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A warning to other countries – “don’t commit economic suicide like we are doing”

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Regular readers will know that my book THERE IS NO CLIMATE CRISIS has recently been published in South Korea:

To publicise the book I have tried to write articles based on the book for Korean newspapers. This is quite difficult as I don’t know anything about South Korea. However, last week one of these articles was published in a South Korean newspaper and I’ve just sent another proposed article to my Korean translator. Although this is targeted at South Korean readers, it perhaps does give a useful summary of the economic damage our rulers are wreaking on us in order to fight the (imaginary) threat of supposed man-made climate change.

Here’s my proposed article:

Don’t let South Korea be crippled by China’s secret weapon

by Seok Pak and David Craig

Most people have realised that China with its 1.4 billion population intends to become the world’s leading power. And many observers have commented on the ways China is using to usurp American dominance. Some of these techniques are detailed in a book Unrestricted Warfare by two Chinese military strategists Qiao Liang and Wang Xiangsui. The book explores strategies that a militarily and politically disadvantaged nation like China might take in order to successfully attack and defeat a geopolitical super-power like the United States without actually going to war.

Of course, China is building a massive military. But it is also trying to overtake the West, and particularly America, in many other ways. For years China has been stealing and copying technology developed by Western companies. Chinese companies have spent over $11 billion buying shares in 25 port projects in 18 countries on all continents as part of China’s Belt and Road initiative. Also as part of its Belt and Road policy, the Chinese government and Chinese companies have pushed several Third-world countries into a new form of debt colonialism. These countries have been encouraged to take massive loans from China at extortionate rates of interest and, when they have defaulted on their interest payments, they’ve had to cede control of assets like ports, airports and agricultural land to China.

Furthermore, China has managed to gain influence by placing its people in positions of power in international bodies like the World Health Organisation. We saw this with the outbreak of Covid-19. At the same time as China realised the disease was infectious and banned internal travel within China to stop the spread of the virus, China pressured the World Health Organisation to claim the virus wasn’t infectious and to keep international travel open. This was catastrophic for Europe and America. At first, the virus spread to Italy as a large number of Chinese workers regularly travel to Italy to work in the many Italian companies which have been bought by Chinese businesses. And from Italy, the virus quickly spread to the rest of Europe and then America. Moreover, if a new virus had emerged within a few kilometres of the US biological research facility at Fort Detrick, the world would have ridiculed any US claims that the appearance of the new virus just beside a biological research institute was a coincidence. And countries around the world would be queuing up demanding trillions of dollars in compensation from the US for damage caused by the virus. But in a chilling example of China’s power, only one country – Australia – dared question the origins of Covid-19 and it was quickly punished when the Chinese Communist Party banned the import of Australian coal.

But most commentators and experts have missed what may be China’s most powerful weapon against the power of America and the West. This weapon is the imaginary Climate Crisis which is causing Western leaders to implement economically-suicidal policies to fight supposed man-made climate change.

For example, since 1990 America has implemented ‘green’ policies which have enabled the country to reduce its CO2 emissions by almost 30 percent from around 21 tonnes per capita to about 15 tonnes per capita. At the same time, America’s share of world GDP has fallen from 32 percent to just below 20 percent. The European Union has cut its CO2 emissions from by over 30 percent from 9.2 tonnes per capita to 6.3 tonnes per capita. Over the same period the European Union’s share of world GDP has almost halved from 28 percent to just under 15 percent. We see a similar picture in Britain which has managed to reduce the country’s CO2 emissions by an astonishing 50 percent from over 10 tonnes per capita to just 5 tonnes per capita since 1990. During the same 30 years, Britain’s share of world GDP has fallen from over 4 percent to just 3.2 percent.

Politicians in these countries like to boast about how their policies are reducing their countries’ CO2 emissions as they fight the imaginary demon of man-made Climate Change. But all these countries have done is to replace cheap, reliable fossil-fuel energy from coal, oil and gas with expensive, intermittent and unreliable supposedly renewable energy from wind and solar. This has resulted in energy costs in America being three times as expensive as energy costs in countries like India and China and energy in Europe being four times as expensive as in India and China. So, many companies, especially those in energy-intensive industries like steel-making, aluminium and glass, have closed their plants in countries where energy is expensive and moved production and jobs to cheap-energy countries like China and India. At the same time as Western countries have been cutting their CO2 emissions by deindustrialising and thus losing share of world GDP, China has increased its CO2 emissions from just 2 tonnes per capita to over 8 tonnes per capita and its share of world GDP from around 2 percent to almost 18 percent. Over the same period, India has tripled its CO2 emissions from 0.7 tonnes per capita to over 2 tonnes per capita and almost tripled its share of world GDP from about 1.1 percent to 3.3 percent.

