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Shhh. Don’t criticise the Chinaman or the Ethiopian

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The laughing Chinaman

Here’s a very happy Chinaman:

He’s directly responsible for over 7 million deaths from the Chinese Wuhan lab-leaked plague. Though, if you add in all those who died from being unable to asscess medical care for other conditions, all those killed by the ‘safe’ and ‘effective’ vaccines and all those whose businesses and lives were destroyed by the lockdowns, perhaps the death toll is nearer 20 million?

But this guy is laughing. Why? Because he just got away with mass murder. Nobody in the Third  World dares criticise him as many countries there are victims of Chinese debt colonialism. And nobody in the developed world dares criticise him because with its population of 1.4 billion, including a rising middle class of about 500 million, China is a key export market for the larger Western companies and so nobody wants to upset Mr Xi Pinpong.

Let’s remember how we were lied to

While everyone has been treading on eggshells to avoid any criticism of China, I thought it might be useful to trace the timeline of the start of the Chinese lab-leaked plague to remind us of the criminal dishonesty of the corrupt Chinese government.

Realising that there was a new infectious disease spreading, the Chinese Communist Party banned all internal domestic travel by the end of January 2020. However, the Chinese government has been accused of putting pressure on the World Health Organisation (WHO) to refrain from recommending international travel restrictions till the end of March 2020 – a full two months after China’s Covid lockdowns. At the opening of the WHO’s Executive Board meeting on 3 February 2020, the WHO’s chief, Ethiopian Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, was quoted as saying: ‘There is no reason for measures that unnecessarily interfere with international travel and trade. We call on all countries to implement decisions that are evidence-based and consistent. The WHO stands ready to provide advice to any country that is considering which measures to take’.

In Europe, the plague first spread to Northern Italy as there are a lot of supposedly ‘Italian’ (particularly fashion) companies there actually owned and staffed by Chinese. So there were a lot of people travelling between China and Italy. From Italy, the plague quickly spread throughout Europe.

When the USA under President Donald Trump did start to advise against travel to or from China, the Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman, Hua Chunying, criticised the U.S. travel advisories saying: ‘The U.S. government hasn’t provided any substantial assistance to us, but it was the first to evacuate personnel from its consulate in Wuhan, the first to suggest partial withdrawal of its embassy staff and the first to impose a comprehensive travel ban on Chinese travellers’. And, of course, leading Democrats and most of the U.S. press accused Trump of being a ‘racist’.

On 11 March 2020, the WHO belatedly declared Covid a global pandemic. But by that time the number of cases globally has grown thirteen fold. By then, according to the WHO’s own website, more than 118,000 cases had been reported in over 100 countries and over 4,000 people had died. But it wasn’t till 27 March 2020 that Chinese President Xi Jinping agreed to limit international flights from China. China’s Civil Aviation Administration announced that: ‘ninety percent of international flights would be temporarily suspended and the number of incoming passengers cut from 25,000 a day to 5,000 a day’. But by then it was too late as Covid had become a global crisis. By the end of April 2020 the U.S. had lost around 60,000 lives and Italy, Spain, France and Britain around 20,000 each. Worldwide, there were over 200,000 deaths and that was doubling every two weeks.

What about the Ethiopian?

Here’s the big boss of the WHO, Ethiopian Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, with his Chinese BFFL:

I’m sure Tedros is a wonderful human being who loves dogs and children and whose favourite film is The Sound of Music. But some people, cynical people, might think he’s a worthless, corrupt, self-serving, money-grabbing, incompetent bureaucrat who knowingly aided and abetted Xi Pingpong’s mass murder in order to ensure China’s support for his own continuation in the wonderful WHO top job. After all, despite his catastrophic mishandling of the lab-leaked Chinese plague pandemic, in particular his refusal to announce a pandemic and his refusal to propose an international travel ban, in May 2022 our friend Tedros was re-elected to a second very lucrative five-year term as WHO boss. And he would never have got that without Chinese support.

