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‘Mental health issues’ – what a surprise!

Friday/weekend blog

I had actually planned this blog before the previously un-named BBC presenter was named. What I was going to suggest, before the name was made public, was that as soon as the individual was named, we would be told that he had ‘serious mental health issues’. After all, isn’t this what all celebs do when caught snorting cocaine, using one or several (male or female) prostitutes, kiddie-fiddling, displaying their privates in public, getting blow-jobs in the back seat of a car or suchlike? The celebs’ PR agencies and crisis management advisers tend to propose that the best way to respond to embarrassing exposures is to quickly make yourself a victim. Claiming ‘mental health issues’ is probably the best way to do this. And, of course, if the celeb involved is rather well suntanned, they can also claim racism is the real reason their peccadilloes are being exposed in the media. Incidentally, as Mr Edwards is a rather white Welsh person, he and his gang probably can’t really play the racism card.

We’ve seen so many times celebs caught in compromising activities claiming to be suffering from PTSD (Post-traumatic stress disorder) or else to have (suddenly and conveniently) been disgnosed with ADHD (Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder). And, when they’re really in trouble, many claim that they had considered committing suicide. Though a surprising number who have announced their suicidal intentions are still surprisingly healthy, surprisingly rich and surprisingly still with us. This is a bit like all those lefty luvvies in the USA who said they would leave the country if Trump was elected. But surprisingly they all remained in their Californian and Hollywood mansions in spite of Trump’s four years in the White House.

Which brings us to Mr Huw Edwards. Just as I was going to predict, we have been told that he is suffering from ‘serious mental health issues’. So, he is immediately and magically transformed from being a (IMHO) powerful and influential ageing predator chasing after possibly nubile and possibly vulnerable young men on Internet dating sites to being a totally innocent victim of an anti-BBC campaign run by the evil Murdoch-owned Sun newspaper. I’m not a psychiatrist, so I’m unclear which generally-recognised mental health condition causes married men with five children to chase after young males on Internet dating sites. But I fully accept the story being put out by our trusted and impartial BBC about Mr Huw Edwards’s mental health problems as I don’t want to be cancelled, deplatformed and debanked.

However, I could also understand that there might be nasty, cynical people who think the whole story of Mr Edwards’s mental health issues has been cobbled together by over-paid, over-pensioned managers in the BBC’s well-staffed Arse-Covering, Cover-up and Perv-Protection department. And the icing on the cake is that this story of Mr Edwards’s tremendous psychological suffering, while pocketing almost half a million quid a year of our money for reading an autocue, was announced by Mr Edwards’s ‘brave’ and ‘courageous’ wife. I feel tears of sympathy welling up.

It’s all quite clever really. Huw Edwards is now portrayed as an innocent victim of BBC-hating media persecution, his wife is seen as noble and brave and heroic and angelic and so on and his BBC colleagues are all circling the wagons to protect Mr Edwards and themselves. Moreover, anyone daring to criticise national treasure Mr Edwards is seen as bullying a mentally-fragile victim of circumstances beyond his control. Just imagine the howls of self-righteous fury from the BBC bien pensants had the person involved been a presenter on GB News or (even worse?) Murdoch’s Talk TV.

I’m glad I’m not a cynic. Otherwise I would believe that the whole tale of ‘serious mental health issues’ is a load of tosh, balderdash, monumental BS etc etc, that Mr Edwards is not the kind of person you would invite home to meet your family and certainly not any young sons you may have in case Mr Edwards wanted some ‘souvenir photos’ (nudge nudge, wink wink) and that the BBC is lying to us yet again and again and again.

Oh, and by the way. If you were wondering why there seem to be so many empty seats at key matches at sold-out Wimbledon over the last few days, apparently some were due to the fact that parasitical, grifter BBC managers had to do some work trying to sort out the Huw Edwards mess and so missed their usual licence-fee-paid, champagne-fueled Wimbledon freebies. Though the BBC managers wouldn’t be missing much. Since the departure of the colourful (am I allowed to write that?) Christopher Eubanks, this year’s Wimbledon has become excruciatingly boring.

10 comments to ‘Mental health issues’ – what a surprise!

  • Carolyn

    Funny that the same thoughts have been occurring to me too! They’re trying to gaslight us.

    Remember when politicians caught being naughty because they were drunk as skunks were invariably described as being “tired and emotional”.

    Aye right!! As we say in Scotland.

    Also deeply irritating is had Huw Edwards been perceived as being on the so called right, they would be calling for him to be hung, drawn and quartered.

  • Paul Chambers

    Yes indeed but clown world doesn’t work the same way as the christian values based society we are used to. Clown world is the man made heaven on earth where the new elites made up rules apply and mental health is the accepted get out of jail card for any member of the woke establishment provided they qualify for this protection. Hew clearly qualifies as he was just trying to be his true self after years of being forced to hide in the closet and conform to old world value. So he is most definitely a victim and qualifies for support of the borg collective.

    Like Hatt Mancock he will be sent into the jungle at the first opportunity to share his story. And then will be presenting Antiques Roadshow and Songs of Praise shortly after.

  • A Thorpe

    I don’t understand why so much time is being given to events we know little about and when the police say no crime has been committed. This is another case of trial by media based on little evidence.

    I understood that a young male was involved and now it is a young person. What astonishes me is why the mother did not go to the police. What did she expect the BBC to do about it when it had nothing to do with his Edwards’ work? Then to make it public by going to The Sun beggar’s belief. Then the young person denies the events took place. It’s the young person we should be concerned about.

  • david draig

    Firstly, the stepfather did go to the police. Secondly, the family went to the BBC on 19 May to get the BBC to (allegedly) stop Edwards sending money to their (alleged) drug-addicted son. The BBC tried to cover up the story so after 7 weeks of inaction by the BBC, the parents went to the Sun to pressure the BBC to intervene.

