Chinese Belt-and-Road economic colonialism. Others have seen coups supported by Russian Wagner mercenaries. Most Third-World countries will choose to pitch in with the winners in the competition for global power. They will join the CRINKS and not the West. This will further isolate Israel.

Survival against the odds?

Israel has survived over 75 years almost miraculously turning a tiny patch of Middle-East scrubland into one of the world’s most prosperous, democratic, scientifically-advanced and productive countries. But the population of Israel is just 9.4 million including 1.7 million Arabs. The Arab world population is over 456 million. There are 48 times as many Arabs as Israelis. And Israel is rather small compared to the land occupied by our Arabian friends. The surface area of Israel is a mere 22,145 km² compared to a massive 13,132,327 km² for the Arabian world:

I wonder how many of those protesting against the supposedly ‘evil’ Israel actually realise how small and vulnerable Israel is?

In view of all this and more, I have a horrible suspicion that Hamas have won and Israel will not survive to reach 100 years.

As for the libtard, historically-ignorant, self-admiring, anti-semitic fools screaming their mouth-frothing support for Hamas, be careful what you wish for. Once Hamas and Hezbollah and ISIS and their chums have finished with Israel, they’ll be coming for you:

6 comments to I have a horrible feeling Hamas have won

  • Megan62

    Thank you David. Hard to disagree, much as I’d like to. I take some hope from:

    The classic Jewish History T-shirt (

    Civilizations, nations and empires that have tried to destroy the Jewish People:
    Ancient Egypt – Gone
    Philistines – Gone
    Assyrian Empire – Gone
    Babylonian Empire – Gone
    Persian Empire – Gone
    Greek Empire – Gone
    Roman Empire – Gone
    Byzantine Empire – Gone
    Crusaders – Gone
    Spanish Empire – Gone
    Nazi Germany – Gone
    Soviet Union – Gone
    Iran – ???
    The smallest of nations but with a friend in the highest of places!
    So… BE NICE!

  • Joe Schmo

    Your crystal ball is working remarkably well for an old fart
    like myself.

    The accelerating pace of change of demographics will change
    Europe for ever. With no going back.

    Enjoy the dying embers of democracy while it still exists.

  • Carolyn

    If I were Jewish I’d be afraid, very afraid. And, I’m afraid anyway because

    First they came for the Communists And I did not speak out
    Because I was not a Communist
    Then they came for the Socialists And I did not speak out
    Because I was not a Socialist
    Then they came for the trade unionists And I did not speak out
    Because I was not a trade unionist Then they came for the Jews
    And I did not speak out
    Because I was not a Jew
    Then they came for me
    And there was no one left
    to speak out for me.

    As it is the woke brigade already have their knives out for white, Christian heterosexuals.

  • Mitchell Palmer

    I posted something similar five days ago, after Trump got his customary knee-jerk slagging-off for saying Hamas was ‘Smart’.
    I knew exactly what he meant, and so, quite obviously, do you.

  • A Thorpe

    I doubt that the more intelligent people have a better assessment or know how it is going to end. Part of the issue is how far back in time do you need to go to understand the issue – the Romans perhaps? What happened to the Romans in the end? Weakness, the same as you describe for the west, and Christianity took over with its own form of control and where there is religion there will be conflict.

    But why not start with the Zionist campaign to create Israel and the Balfour declaration. That was 1917 when Britain promised to do what it could to create the state of Israel but it sensibly, in some ways, it had the requirement to respect the rights and and religion of others in the region. As a result Britain could not reach an acceptable agreement because they had imposed a conflicting requirement based on religion. The problem was passed to the UN (or DN – Divided Nations in this case) and it effectively imposed an agreement favouring the Zionists. It did not consider any other options. The UN vote was apparently 33 in favour of Israel, 13 against and 10 abstentions. Hardly an acceptable vote for something so significant. In my view that vote was the result of American dominance in the UN with the objective of using Israel as a way to control the middle east, the result being the wars elsewhere. America has poured millions into Israel together with arms and that is the reason that Israel has become established and powerful. Taken with the wars America and Britain have fought with Arab nations is it any wonder that we have this situation?

    What we also see today in many areas such as rights is that they are given to groups of people, which assumes everybody in the group behaves exactly the same. Ayn Rand and others say rights can only be given to individuals. This problem results in a group ideology being established and activists campaigning on the basis that they have a large following. The activist groups also collect together as you righty say, making it worse.

    It is just the same with antisemitism and Islamophobia. It establishes a group characteristic and in this case it applies to a nation and everybody belonging to a religion. Criticism is either unacceptable or acceptable depending on the wests view of each. We see that assumption being applied to the protests in London. There are good and bad in any grouping. We should remember that free speech is essential. Try to stop one group and we will be the next.

    Compare these events with the IRA terrorist attacks. Did Britain think the solution was to bomb Ireland? There is more to all this than just defeating terrorism. You say elections will result in Israel becoming isolated but what does it mean for the countries where this can happen?

    You are also right to draw attention to the west’s enemies. There was the discussion a few days ago about the UK government being our enemy. This happens at any level when there is weakness. But are these events part of a bigger picture. I found a video yesterday “Dr.SHIVA™ SHATTER THE SWARM. How The Few Control the Many.” He gets it right about how we are being controlled and explains it well. The more confusion and fear that the elites generate the easier it is to control us. The elites don’t care about any of us because the believe they are safe what ever they do. We have a bigger problem to solve and we must not be distracted.

  • tomsk

    Megan, I would add the British Empire to your list, sadly we restricted holocaust survivors returning home to Palestine, some ended up back in the hands of the nazis. We backtracked on promises and treated them shamefully hence they rose up against us, we hanged them and they hanged us in return. The worst case being the blowing up of the King David Hotel, a British Officer taking a warning phone call refusing to follow the advice of a Jew and sadly people died. The Jews lived amongst us in Europe for years, they in many places had their own ID but they didn’t bother no one, they provided services and were sadly pogrommed and holocausted, the west has replaced them with a demographic that hates us and wants to destroy us turning our country into a country they are either fleeing from or a missionary from to do just this. Our politicians are complicit. Asia Bibi sums it up for me, the Pakistani Christian charged with blasphemy ona say so because she drank from a muslim well, locked up on death row for eight years, I think it was T. May refused her asylum in the UK as the same people who wanted her to kill her in Pakistan were here in the UK to. Lets not forget the Batley teacher still in hiding, the autistic kid who accidently scuffed a Koran. I could go on but we have a problem, I know many decent muslim folk, I really believe they are but I cant help but wonder if taqqiyya is at work, and I also wonder how many are muslim because they are afraid not to be.

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