Over the 30 years since 1990, South Korea has more than doubled its CO2 emissions from 5.7 tonnes per capita to 12 tonnes per capita and almost tripled its share of global GDP from about 1.2 percent to 3.2 percent. But if South Korean leaders fall for the delusion that human activities are causing the climate to change and if they start implementing supposedly ‘green’ policies to cut the country’s CO2 emissions in a futile attempt to stop the natural process of the Earth’s climate changing, then the example of what has happened in America, the European Union and Britain shows us what will inevitably happen in South Korea. Replacing cheap, reliable fossil fuels with expensive and unreliable energy from wind and solar leads to much higher energy prices, deindustrialisation and economic decline as companies and jobs move to countries where energy costs are lower.

You have been warned.

Seok Pak and David Craig are authors of CLIMATE APOCALYPSE The greatest scam in human history

9 comments to A warning to other countries – “don’t commit economic suicide like we are doing”

  • Ed P

    Much more CO2 emerges from volcanoes around the world than the sum total of human activities. This simple fact shows even the dumbest, even politicians, that this scam is futile.

  • A Thorpe

    I don’t know anything about South Korea either, but I think they have an excellent education system and that could mean the younger generations will understand the issues raised in your book.

    My feeling is that the proposed article is confused because it has too many issues. Keep to climate change if that is the main point and deal with other points in separate articles.

    The climate crisis started in the west and China had nothing to do with. Climate is not China’s secret weapon, it is the west’s stupidity. You could use China as an example of a country that has ignored the nonsense and in doing so has developed a strong economy. You mention that China controls the WHO, but I see more reports claiming that Bill Gates is in control. Is he working for the Chinese?

    The danger to the world in my view is America. They started the cold war with the USSR and they have conducted several pointless wars over the years, with our help, all to extend their hegemony over the world. America wants to dominate the world but they took their eye off China and the west helped it by sending all our jobs there. Why wouldn’t China steal our technology when we sent it to them to manufacture our goods? In fact if we want a better world all our discoveries should be shared, but the profit of the big corporations is seen as more important. After the fall of the USSR China has slowly worked away to improve its economy and America was still looking at Russia. The war in Ukraine seems to be bringing China, Russia and India together and they are ignoring the supposed climate crisis.

    As for the heading about our economic suicide, it did not start with climate change or the pandemic. It started with getting involved in two world wars that we knew we could not win without help from America, and it was the USSR that won WWII in Europe, which nobody wants to admit. Look at the pointless cost and damage to infrastructure of the wars. Britain created further economic decline by failing to modernise industry after WWII and creating a welfare state based economy which is now failing. Starkey last night on GB News explained exactly why – a welfare state cannot operate without high taxation of everybody, and as Thatcher said eventually the money runs out. Countries fail from within and Britain has been on this path for over 100 years. Nothing will save us because too many mistakes have been made, and Starkey again said both main parties don’t have a clue what to do about any of our problems. We cannot use the ballot box to bring about change.

  • A Thorpe

    There is a good article on GlobalResearch “Davos WEF is Promoting Impossible Zero Carbon Green Agenda” and it claims that the reason for this is to reduce the global population. The same as been said about the covid vaccines. Unfortunately, it does not justify this claim but does give a good explanation as to why the zero carbon agenda is not possible.

    Is it really possible that depopulation is the real agenda behind the chaos we seem to be living in? If so, this is what we should be discussing.

  • Stillreading

    Thorpe: “Is it really possible that depopulation is the real agenda behind the chaos we seem to be living in? If so, this is what we should be discussing.” Of course that’s what it’s all about. Confine, Control, Constrict. Remove all joy and spontaneity from human existence. Fifteen minute cities, ever more ULEZs, universal Parking Apps which already exclude many older people who don’t have or just don’t want or cannot afford a “smart phone”. Live on a vitamin and mineral deficient diet which will shorten life. Just yesterday came the proposal of Driving Tests in the UK for 85 year olds. Any younger person who holds the view that won’t affect them personally needs to have a good think. Get the 85 year olds off the road (a large proportion won’t be able to cope with the on-line element), then extend it ever downwards to 75, 70, 65, 60 year olds. Confine the old to their own homes or ghastly mis-named “Care” homes, isolated from family and friends, with nothing to anticipate save the Grim Reaper’s scythe. I’ve seen the driving prohibition – because that’s what it will be – coming for a long time. It’s the quickest and most efficient way of reducing ever worse congestion on UK roads. At the lower age range, we have no idea yet of how the vax will affect reproductive rates in the future. There are already sinister indications of difficulty in conception and of very early miscarriage in vaxxed women. Some Obs and Gynae Consultants are reporting greatly increased rates of spontaneous early and late miscarriage in vaxxed women. Absent the emergence of a charismatic, well-informed, incorruptible Leader for the West, we are, in the words of the Dad’s Army undertaker, “Doomed”.

  • Carolyn

    I agree A Thorpe, China is merely reaping the benefits of the West’s idiotic obsession with Net Zero.