Anyway we’re not allowed to criticise Tedros as he’s more than suntanned and so any criticism would be ‘racist’ and ‘neo-colonialist’ and ‘white-supremacist’ and suchlike.

And so there is a deafening silence amongst world leaders and the media about the seemingly minor matter of between 7 million and 20 million unnecessary deaths caused by the laughing Chinaman and his Ethiopian chum.

The Wuhan Song

And for any new readers who haven’t seen it, here’s a video I made three years ago about the Chinese lab-leaked plague at the time when we were constantly being told it came from the Wuhan ‘wet market’ and any suggestion it came from a lab leak were condemned as psychologically deranged conspiracy theories:

5 comments to Shhh. Don’t criticise the Chinaman or the Ethiopian

  • A Thorpe

    I don’t agree with you about this, but it does raise important issues, not explained, and we will not get the answers from the enquiry.

    I understand the source of a new virus is usually identified within 3 months and as far as I am aware there is still no source officially identified. It does look as though it was released from the Wuhan Lab, but was it an accident or deliberate? Then where did the virus come from to be in the lab? There is still silence on that. There seemed to be strong evidence to support it being created at the University of North Carolina and then transferred to Wuhan. If it was created, what was the purpose? If a bioweapon then it was a failure, or was the fear and panic the weapon, or even the vaccines.

    There are numerous claims that nobody has isolated the virus and FOI requests have failed to get confirmation that it has been isolated. The Oxford team lead by Sarah Gilbert used a genome to develop their vaccines supplied by China. Perhaps China did create the virus. Perhaps the genome was not related to any virus to produce harmful vaccines.

    I also think we also need to consider the definition of a pandemic, which seems to change for political purposes. The definition which makes sense to me is a disease that is dangerous (significant risk of death) to all ages and that does not apply to covid. 2020 had the twelfth lowest death rate on record in England and Wales. Every year from 2008 and before was higher. There is no sign in past years of the years when there was said to be concerns about infections, such as the 2009 Swine Flu. Norman Fenton published a report on covid deaths on 12 June concluding that they continue to be “massively exaggerated”. I saw a report recently comparing deaths of the over 70s in care homes with other over 70s which is said to be the main at risk group. It showed there was normally a strong correlation between deaths in the two groups showing no significant difference in the death rates, but in 2020 there was significant peak in care home deaths but not in the rest of the community. It concluded that these deaths could not have been due to covid and said an investigation was needed. Was it the drugs given to them in care homes to “protect” them or perhaps isolation from their families and friends?

    The pandemic was created from propaganda and incorrect modelling, and supported by claimed high infection rates from inaccurate testing, and as discovered by Fenton, inaccurate causes of death. You might be correct to suggest western governments dare not criticise Xi Jinping but don’t put the blame on him, put it where it belongs – on the utterly useless government that is serving us, and on the masses that weakly complied without question. It seems to me to be a repeat of history – the fear, panic and deaths related to witchcraft, the fear of disease spreading jews in Germany. Compliance gives governments power over us, and it is never for our benefit.

    The problems in Italy were apparently created by Chinese workers in the leather industry returning in large numbers after spending the Chinese New Year in China. But we knew about the lockdowns in China so why wasn’t quarantine used? Did western governments need China’s approval for that?

    It is time to put the blame for the issues we have on us because of our willingness to comply with government instructions. Sometimes we do not have to comply, we just have to do nothing. It is exactly the same with climate alarmism, the gender nonsense, the state of the economy and immigration. Is all of this to distract us from something worse? It is time we looked at evidence and facts and started to say no, before it is too late. Rees-Mogg debated net zero last night and it was chaotic and if I put my views aside I found Michael Walker the most convincing of them.

  • A Thorpe

    I have just looked at this article from an email I received which also discusses some of the issues I raised:

    I forgot to raise that the next issue we might have to face is restrictions from WHO passports. Some say China controls the WHO, others Bill Gates, but it certain seems to control our government.

