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Could the World Health Organisation jump on the climate change bandwagon?

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The unelected bureaucrats at the World Health Organisation (WHO) are busy working on a new treaty to be presented to the WHO’s 194 member countries in March 2024. This treaty is proposed to be legally-binding on member countries and will give the WHO massive new powers in the event of a new pandemic or any other situation the WHO considers what it calls ‘a public health emergency of international concern’ without consulting member countries; to impose local and international travel restrictions; to mandate what treatments should be given to people including possibly new and untested vaccines; to instruct countries to implement lockdowns and even to force richer countries to pay for medical treatments and vaccines for poorer countries.

In short, this proposed treaty would take away countries’ sovereignty to make healthcare decisions based on local needs. Instead the WHO would seize control of healthcare decisions from elected local, regional and national bodies and move it to an unelected centralised system of global conformity, compliance and top-down control.

On 27th May 2022 British government announced its intention to sign up to the new WHO treaty: ‘To protect lives, the economy and future generations from future pandemics, the UK government supports a new legally-binding instrument to strengthen pandemic prevention, preparedness and response.’

As our government imposes this new treaty on us, it might be worth reminding ourselves of how the WHO performed during the Covid-19 pandemic. Realising that there was a new infectious disease spreading, the Chinese Communist Party banned all internal domestic travel by the end of January 2020. On 23rd January, Wuhan city was placed under quarantine. Two days later the whole Hubei province was locked down. In the last week in January domestic flights from Hubei to other parts of China were stopped and restrictions on traffic in major cities like Beijing and Shanghai were imposed. This was the time of the Chinese New Year when offices and schools are closed and which is also the peak tourist season for the Chinese.

On 31st January, Italy fearing a major outbreak of Covid from the many Chinese workers and tourists travelling between China and Italy closed all flights to and from China. The Chinese were furious and China’s vice-minister of foreign affairs, Qin Gang, met Italy’s ambassador to China, Luca Ferrari, to protest about the travel ban. While restricting flights within China, the Civil Aviation Administration of China stated: ‘In order to meet the needs of passengers in and out of the country and the international transport of supplies airlines are required to continue transport to nations that have not imposed travel restrictions’.

Moreover, on 2nd February when the U.S.A. under President Donald Trump did start to advise against travel to or from China, the Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman, Hua Chunying, criticised the U.S. travel advisories saying: ‘The U.S. government hasn’t provided any substantial assistance to us, but it was the first to evacuate personnel from its consulate in Wuhan, the first to suggest partial withdrawal of its embassy staff and the first to impose a comprehensive travel ban on Chinese travellers’.

China’s claim that all was well and that there was no need for international travel restrictions was supported by the WHO’s chief, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus. At the opening of the WHO’s Executive Board meeting on 3rd February 2020 – a week after the Chinese Communist Party restricted internal travel within China – the WHO’s chief was quoted as saying: ‘There is no reason for measures that unnecessarily interfere with international travel and trade. We call on all countries to implement decisions that are evidence-based and consistent. The WHO stands ready to provide advice to any country that is considering which measures to take’.

On 11 March 2020, the WHO belatedly declared Covid a global pandemic. But by that time the number of cases globally has grown thirteen fold. By then, according to the WHO’s own website, more than 118,000 cases had been reported in over 100 countries and over 4,000 people had died. But it wasn’t till 27 March 2020 – two months after China imposed domestic travel restrictions – that Chinese President Xi Jinping agreed to limit international flights from China. China’s Civil Aviation Administration announced that: ‘ninety percent of international flights would be temporarily suspended and the number of incoming passengers cut from 25,000 a day to 5,000 a day’. But by then it was too late as Covid had become a global crisis. By the end of April 2020 the U.S. had lost around 60,000 lives and Italy, Spain, France and Britain around 20,000 each. Worldwide, there were over 200,000 deaths and that was doubling every two weeks.

By the time the pandemic was brought under control, over seven million people worldwide had died and many millions more had their lives ruined either by lockdowns or by the inability to get medical care for other conditions because hospitals were overwhelmed by Covid sufferers.

In addition, China blocked any international investigation of the origins of the Covid pandemic – whether it came from an infected animal or a laboratory leak from the Wuhan Institute of Virology. And the WHO hardly made any attempt to demand openness from the Chinese authorities so we will never find out how the pandemic really started.

Given the WHO’s astonishing mishandling of the Covid-19 pandemic and the apparent willingness of the WHO to bow to the Chinese Communist Party’s influence, we in Britain really need to understand why our political leaders are so willing to sign up to the new WHO treaty handing over so much power to the China-controlled WHO. This is especially important as there is nothing to stop the WHO declaring, for example, that climate change caused by human CO2 emissions is ‘a public health emergency of international concern’. After all, the WHO Director-General, Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, already warned jn May 2023: ‘The climate crisis is a health crisis, fuelling outbreaks, contributing to higher rates of noncommunicable diseases, and threatening to overwhelm our health workforce and health infrastructure. Climate change is emerging as one of the greatest health challenges of the 21st century.’ Declaring climate change as ‘a public health emergency of international concern’ would allow the WHO to demand drastic cuts in CO2 emissions from China’s competitor countries like the U.S.A., the European Union, Japan and South Korea to supposedly ‘save the planet’, while no doubt allowing countries classed as ‘developing countries’ like China and India to continue increasing their CO2 emissions in order to grow their economies to improve the health of their citizens.