  • Stillreading

    Excellent comments Carolyn and Paul, to a great blog. As I wrote a couple of days ago, the BBC is beyond contemptible. Almost half a million quid p.a. for reading an autocue and adopting a suitably sober expression on the occasions of “significant” National events. Yes – the death of our late Queen was such an event and Edwards spoke and dressed appropriately. Not sure many of us cared a lot about the recent coronation though. I did watch some it and my main recollection is of our Monarch very evidently having a paddy, like a spoiled child who is being thwarted. because his son, daughter in law and their three young children turned up at the Abbey a bit late! However all that is beside the point. It is OUR, the Public’s money, which has been financing Edward’s grotesquely large salary for years – as indeed we do the even more grotesque salary of jug-ears Linaker – so it is WE who have paid £35K for the porno photos. It is up to US, the public, therefore, to do something about it. Just stop paying for the TV licence. I have. I receive threatening letters from Capita at the rate of around one per fortnight. Yesterday’s came in a red envelope – not the first time, as they send them in sequence and when the “terrifying” (Ha! Ha!) red one fails to elicit a response, the cycle starts again. I haven’t been “honoured” so far with a visit from a Capita inquisitor, but if/when I do I shall merely tell him/her to leave my property and close the door in his/her face. The goons have absolutely NO right of entry to your home, NO right to demand responses from you to anything they might say, above all NO right to demand a signature to any sort of document they may produce, benign as it may initially seem. They are merely salespeople working on a commission basis. Around £25 I believe for every unfortunate they rein in. If they desire entry to your home they need VERY strong reasons and must go and obtain a properly prepared Search Warrant and be accompanied back to your property by at least one Police Officer. I feel very strongly about this because my granddaughter and her two little ones had been in a new house for only a day when a goon wriggled his way in, saw there was a TV aerial, and dumped on her a substantial fine because she couldn’t show evidence of a TV licence for the property. She successfully appealed, on the grounds that there was still a TV licence in place for the flat she had left only 24 hours previously, but that is not the point. I say again; the BBC, with almost all its works, is now contemptible. Even the “flagship” R4 is becoming ever more woke and ever less, therefore, worth listening to.

  • Carolyn

    Borg Collective ????. Love it and what an apt description.

    I had to give up on radio 4 a while back, it was irritating me so much. The rot set in with Woman’s Hour and Jane Garvey banging the woke drum for all it was worth.

    I haven’t cancelled my tv licence yet because Mum, who lives with me and is on Pension credit, gets it for free. However I have this link saved for future ref.

    I will have no problem doing so as now I think about it, I haven’t watched BBC for years.
    They broadcast nothing that interests me.

  • NoVaxxholeMe

    And the Daily Mail online appears to be using AI to monitor its comments. If you post a comment that might be offensive to the community, you get a message popping up saying that it is likely to offend, asking if you want to go ahead with the post. I wrote that if I were the government, I would not use bird flu as an excuse to launch another lockdown. It warned me if I did post that post, it would go for moderation. I posted it anyway but it failed to appear. All of the thousands of years of the painful development of civilisation and we wind up in the current backwardly insane childish state.

  • Stillreading

    They broadcast nothing on TV which interests me either Carolyn other than perhaps the second week of Wimbledon, but the diabolical situation is that if you watch any “Live” TV at all, including not only ITV, Ch4, And GBNews, but anything on the multiplicity of Freeview channels which churn out recorded programmes previously seen elsewhere, you are required to have a licence. This applies even if you have no aerial and watch via any WIFI connected device, INCLUDING A MOBILE PHONE!!! Watching a “live” transmission via a WIFI connection, where there is a slight de-coding delay, or rolling back a commercial channel to the start of the programme 15 mins. earlier is classified as “live”! Well, I won’t play their game, meaning that while I utterly deplore the shenanigans of Huw Edwards (and in the past Savile, Bashir, the “extra leg” bloke) I have the enormous satisfaction of knowing that I personally have not contributed to that £35K! The fact is that thousands of people are cancelling their TV licences every week and whether or not these people watch “live” TV in the privacy of their own homes is no one’s business as far as I am concerned but their own. I fervently hope that this latest unsavoury episode will focus millions of minds definitively on the matter of the extortionate TV licence. Subscription or Commercial. I don’t care. Either way will require the provision of decent, watchable, non-woke programmes to keep subscribers or advertisers happy. (Ultimate irony: A relative lives in Normandy and received perfect UK TV, BBC included, through a Sky box and, of course, is not required to splash out £159p.a.- due soon to go up – for a licence.)

  • A Thorpe

    The comments here are mostly speculation, especially that the mental health issue is part of the cover. Edwards gave an interview to Men’s Health which was published on 24 May 2022 stating that he had suffered from mental health issues for 20 years.

    The police did investigate in April and apparently found no criminal activity.

    None of this is related to the licence fee and it is the government that sets that, not the BBC. Will we have calls for everybody to have their expenditure examined for activities that are unacceptable? If digital cash arrives we will find people who are complaining about Edwards will take the opposite view and will be complaining about intrusion into their lives. Who among us completely innocent?

  • NoVaxxholeMe

    Use a paid-for VPM on your computer that makes it look as if you are watching from another country. If you don’t know anything about VPNs there is a massive amount of information on them on the web.

    But I just have to provide this video that explains how Rishi Sunak intends for millions of immigrants to come here with his announcement that he is going to increase the charge that immigrants need to pay in order to use the NHS.

    Rishi Sunak says that millions of immigrants will be required if we want public sector pay-rises –

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