May 2024

Our useless NHS managers haven’t got a clue and the joys of immigration

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1. Our useless NHS managers haven’t got a clue

If you’d been watching the news, you might have got the impression that there was a bit of a problem in our NHS (which is, of course, the envy of the world). You might have heard about 7.2 million people waiting for treatment, continual strikes, a lack of doctors and nurses and radiologists, disgusting conditions in hospitals, the impossibility of ever seeing a GP, ambulances waiting for hours outside A&E and so on.

But if you are one of the 37,000+ overpaid, over-pensioned managers employed by (please note I did not write ‘working in’) the NHS, you would be completely unaware of any of these problems. In fact, your main concern would be how to employ more DIE (Diversity, Inclusion and Equality) managers.

Here’s an exciting, wonderfully woke job opportunity which has just appeared in my emailbox:

Head of Equality, Diversity & Inclusion

Wakefield £50,952 – £57,349 a year – Full-time

Full Job Description

Diversity and Inclusion has never been a bigger priority for Yorkshire Ambulance Service and we are looking for an experienced practitioner with strong working knowledge of diversity and inclusion to lead our agenda. This agenda has a direct impact on the Trust’s ability to achieve its vision to deliver the best outcomes for patients, with the best people, and partnerships.

There has never been a more exciting or rewarding time to join the NHS and this is a fantastic opportunity to join our senior people team to take our diversity and inclusion agenda to the next step as Head of Diversity and Inclusion.

In this role, you will lead, develop and implement the diversity agenda for the Trust, ensuring that all aspects of our services, particularly our workforce practices, are inclusive, with emphasis on ensuring our workforce reflects the communities and patients we serve in order that we can meet the needs of our diverse communities. The successful post holder will also develop and implement a range of initiatives that foster staff attraction, retention and those that generate a culture of dignity, civility and respect.

The successful candidate will have significant experience of managing projects with a cultural impact through engaging staff, staff networks and senior leaders. You will also have a good working knowledge and understanding of diversity & inclusion theory and application, legislation and policy with demonstrable practical application. As you will support with embedding a culture of inclusion, we are looking for someone with a broad knowledge across the whole diversity and inclusion spectrum.

In return for your commitment to our agenda, you can expect direct access/exposure and mentoring by the Trust Board, you will gain experience of working across a large complex organisation, support for the development of your leadership capability and a working environment to support a healthy work/life balance.

  • Leadership for the development and implementation of EDI strategies and programmes within the Trust and support the achievement of organisational objectives, development capability, build capacity, and improving our culture
  • Provide professional and specialist advice, guidance, recommendations and solutions, and ensure compliance with national legislation, ensuring staff and the Trust Board understand their collective and individual requirements
  • Establish, coordinate and chair appropriate groups that are necessary to support the successful delivery of the Trusts Equality, Diversity and Inclusion agenda. Lead on the work of the Trust’s Diversity and Inclusion Steering Group
  • Programme manage the variety of projects that underpin the diversity and inclusion agenda, ensuring a co-ordinated and consistent approach that supports and responds to the Trust’s governance strategies
  • Support the Executive Director of People and OD and Deputy Director of People and OD to ensure that D&I strategies, initiatives and business plans are directly linked to the Trust’s strategic objectives, the People Strategy and appropriately reflect national D&I initiatives and best practice

If this sounds like you, and, after reading the person specification, you believe you have the necessary skills and experience for the role, then we would be delighted to hear from you.

For informal discussions, please contact to

Perhaps we should all email to tell her (or him or ze – you never know nowadays) that this made-up non-job is a load of woke nonsense and a ludicrous waste of our money?
Oh, and in case you thought this was not representative of the sort of useless non-entities our worthless collapsing NHS is busy hiring, this is just one of around 26 current job vacancies for these pointless individuals, but I don’t have room here to list them all.
2. The joys of immigration
Yesterday I came across this very short video. I believe it’s from the Netherlands. It shows a Dutch pensioner out taking his dog for a walk and how well some young migrants have integrated into Dutch society. I expect similar scenes are occurring every day all across diverse, multi-cultural, migrant-welcoming, open-borders Europe:

2 comments to Our useless NHS managers haven’t got a clue and the joys of immigration

  • Ian J

    1. I can’t believe that our taxes are being wasted in this way. How can the bureacrats justify such waste in a time of ‘austerity’?

    2. You can take them out of the jungle, but…..

  • A Thorpe

    If this is going to be successful then the NHS needs to define all the diversity characteristics they use and ensure that they have a record of patient characteristics. I can’t imagine anything worse than being involved in a serious accident and the ambulance driver does not match my gender, racial, religious and political beliefs.

    My computer found some malware on the video link you provided. My thoughts were it makes gun ownership in the USA make sense. How else can we defend ourselves when the police don’t?

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