This may sound like yet another wild conspiracy theory. But as we’ve learnt over the last few years with questions about the origin of Covid and the safety and effectiveness of certain vaccines, yesterday’s conspiracy theories often turn out to be today’s reality.

4 comments to Could the World Health Organisation jump on the climate change bandwagon?

  • tomsk

    Of course, everything is connected, the same people boss all of these organisations on behalf of Lucifer. The twonks we see such as Charlie, Schwab and Gates etc are also just useful idiots to those above them that we do not see. While we read this article and discuss it there are hidden entities that plot our downfall and destruction and the lucky half a billion that get to live will be drones in the 15 minute cities owning nothing and grateful for it that they will provide and the drones will parrot the current North Koreans of loving the great leader, Lucifers antichrist. The difference being through Ai and other tech the leaders will know those who are not sincere in their love and have them done away with.

  • A Thorpe

    At the centre of your argument is the belief that there was a pandemic. I’m not convinced. There is an ONS spreadsheet of mortality rates from 1838 to 2020. The 2020 data is said to be provisional and the last time I checked there wasn’t an update. 2020 was the 11th lowest death rate on record. How could there have been a pandemic? It is just the same with every other year when we we told there was a pandemic. There is no sign of them in the statistics. In the UK the pandemic was in Ferguson’s models and unreliable testing.

    Denis Rancourt reported on this and claims there is no sign of any pandemic in the mortality rates in any country going back to around 1960.

    Joe Smalley published the report at

    It’s a very good earner for Big Pharma and its investors especially when fear works wonders with the masses.

  • Paul Chambers

    Always worth noting that pandemic bonds issued by the world bank since 2017 also make it lucrative for these bodies to tap into large chunks of money. Which is great for paying bonuses and hookers at their various worldwide 5 star conference boondoggles.

    I am sure though if we are stupid enough to give power away again to unelected bureaucrats then another pandemic is pretty much a given. As per Charlie Munger quote show me the incentive and i will tell you the outcome.

  • Stillreading

    We were lied to again and yet again about the “pandemic”. I and everyone I know, including family members who are NHS medical professionals, believed it all initially. We stayed home, we were denied precious time we can never get back with our children and grandchildren, who stayed away from us
    because they had been led to believe they would infect and kill us with their mere presence. We sucked up the lies of the diabolical trio each day as they stood at the podium, pointing to their graphs indicating that thousands of old people had died in care homes. Little did we know the extent to which the administration of Midazolam, as evidenced in its sales profile, had suddenly escalated. In effect, thousands of care home unfortunates were being put down like aged animals at their first sniffle or sore throat and because visits from relatives were verboten their sons and daughters were unaware of what was happening. We trotted off eagerly to get our first jab, then our second. Even a third, since this is not a particularly uncommon regime for genuine vaccinations. Which of course the Jab was not! It prevented neither acquisition nor transmission. Never, ever again will I believe anything a Government and its minions tell me. I have learned my lesson. I recall a response I wrote on this blog not long after the first lockdown, to the effect that if a Government wanted to run an experiment to find out how easy it would be to corral and control a population of around 65 million, they had received the affirmation they were seeking. Easy-peasy! Just engender fear of imminent death. Well, never again! Police fining and chasing off a couple of old women who were resting their aching knees and hips on a park bench during their permitted “exercise hour”. (They were lucky to find an accessible bench; most were taped off!) A care worked fined for parking up in a beauty spot in a precious half-hour between professional visits to drink a mug of coffee. Drones spying on walkers. I don’t give a flying fig about Boris and his bit of cake other than to say that the activities of ALL of them, Sir Kneeler and his curry-consuming, beer swigging get-together included, demonstrate conclusively to us ignorant plebs that they knew the “lethal” virus – which you needed a test to identify although you were dying – wasn’t much worse than a nasty cold for the vast majority of otherwise healthy people. I don’t think they’ll find it so easy to control us with their next “pandemic”, hence the escalating move to a cashless society, CBDC and thence to “social credits”, with total control over everything we do, everywhere we go, everything on which we spend money. As for the idiocy of “net zero”, that great ball of fire in the sky 93 million miles away, upon which we depend totally for the continuation of life on earth, is exceptionally active at the moment, working up evidently to a height of activity not seen for many years. Is it JUST possible that the recording of a few slightly warmer days in the UK in June could have been the result of this increased activity rather than the siting of a thermometer on a concrete runway in an area surrounded by bricks and mortar, in the direct path of scorching exhaust from departing planes? Never mind any of this though! Our new Monarch together with Mayor Kahn has it all in hand with the Climate Catastrophe Clock or whatever they call it. The World is set to end some time in 2028 I believe. If hypothermia caused by power cuts and/or the escalating cost of heating doesn’t kill me before then (the old are particularly susceptible to cold) I anticipate an interesting experience!

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