  • Brenda Blessed

    Good effort, Thorpe. I agree with you. In spite of being warned very early on this blog about the danger of the vaccinations, Dave got vaccinated and admitted to he and his sister having suffered vaccine injuries.

    It is pretty obvious to me that there was no need to call a worldwide pandemic. It was little more than a dreadfully botched totalitarian power grab.

    Apart from countries such as Sweden that did a minimal lockdown, countries in Christendom did not set up control areas or groups that could be used to test the data from lockdown areas. When testing drugs, control groups that have not been given the drugs are essential. Everyone should know that by now.

    Test results were pumped out constantly from the use of the PCR test that its Nobel-Prize winning biochemist creator, Kary Mullis, who won the prize for the test, said on the record, cannot be used to diagnose viral infections or even determine if anyone is ill. That was never reported on by the media, no doubt because if the tests results were invalid, so was the pandemic itself invalid. He died mysteriously in August 2019 just before the pandemic was declared. He objected extremely strongly to the use of his test to diagnose cases of HIV AIDS. He could find no scientific papers that made the connection between the HIV virus and AIDS. All he could find were virologists, immunologists, etc., who had heard about the connection on the grapevine. In his opinion, it was the very expensive antiviral drugs created by Big Pharma that allowed other diseases to do the killing.

    There was that BS put out by Big Pharma that the HIV virus disables the immune system thereby allowing other diseases to kill the victims. All AIDS victims were killed by other diseases. Mullis said that viruses are bits of non-living DNA and have no intelligence whatsoever, never mind being able to work out how to disable the immune system of humans.

    The positive test results were pumped out without providing any information on the level of testing. which is ridiculous. Because the increased rate of infections could have been no more than a measurement of the increased rate of testing. Moreover, no further information ever came out about the outcome of those test results so that they could be compared to reality.

    The so-called pandemic continues in many other forms to restrict, impoverish us and screw things up as much as possible. It is not incompetence, it is by design.

    Just one of them is this business with interest rates. In 2007/2008, during the engineered banking crisis, the BoE base rate went down to 1% and then in 2022 started going up. Since then the BoE has raised its base rate 13 times. People were suckered into taking out ever larger mortgages for houses that very low interest rates kept rising. And now with interest rates going back to what they were before the engineered banking crisis, large numbers of people cannot afford their mortgages.

    Remember that the banking crisis was brought about by the US Federal Mortgage Corporations issuing bad sub-prime mortgages like confetti that went bad and brought the interrelated banking system down.

  • Jeffrey Palmer

    A ‘Pandemic’ that in the UK killed no more people than in a bad ‘flu year.

    An ‘overwhelmed’ NHS that concentrated all its cases in a comparatively few big hospitals while many hospitals had no Covid patients at all.

    During Lockdown I daily went online to research the numbers of beds shown in London NHS trusts’ websites, and compared them with the government’s online daily published figures of Covid patient numbers in each hospital. And at no time was the London NHS in any danger of being ‘Overwhelmed’.
    Indeed, the improvised ‘Nightingale’ hospitals were never used; not even to isolate the allegedly infectious cases.

    Nor was there the slightest attempt to train or utilise the half million members of the UK public who volunteered to help the NHS at the start of Covid. Doubtless because this would have damaged the narrative about selfless NHS ‘angels’ working themselves to death looking after the public.

    And somehow I seem to have missed seeing the recruitment campaign to find additional staff for Undertakers tasked with dealing with funerals for all the alleged tens of thousands of excess deaths caused by Covid.

  • Hardcastle

    I had cause to go regularly into our local district hospital during the so called pandemic.Ironically I was called in by the nursing staff to calm and reassure my wife who was early stage Parkinsons.The hospital concourse,normally thronged with people was deserted.Neither my wife nor I were vacinated,neither of us during this time contracted any form of respiratory infection despite contact with care workers.In fact neither of us had any respiratory infection for the entirety of the so called emergency and my wife was classed as vulnerable.

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