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It ain’t actually that hot, mum

Wednesday/Thursday blog

Hopefully you’re all utterly terrified of the Earth spontaneously combusting as heat apocalypse Cerberus roasts Southern Europe:

Apparently, it’s the same weather system which is heating the Southern United States:

It’s apparently something to do with an unusually long (3 years) La Nina being followed by El Niño which has affected the positioning of two main jetstreams and nothing at all to do with human activities and increasing atmospheric CO2 levels.

Well, amidst all the exaggeration and panic and doomsday predictions, I’m afraid that the current hot temperatures are nowhere near temperatures in the boiling hot 1920s and 1930s – the years of the U.S. dustbowl described in John Steinbeck’s ‘Grapes of Wrath’:

And here’s some more proof:

Yet in the 1920s and 1930s, atmospheric CO2 levels were just over 300 ppm (parts per million) compared to around 415 ppm today.

The BBC seems to be leading the charge in trying to scare us all witless about our imminent demise due to scorching weather. But a dopey BBC journalist gave the game away when she told us that the current U.S. heatwave came after ‘more than 260 days of below average temperatures which is a cool record for Las Vegas’. Oddly, during these ‘more than 260 days of below average temperatures which is a cool record for Las Vegas’, the BBC and all the other mainstream media didn’t warn us of unusually cold weather and the possibility of a new Ice Age. But as soon as we had a couple of weeks of above average temperatures, the BBC and all the other mainstream media started screaming about us all dying in a fireball due to our selfish use of fossil fuels:

Maybe Pfizer and the ludicrously-misnamed World Health Organisation will conveniently and lucratively come up with a jab to protect us all from climate change? I hope so.

It’s all propaganda and nonsense and should be ignored.

And here’s the video in which the BBC reporter mentions the ‘more than 260 days of below average temperatures which is a cool record for Las Vegas’. The blunder comes at around 5.20 minutes into the video. I’ve not seen that anyone else has noticed this:

5 comments to It ain’t actually that hot, mum

  • Paul Chambers

    Its hot in Summer. Wow. I did know that though but im freezing in England. Its cold and raining – does that mean a new ice age is coming. I have lived for half a century and to me nothing has changed its still the same maritime climate.

    Seeing our billionaire leader the one with the balmy heated swimming pool they had to upgrade the local electricity transformer to supply sufficient power to. He was talking about useless degrees and Blairs vandalism of universities and polytechnics. Maybe all the climate science and virology degrees could be scaled back a bit so they wont need to make so many extreme claims to keep their funding and their poor students left saddled with huge debts with an interest rate that makes Ocean Finance look reasonable.

  • A Thorpe

    The question we need to be asking is why does the media have such a blinkered view of the climate. It only sees the parts it is looking at, as your graphs clearly demonstrate. Tony Heller regularly explains this for the USA and he has also commented on the change to red colouring on weather maps. The climate has become a new religion where rational views are not allowed. The graphs are ideal teaching material to show children how they can be used to mislead, but it will never happen. The brainwashing starts with the young and we now have several generations of them, and universities seem to be just as bad.

    Businesses support the climate crisis and net zero because they are doing very well from government subsidies. This morning there was an announcement that Land Rover is building a battery facility in Somerset. The energy companies constantly want us to install heat pumps. There is the view that politicians are not in control anymore and wouldn’t have a clue what to do if they were. They are controlled by the banks and large corporations through the political parties. The parties don’t even attempt to hide their disdain for the electorate. Everywhere we see attacks on free speech and increasing state control of our lives.

  • ern

    Thank you David.

    There’s another nonsense from Our Justin at abt 1:56 as well, but … No, Justin, “Climate Change” does not “Push out climate change extremes”, that is pure equi*e exc*ement which you made up, as it maintains the “Climate Change Narrative” and you still have your nice job.

    Just remember one fact please : The temperature of ambient air is determined by the sun, nothing (nobody) else.
    All heating of the air we breathe originates from the sun.

    El Niño, OTOH, is a name : “In normal conditions, surface water in the Pacific Ocean is cooler in the east and warmer in the west.
    The “trade winds” tend to blow east-to-west, and heat from the sun progressively warms the waters as they move in this direction. During El Niño events, these winds weaken or reverse, sending warm surface waters eastwards instead.”

    While I’m at it, Justin is at pains to tell us how unreliable the met forecasters were this year, so why on earth does he then pass their 2024 forecasts on to us ?

  • Carolyn

    I’m assuming the climate apocalypse is going to finish the planet off before next summer as they’ve kind of shot their bolt giving this year’s heatwaves hellacious names. The cultists have only got “Satan” left and given that we haven’t got to August yet they may have to use that name this year.

    A Thorpe: “There is the view that politicians are not in control anymore and wouldn’t have a clue what to do if they were”
    I blame the EU, the government had no control for 40 years, Brexit gave them that control back but they had absolutely no idea what to do with it which gave the banks, the blob, Stonewall, Uncle Tom Cobley and all the opportunity to fill the vacuum.

  • Roy Hartwell

    Paul Chambers

    I think the first Mickey Mouse degrees to be axed should be the ones called ‘PPE’ because it’s very clear they churn out nothing but useless so-called politicians that know nothing of the world outside academia and their own narrow political sphere.

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