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It still ain’t hot, Justin!

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It still ain’t hot, Justin

In my previous blog (Wednesday/Thursday) I featured a BBC news report about the supposed planet-destroying heatwave reportedly by the BBC ‘tearing’ across the Southern United States and the Mediterranean. And I highlighted a typically useless, dopey BBC reporter who, while telling us about the supposedly devastating heatwave in the USA, possibly inadvertently mentioned that this heatwave followed ‘more than 260 days of unusually cool weather’.

The report also featured the BBC’s climate-catastrophist reporter, Justin Rowlatt, who was in Alicante (Spain) telling us about the soaring temperatures there and how the temperature in Alicante was expected to hit the ‘late thirties’ over the next few days. Well, here’s the BBC’s weather forecast for Alicante:

I guess arithmetic wasn’t Justin Rowlatt’s strongest subject at primary school otherwise he would know that 31°C to 33°C was in the low thirties and nowhere near “the late thirties”.

Here’s the report again. Justin’s total bollocks comes in around the one minute point

But what about the supposed heat inferno in Rome? Well here’s the BBC forecast for Rome:

Temperatures of 33°C to 38°C are expected. But Rome is a city and so, due to the urban heat island effect, will always have temperatures several degrees above the surrounding countryside. But no sign here of the 40°C to 45°C the media have been screaming about.

Oh dear, let’s try the supposed cauldron of hell – Athens – where key tourist sites had to be closed due to the life-threatening heat:

Athens might actually manage to hit 40°C over the next few days. But Athens is a city covered in concrete with almost no trees or parks, so it’s going to get pretty hot in the summer.

Well, surely heat hell will destroy Sardinia where the BBC told us record temperatures of up to 48°C could be possible. Well, the BBC’s own forecasts show that temperatures are actually not even going to hit 40°C:

I get a strange feeling that there has been a more than slight exaggeration in the forecasts of climate doom we’ve been fed this week:

A great article from The Conservative Woman

And here to cheer us all up is a great article from The Conservative Woman

I Believe: Credo for the woke new world

7 comments to It still ain’t hot, Justin!

  • Paul Chambers

    Yes i think the BBC are reporting the temperature from inside their electric car after its been left out in the sun all day. I heard it was taken at ground level although i suspect it was far worse than that and basically useless.

    This of course is just an extension of the measurement fraud that has been at the heart of the climate change fraud from the start. Anthony Watts of Watts up with that fame visited every US site and documented all their flaws. Very recently the met office admitted there are 4 levels of measuring station and they are only meant to use the top 2 tiers but regularly use lower levels like the raf coningsby and heathrow sites when announcing record temperatures.

    Basically all these claims are bullshit and devil is in the detail. Sadly as Elon Musk recently admitted the whole of medias sole purpose is to harvest clicks and so sadly publishing clickbait such as this or government propaganda to wind up the hard working tax-payers pays their wages.

  • A Thorpe

    Thanks for bringing all this together to make sense of what the reporters are up to. I tend to ignore it because we have gone from talk of changes to the average temperatures to focusing on high extremes and ignoring all the lows. It avoids discussing the science of human caused global warming which is still wrong and the empirical evidence from your book. You mentioned a few days ago higher temperatures in the past which reporters and weather forecasters ignore, and they get away with it because of ignorance. I’m surprised that we aren’t being offered holidays at the south pole to get away from it.

    There was a good article recently from Joseph Postma on Principia Scientific about the heating potential of the sun which he has written a lot about on his own website. This is one of the fundamental errors made by the climate alarmists because they believe there isn’t enough energy from the sun and this allows them to claim that the atmosphere, by some unknown process, generates heat from nothing. I fail to understand how this nonsense has become accepted.

    I watched the first part of Chris Packham’s Earth series last night. Eventually he had to link events 250 million years ago to what we could be doing if we don’t change.

    Brilliant piece from TCW. Needs to be seen as widely as possible.

  • Carolyn

    Isn’t this the definition of hyperbole? The good news is the BBC has really excelled itself over the last couple of weeks what with Huw Edwards, lies about Nigel Farage’s banking woes and ridiculous exaggeration about the weather in Europe to presumably boost Climate catastrophe claims. The BBC is being show up for what it is – a pure propaganda machine.

    And they actually flew Justin to Alicante in order to lie to us about the temperature there. They really don’t get it.

