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How do the eco-liars get away with such nonsense?

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Having written THERE IS NO CLIMATE CRISIS, I find it useful/amusing/worrying (delete as appropriate) to see what nonsense the climate catastrophists are churning out. So I subscribe to an e-newsletter called Inside Climate News produced by a bunch of eco-fanatics.

The latest e-newsletter had an article claiming: “New Wind and Solar Are Cheaper Than the Costs to Operate All But One Coal-Fired Power Plant in the United States”

New Wind and Solar Are Cheaper Than the Costs to Operate All But One Coal-Fired Power Plant in the United States

That surprised me somewhat as countries like China and India, whose leaders aren’t worshippers of Saint Greta and the climate crazies, are ramping up coal use. Here’s a chart for China:

And here’s India:

And, in comparison, here’s the USA:

So is the USA’s energy policy being run by geniuses, like ‘climate czar’ John Kerry, who realise that coal is too expensive to be economically viable? And are China and India being run by idiots who fail to appreciate the glories of solar and wind power?

In the article claiming that all but one USA coal-fired power station are more expensive than solar and wind, the writer does mention Joe Biden’s Inflation Reduction Act: “New analysis shows that renewables beat existing coal plants 99 percent of the time, thanks to long-term trends and an assist from the Inflation Reduction Act”.

So let’s see what this “assist from the Inflation Reduction Act” is all about. Here’s a US Treasury ‘Factsheet’ about the wonderful Inflation Reduction Act:

In it we read that: “The U.S. Department of the Treasury will be at the forefront of implementation, delivering $270 billion in tax incentives as part of the $369 billion the Inflation Reduction Act dedicates to combating climate change.”

The USA spends about $1 trillion on energy each year including transport. I did a quick ‘back-of-a-fag-packet’ calculation. If the USA’s 123 million households spend around $4,000 a year each on energy (excluding transport) then that’s about $500 billion. Yet the inflation Reduction Act is spending $369 billion subsidising supposed ‘renewables’ which are just a minor part of USA’s energy use. In fact, wind and solar make up only about 3% of USA energy use:

Yet these almost negligible energy sources are getting $369 billion in subsidies – that’s about 73% of the $500 billion US households pay for energy each year. That’s rather more significant than the seemingly modest “assist from the Inflation Reduction Act” the Inside Climate News’s writer mentions.

I have a feeling that this means $369 billion of US taxpayers’ money will be squandered on largely useless and horrifically-expensive and uneconomical solar and wind energy projects. But this massive subsidy will allow wind and solar companies to sell their power at much lower prices than the actually much cheaper fossil fuels. And then by forgetting that so much money in subsidies has been poured into the bank accounts of wind and solar companies, the climate catastrophists can claim that wind and solar are cheaper for consumers than coal.

That brings us back to the claim made by Inside Climate News that “New Wind and Solar Are Cheaper Than the Costs to Operate All But One Coal-Fired Power Plant in the United States”.

It’s total and utter bilge, nonsense, rubbish like almost all the claims churned out to a gullible public by a compliant media desperately spewing out climate-catastrophist propaganda to prepare us for the colder, darker, more miserable future our rulers have planned for us.

4 comments to How do the eco-liars get away with such nonsense?

  • tomsk

    Utter nonsense but the folk pushing it are weak minded tools of the elites, pushing their own children into a carbon footprinted digital social credit prison. They select the manipulated stats despite the actual facts being out there, facts of history and its records, they select the appropriate dates that suit and the average person now devoid of critical thinking accepts it. Everything going on is connected to bring us to the point of captivity and a people, those of us who survive that is. We are the carbon they wish to reduce.

  • Val Manchee

    Impressive article showing how gullible, or evil, the climate lunatics really are.

  • Ed P

    As Tomsk says – we are expendable, in the way of ‘progress’.

    As the fake virus and the clot shots have not (yet) killed sufficient numbers, we may expect some new threat quite soon.

    So, to avoid some of the potential dangers ahead, filter your drinking water and don’t eat the bugs!

  • A Thorpe

    How do liars about anything get away with it? How did they get away with “safe and effective” vaccines? If people are willing to believe that sterilizing somebody enables them to change sex then they will believe anything. The more complex the more likely they are to believe because education has not kept up with advances in science.

    The information presented is about costs but the eco-loons never consider the reliability of the grid system. We get adverts here from companies that claim to be supplying only renewable energy. They might be contracted to buy only renewable energy but their customer’s supply is not only renewable energy.

    History doesn’t repeat itself, but human stupidly is never ending. Our ancestors relying on wind power for grinding grain soon realised the benefits of steam power. Relay only on renewable energy and we will be without power quite often without some form of backup. The renewable suppliers do not incur the cost of backup.

    The taxpayers money for renewable energy and for the war in Ukraine is not being squandered – it is going into the pockets of the elites which it has been doing by various means for at least 100 years. As long as we pay taxes we will have problems.

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