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Climate grifter John Kerry gets torn apart

Monday/Tuesday blog

Those stupid South Koreans

First, just some brief comments about the ‘stupid’ South Koreans.

I’ve just had one of my blogs adapted for The Conservative Woman website:

Gender versus sex – a simple guide from the WHO

There are two small points I’d like to make: Firstly, the best bit about my article are the readers’ comments. Secondly, as regular readers will know I’ve had my book THERE IS NO CLIMATE CRISIS adapted and translated by a Korean university professor and published in South Korea:

In order to try and help sell a few books there, I’ve written four or five articles which the university professor has translated for a South Korean newspaper. Last week, I sent him two more proposed articles. One was about the climate change hoax which he really liked. The second one was the piece I had published on The Conservative Woman website about the World Health Organisation pontificating about the supposed difference between gender and sex. The university professor couldn’t understand what on earth I was writing about in the second article. You see, in South Korea they believe that there are just two sexes – male and female – and just two genders – male and female.

It’s amazing that a supposedly advanced country like South Korea can be so backward that its citizens don’t know there are 72 genders (and counting). They really need the BBC in South Korea to educate them.

The defenestration of climate grifter John Kerry

To cheer us all up at the start of another summer/winter (delete as appropriate) week, here’s the useless private-jetsetting climate grifter (sorry, I meant ‘climate tsar’) John Kerry getting taken apart by a U.S. congressman:

3 comments to Climate grifter John Kerry gets torn apart

  • A Thorpe

    There’s a clear message in those two points that politicians in the west are intent on destroying our economy and standards of living, and in Asia they are taking advantage of our stupidity. Not specifically mentioned by Kerry but effectively he was saying that the west has to set an example to other countries. This is the same message we get from activists in the UK and they win the argument in my view because our politicians use the same message for most of their policies and so they have no idea how to respond.

    I have a visitor at the moment and he mentioned friends who believe in the climate crisis and he has said to them that the small amount of CO2 cannot have any impact. He doesn’t understand the thermodynamics but it really is that simple. Just like the two genders is that simple.

  • Paul Chambers

    Grifter is too polite a word for this type as it is more than just pocketing some stolen cash. What these people are trying to do is bring down the entire western system of freedom and democracy and revert to pre-enlightenment systems of governance with themselves installed as dictators.

    The end result is to hand the leadership of the world to China as the useful idiots in the west will be quickly killed once their one world system is nearing completion.

  • Carolyn

    Hmm clearly Stonewall haven’t infiltrated S.Korea yet. Stop Stonewall eradicate 99% of this gender garbage.

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