    Saw that credo article yesterday. What concerns me is it’s clearly a clever and amusing piece of fiction but so was 1984, a novel which has now become an instruction manual for the woke elite. How long before we have to start making declarations like this in order to keep our bank accounts.

  • Stillreading

    I too read the Credo article yesterday and bearing in mind the de-banking of Nigel Farage and, we now know, thousands more decent people whose banking facilities have been withdrawn without explanation, it seems that Room 101 is here right now. The rats may have gone, but to deprive anyone of a bank account these days is effectively a societal and functional death knell. Three Cheers for Farage for bringing this so prominently to attention and, in consequence, offering aid to thousands more who we now know have suffered the same fate. As for the “deadly heat wave”, etc.etc. July has been pretty grim in much of the South of England. Below average temperatures and a fair bit of rain. Dark clouds are again gathering as I write this after a pleasant morning. July was rather pleasant though and one sunny afternoon, out of curiosity, I placed my greenhouse thermometer on the patio table, the surface of which is normal table height from the ground, and the patio area faces South. The sun was beating down from a cloudless sky. The table is located about 2ft. from the brick wall of the house. Surprise, Surprise! After a minute or so thermometer read almost 40 degrees! Move a few feet away and, of course, it dropped to an acceptable 26/27 degrees. A bit on the hot side, yes, for us “Mad dogs of Englishmen”, accustomed as we are to a temperate 23/24 in summer, but it didn’t prevent me slapping on a bit more sun lotion and passing a pleasant afternoon very energetically creating a new flower border! It is very evident that the previous strict regulations for establishing temperature are no longer being adhered to. We are lied to, then lied again and again. Problem is that so many of the young have been so effectively indoctrinated by woke ideology at school and “uni” that they are incapable of sifting the wheat of truth from the chaff of lies.

  • A Thorpe

    There is another article today on Principia Scientific by Joseph Postma together with a video by a quantum physicist making a mess of explaining the greenhouse effect. I am sure that the only way to end the nonsense of human caused global warming is by showing why the science is wrong. What hope is there of that when universities and schools don’t seem to understand it? Sabine Hossenfelder is the scientist – she says the earth would have a temperature of -18C without an atmosphere but the moon has a temperature of about 106C without an atmosphere when the sun is on it and about -180C when not. It gets the same amount of energy/m2 from the sun as the earth does, so her view of the earth without an atmosphere makes no sense.

    Stillreading illustrates the issues of different temperatures depending on the location of the reading. The description of the heating of the earth by the sun is based on the sun’s energy being absorbed by the surface, not the air a few feet above the surface. When is the land surface temperature actually measured, never. And measuring the sea surface temperature is an even bigger problem.

  • Stillreading

    Nearly half a century ago, in the carefree BCC (Before Climate Catastrophe) era, my kids spent many a happy summer afternoon observing the varying temperatures in the garden, discovering for themselves that a thermometer laid in full son on a flat surface, with additional heat reflecting off a nearby south-facing brick wall, recorded an impressively high temperature. My daughter took it a step further, gleefully discovering that by skilful manipulation of a glass tumbler to focus the sun’s energy she could set light to a small patch of dry grass. She went on to obtain a PhD in Physics! The MSM, including the BBC, are equally gleefully reporting on grass, scrub and forest fires in various parts of the Northern hemisphere, intentionally giving the impression that they are caused by spontaneous combustion because of high temperatures. Utter nonsense. Smouldering fag ends, discarded disposable BBQs, discarded glass focussing sunlight (see above) and arson were far more likely to have been responsible in every instance. A lightning strike is about the only way in which a grass or forest fire can start naturally. (In my earlier comment I meant of course that JUNE had been quite pleasant. July, now two-thirds through, has been wet, grey, gale-ridden and miserable.)

  • A Thorpe

    Did you see the Neil Oliver climate discussion on 22 July? Neither Oliver nor his guests had a clue what they were talking about. One introduced the Tyndall experiment as proof that carbon dioxide was a greenhouse gas but that is easily shown to have wrong conclusions and it was basically because it needed Planck to explain radiation some years later.

    They were talking about the 97% consensus and Oliver wondered whether he could get some of the 3% to present their ideas, yet GB News has rejected your approaches. But I have raised this point before and it is that it is impossible to have an independent person assessing who is right because neither side would accept it if the decision went against them. This has happened because schools, universities and the governments that control them are completely corrupt. Education turns out imbeciles.

    I have sent a long email to GB News but I doubt it will make any difference.

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