April 2024

Calling all ladlords! Calling all landlords!

Monday/Tuesday blog

This blog is a follow-on from my weekend blog about how Sunak is going to allow up to 150,000 mostly uneducated, mostly unemployable. mostly violent, many deeply-criminal illegal migrants to stay in Britain. Then Sunak will claim that he has solved the problem of paying £7m+ a day for hotels for the migrants.

Apologies if you read the comments to my blog and have already seen the comment about how the (IMHO) lying, reptilian Sunak and his bunch of incompetent cronies intend to trick us into believing that they’re ‘solving the migrant £7m-a-day hotels cost problem’. A reader got there before I did..

Getting screwed by slimy lying Sunak?

Here’s an appeal to landlords from services company Serco:

Serco is looking for tens of thousands of rentals to house Sunak’s invading army of 150,000+ slightly dubious Third-Worlders. And Serco are offering landlords a great deal – contracts of 5 years or more, guaranteed on-time rental payments, property checks and maintenance, all council and utility bills paid. No wonder tax-paying Brits can’t find properties to rent or buy when they’re being used to house tens of thousands of illegal migrants.

Oh, and if you’re wondering which stupid mug is going to pay for this – just look in the mirror

Here’s Simon Webb from History Debunked explaining how we’re being lied to.

We don’t have a housing crisis in Britain, we have an immigration crisis whereby illegal migrants are being allowed into open-borders Britain and prioritised above tax-paying Brits by getting housing and benefits few Brits could ever dream of.

It’s worth reading some of the comments to Simon Webb’s YouTube video.


7 comments to Calling all ladlords! Calling all landlords!

  • A Thorpe

    There are two categories of people, net tax contributors and net tax beneficiaries. It is the aim of government, no matter what party, to increase the number of beneficiaries, that is to increase the number of people dependent on the state and who will therefore vote for these policies and increasing state control of all our lives. Democracy is a complete sham because we no longer have any option through voting to change this. The politicians have effectively created one party based on democratic socialism which is a step to a totalitarian state. There was only one prime minister who saw this happening and it was Margaret Thatcher and we should remember her words – socialists only stop spending when they run out of other people’s money.

    Not only is the state gaining the support of the poorest. It has the support of the richest who can now have an easier life by allowing the state to rent their properties. Eventually the state will not be able to support itself, as the Romans discovered.

  • tomsk

    And the amount of landlords who will yield to this, our country is being systematically destroyed by the Tory Party, the one establishment party that one would think would want to conserve things, WEF spineless sell outs. Personally I do think Suella like Priti are/were genuine in their desire to stop this but they have globalist leaders and colleagues, a globalist parliament and Civil Service and a media owned by the globalists and if they demand folk work as they are paid to do they are called bullies.

  • Stillreading

    This is just the start. When it fails to deliver, the next step could well be compulsory requisition of empty houses, be they temporarily unoccupied buy-to-let residences or second homes (aka holiday homes) of the so-called rich – who are, by the way, often not rich, but just people who love England and prefer to spend their time and their holiday money in their native country rather than abroad. Then who can say that the last resort won’t be billeting of immigrants on people deemed to be occupying homes too large for their requirements? It is abundantly evident that none of the political parties who have realistic possibilities of gaining significant numbers of seats at the next Election have the slightest intention of stopping the influx of small boats landing every day on the South Coast, even less of limiting “legal” immigration. The only way in which our increasingly overcrowded island can accommodate an ever expanding population is by severely restricting the movement of those already here. Oh! I forgot! They’ve already thought of that. A 15 minute city is about to be created around you right now. Together with digital ID, digital currency, all backed up by camera monitoring 24/7.

  • Jeffrey Palmer

    A sure indication of just how little the contemporary Conservative party has to to with actual conservatism, is that two days ago the left-wing ‘Independent’ newspaper informed its Wokerati readership that ”Sunak is doing everything right”.

    Personally, I would only consider that ”Sunak is doing everything right” if he were to reduce the likes of the Independent, the Guardian, and the BBC to incoherent rage. That, however, is the very opposite of what the modern, Cultural Marxist Tory party is fixated on doing.

    I very much hope that at the next GE, Tory voters show their opinion of what’s been going on over the last twelve years by staying at home in their millions. The party needs to be reduced to the state of the Lib-Dems before people start voting for viable right-wing alternatives to Sunak’s crew.

  • Eric Legge

    This is an excellent way of hiding the huge numbers of ECONOMIC migrants coming in by boat, who will be given the right to bring family members into the country once they have the right to remain. So, multiply that 160,000+ by three, four, five, six times. The hotels stick out like an active lockdown area in reverse so the idea is to split the housing up instead of stopping the migration. Housing in the South is probably too expensive for Serco to rent and maintain and pay for utility bills and council tax. Anyhow, the migrants will vote Labour into the bargain.

    A way to deal with the main parties is to vote for independent candidates who have integrity or sanity and who want to bring the globablists’ altruistic lies to an end. To work doing that would need a high level of organisation. Also needed is to use farm land to grow vegetables and fruit locally and rear livestock instead of stuff like rape and wheat for bioethanol fuel. By the way, putting fluoride in the water supply is to poison it. You can look up on the web the areas of England that are already having fluoride added to the water supply. Local cash currencies should also be developed to use instead of a digital currency.

    Looking at this business of filling the north east, north west and midlands with these boat migrants in cheap rented housing to evade solving the problem, does anyone trust that the Northern Ireland deal is the real thing? – Nothing that these malignant narcissists posing as altruists come up with is a real deal. The only aspect about them that is genuine is their fraudulence – their MOs, which never change.

  • Brenda Blessed

    Great idea! – Start a movement the aim of which is to get the same independent candidate into winning viable constituencies. For example, Diane Abbott’s and David Lammy’s seats are not viable. Just around 80 independent candidates should hold the balance of power in the House of Commons and queer the pitch of the quislings. Call the movement something like the Vote Independents Movement (VIM).

  • Marc Ager

    Vim – Liveliness or energy; enthusiasm. synonym: vigour. Vigour; energy; activity.Power; force; energy; spirit; activity.

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