May 2024

“The science is settled” says Mr Ed

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The science is settled

Hopefully you’ve all seen the story that Sir “Mr Ed” Ed Davey, leader of the Labdums, has claimed in an interview on LBC that “the science is settled – women can have a penis”.

Here’s Sir “Mr Ed” Ed Davey:

You or I might have thought that a woman looked something like this:

But it would seem that Mr Ed believes this is how the average woman actually looks:

So, now you know. On the two most important issues facing what pathetically little is left of Western civilisation – whether humans are causing catastrophic Climate Change and whether women can have an Ed Davey – the science is settled.

Human activity is definitely causing Climate Change or Climate Emergency or Climate Crisis or Climate Breakdown or whatever it’s called this month. And can women have an Ed Davey? Of course they can. After all, when a great thinker like Mr Ed tells us “the science is settled”, it must be true.

How lucky we are to have such people of great wisdom, like Sir “Mr Ed” Ed Davey leading our once great country.

Oh, and thanks to a reader for pointing out that this latest idiocy from Mr Ed happened on the same day as a talented maths teacher was banned from teaching for allegedly ‘misgendering’ a schoolchild and for believing the ridiculously old-fashioned idea that there are only two genders.

Truly, we are doomed.

6 comments to “The science is settled” says Mr Ed

  • adrian

    hence forth to be known as LAD BUMS

  • Ian J

    unbelievable – on the same day a sane maths teacher is banned by the TPA (who they?) for being honest.
    Why would anyone vote for these clowns?

  • val manchee

    Of course he may or may not think the same things that he says. After all his livelihood depends on woke rubbish spewing from his mouth.

  • tomsk

    Val Manchee sums it up perfectly. They come out with such clap trap for two reasons, they know the Wokerati are ruthless in their pursuit of perceived justice and will hound and cancel him at every opportunity even to the point of his private and personal life being stalked and threatened and he lacks the backbone that folk such as David Kurten and Loz Fox etc have to hold the line, and he thinks by being so it will win votes but most folks see it for what it is.

  • A Thorpe

    How long before the catholic church allows nuns with penises and we start to see pregnant nuns?

    I have just seen a piece on the Coalition for Marriage website about Danny Kruger making a statement supporting tradition marriage as being essential for civilised society. Hancock said his comments were offensive and Sunak’s spokesperson said that he did not agree with Kruger’s views on the role of conventional family values in society.

    One thing is certain which is little left of western civilisation in our parliament and we vote for them. So who is the cause of this nonsense?

  • Stillreading

    Perverted and sick and symptomatic of a hedonistic society in spiritual terminal decline, sadly only to be redeemed by war or significant privation. Well, the way things are heading right now, redemption may not be far away!

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