    And yes, behind it all is an attempt to reduce world population. I have some sympathy with this goal but not the methods they’ve chosen to try and achieve it.

    The world’s population has grown exponentially from 2 billion in 1900 to 8 billion in 2023. That rate of growth is unsustainable.

    Covid may have been an attempt to reduce the population but backfired as it wasn’t virulent enough.

    The vaccine seems to have done quite an effective job of reducing fertility but isn’t going to help in the countries with the highest population growth as they couldn’t afford to vaccinate their people.

    I even wonder if the gender ideology rubbish is also about stopping people breeding. There seems to be little point to it otherwise.

    As Neil Oliver says “this is just my opinion and you’re welcome to disagree with it”

  • Stillreading

    “I even wonder if the gender ideology rubbish is also about stopping people breeding. There seems to be little point to it otherwise.” I believe you are correct Carolyn. I was shocked to learn quite recently that the World population has doubled since my youngest child was born 58 years ago.
    I also believe this gender bending epidemic in the West could well be the ultimate outcome of a culture which has become just too over indulged from birth and too decadent to survive. I recall learning decades ago when studying for my degree that experimental rats confined to a given living area will breed with unbridled enthusiasm until their living space becomes too over-populated for comfort when, although they are fed adequately, copulation and reproduction spontaneously cease. They just lose interest. Humans are merely rather over-sophisticated animals. We are already in much of the West starting to sense the loss of living space. Also in common with all animals, we need the challenge of the threat of starvation and/or elimination by another tribe to keep us stimulated and appreciative of nutrition and home comforts during the inter-conflict and inter-starvation periods. Regular reproduction is necessary to replace those lost to conflict and starvation, so why bother to reproduce when there is no food shortage and no one has died in war? Our challenge-free Western lifestyle, where the State provides for those with no inclination to provide for themselves and the call to arms is non-existent for the vast majority, results in a population which seeks stimulation elsewhere. This now involves what seems to be a wide variety of perverse or unnatural activities. I cannot think of any other reason why what appear to be thousands of mainly younger Westerners have decided they are unable to live in the gender into which they were born. (This is not to confuse “trans” inclinations with homosexuality or Lesbianism, which have always existed and are possibly the result of hormonal imbalance affecting the brain during foetal development.)

  • Carolyn

    Totally agree,StillReading, the western young have become 100% decadent. Everything is handed to them on a plate, they’re too good to dirty their hands with work and as a result they sit at home all day on their expensive planet-destroying devices basically naval gazing. Working themselves into a lather over climate change and their flipping pronouns.

    Saw a good graphic the other day.

    Hard Times create strong people
    Strong people create good times
    Good times create weak people
    Weak people create hard times

    This should be in a circle but you’ll get the gist.

  • Stillreading

    That graphic could scarcely be beaten, Carolyn, for summing up the self-perpetuating circle of life and progress and and regression over time. It has manifested itself in the rise and eventual fall of every past civilization. When it comes to survival and reproduction and population dynamics there’s so much we still do not understand and the arrogance of the “climate catastrophists” in evidently believing that we infinitesimally tiny creatures, seething like insane ants over our tiny globe, itself insignificant in the magnitude of the universe, can influence whether or not the sun shines or the rain falls or the wind blows, is breath-taking. As for reproduction dynamics, I believe the physiological processes which resulted in a disproportionately large number of male babies being conceived after WW1, apparently nature’s attempt to replace all the men lost on the Somme and elsewhere, are not yet really understood.

  • Eric Legge

    Apart from full-scale nuclear war(s), the human population explosion in the third world is the only real pressing problem that the planet is facing.

    So, what are the nihilistic decadents, the very low-order EQUALITY-EMPOWERED rulers doing across Christendom to address that most pressing of problems? – They are filling Christendom with immigrants and migrants from the third world – as a weapon to join the other weapons destabilising and demoralising the populations across Christendom. Namely, gender issues (the results of bad breeding), health crises, impoverishment, housing crises, feminisation, the subterranean war on the most creative white male, dumbing down, allowing black people to get jobs via diversity and inclusion efforts. Not only depleting the third world of its best people but also forcing them to use more of the resources that are supposed to be responsible for climate change than they would have done had they been left in their own countries, benefiting their own people instead of reducing the standard of living across Christendom.

    The 8+ million increase in the UK’s population this century, mostly living in England, comes mostly from migration. Those migrants tend to have large families that require employment – which automation and Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the deliberate huge reduction of small businesses are bound to reduce – benefits, housing, access to services, transportation that will have to be powered increasingly by electricity, expensive new housing standards, such as the use of weak heat pumps that require insulation, minimum EPC:C, etc.

    Of course, none of the above makes any sense whatsoever unless the excess deaths and fertility problems now taking place in the first world, continue and increase over the years until they amount to a massive depopulation. After which the third world will be at the complete lack of mercy of the globalists.

    Here is a good video by someone with sound instincts:

    Richard Vobes – They don’t want us here! –

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