February 2019
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Great entertainment from our beloved BBC

The BBC has been under a lot of criticism for wasting the license fee on rubbish such as pretty much everything broadcast by the pointless and expensive BBC3. But over the last few weeks the shenanigans at Newsnight have kept the country thoroughly entertained. First the BBC is shown to have covered up the antics of its favourite paedophile and rapist. Then Newsnight tries to regain its credibility by falsely accusing a Tory peer of paedophile abuse. Since the Savile scandal broke all we’ve had from the BBC has been blundering, stupidity, bureaucratic incompetence, managerial inertia and lies and lies and lies. You almost couldn’t make it up.

It’s time to cut the BBC’s budget (and the license fee) by 5% a year for the next five years, to scrap BBC3, leave making utter dross to the increasing number of commercial channels, cut BBC management by at least 50% and return the BBC to its original charter as a public service broadcaster.

It is not the BBC’s job to waste our money trying to convince the stupidest people in Britain to watch Strictly rather than Simon Cowell’s fixed karaoke supposed “competitions”. The sooner the overpaid, overpensioned idiots running the BBC realise that, the better

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