May 2024

Do you have a spare room or two to house the incoming hordes?

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Here’s little story you’re unlikely to see covered in much detail by the UK-loathing BBC, C4 News or any other mainstream media.

The road from Marrakesh

You might remember that in 2018 the UK signed up to The Global Compact for Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration – an intergovernmentally negotiated agreement, prepared under the auspices of the United Nations that describes itself as covering “all dimensions of international migration in a holistic and comprehensive manner”.[3]

Well it’s rather lucky that we so willingly handed over control of our borders to the utterly corrupt and useless United Nations because there are an awful lot of people in the world who would rather like to live somewhere else than the countries where they were born.

Galluping to the great replacement?

Apparently the polling organisation Gallup does an annual survey covering interviews with nearly 127,000 adults in 122 countries asking whether they would rather like to migrate somewhere else.  Gallup say that round 16% of adults worldwide — which projects to almost 900 million people — said they would like to leave their own country permanently, if they could:

The chart above shows the percentage of adults who want to migrate from each region  of the world and how this has changed from 2011 to 2021.

(to see the charts clearly, left-click on them, then left-click again)

I suspect the real figure would be higher. But just to make the maths easier, let’s assume that about a billion people want to leave their homes countries.

Where do they want to go?

The next chart shows the desired destinations for these one billion or so would-be migrants and how this has changed from 2011 to 2021:

Perhaps surprisingly, the number wanting to come to the UK has fallen from 7% to 4%. But 4% of a billion people is around 40 million. Moreover, we have to be careful as many of those wanting to go to Italy and Germany may have the UK as their ultimate goal.

Oddly, not many of these good people fancy ending up in Saudi Arabia.

The world’s worst cess-pits?

Gallup also singled out the countries from which more than half the adult population would like to escape:

Prepare for the invasion

Of course, not all the 40 million who want to come to Britain will make it. But given our rulers’ refusal to protect our borders, an awful lot will. We’ve already seen how the number of wonderful diverse multi-cultural enrichers being ferried in comfort and safety across the Channel by Border Farce and the worthless RNLI has doubled every year:

And in 2023 may well hit more than 80,000. But that’s just a tiny proportion of the 40 million who want to come to Britain:

So, if you’ve got a couple of spare rooms in your home, our globalist UK-hating governments will probably start requisitioning them to house the incoming hordes. After all, our rulers will probably claim that all these uneducated, unemployable, deeply-criminal, military-age, rape-obsessed men are supposed ‘climate refugees’. And as we greedy westerners are supposedly responsible for the supposed ‘Climate Crisis’, then it’s our responsibility to house the incoming tsunami of illegal migrants.

Or else the government will start imposing taxes on people the government considers are living in homes that are larger than they need in order to force these greedy, space-hogging people to downsize to make more room for the invading Third-world locust swarm.

You think this won’t happen? I admire your optimism.

Open-borders Britain vs closed-borders Japan

Here’s a short video by Paul Joseph Watson extolling the benefits of living in vibrant, multi-cultural, crime-ridden, collapsing, open-borders, overcrowded, migrant-hugging, increasingly woke Britain compared with the stability and low-crime cities of closed-borders rather more conservative Japan:

9 comments to Do you have a spare room or two to house the incoming hordes?

  • Stillreading

    I believe I wrote in a response on this blog only a few months ago that compulsory billeting of “asylum seekers” on UK residents was a possibility for the future. There is, after all, a precedent for this, in principle even if the actual practice would prove rather different. I am just old enough to remember a total of three evacuees from London being billeted on my mother, then a young wife of only a few years learning how to raise her first child. When I asked why Daddy wasn’t at home any more, I was told that “He has gone to be a brave soldier.” Which indeed, he had, and my mother, along with millions of other women, more than ready to do her bit, found herself responsible for, firstly, a little boy (whose parents missed him so much they came one weekend and took him back to London with them), then two much older girls, one a rather precocious teenager. So there is a precedent for compelling UK householders to take in those deemed to be “in need” and I can uncomfortably easily see either of our currently thoroughly corrupt main political parties compelling anyone living in a home with one or more spare bedrooms to fill each one with a couple of immigrant multi-cultural enrichers. The question is, will be UK general population, the silent majority who seem to be apathetically accepting, without raising a voice in protest, ever more restrictions on personal transport, the “15 minute city”, the prospect of digital control and surveillance 24/7, actually accept and succumb to such an outrageous “home grab” or will they (we?) just shrug our shoulders, give in, and lose everything we have ever possessed and for which generations before us fought and died?

  • Paul Chambers

    You will own nothing. I listened to a discussion on GB News where two numpties with Michelle Dewbury discussed how to either tax elderly home owners or force them to sell. Michelle who is usually fairly sound although she was claiming Andy Burnham was great the other day – must be a northern thing – was pretty shocked. There was of course no mention of lowering taxes or god forbid stop the population growth. That seems to be a given now.

    Next labour government will i suspect look to attack private property. The tories are already targeting small landlords and second homes. The communists like to do this after all and most people probably don’t realise that in russia property rights were removed overnight. Sadly i fear we are on the same path and best to take at least some measures to protect wealth.

  • A Thorpe

    I agree with your conclusions and I have been thinking the same for sometime. There is a precedent for this. The Nazis revealed their hatred of the Jews by firstly taking their homes and their businesses. Quite a few have been saying that our government hates the indigenous population. There is no other explanation.

  • Jeffrey Palmer

    I read today that Ukrainians who have decided that they don’t fancy giving their lives to defend Zelensky’s multimillion pound London property portfolio and offshore bank accounts, and have accordingly fled to the UK, are now shocked and frightened by the numbers of followers of the ‘Religion of Peace’ that they’ve found themselves living cheek-by-jowl with in our ‘vibrant, multi-cultural’ cities.

    It’s not quite what they expected, apparently.

    Someone needs to explain to them that it’s not quite what we expected, either.

  • Stillreading

    “You will own nothing. I listened to a discussion on GB News where two numpties with Michelle Dewbury discussed how to either tax elderly home owners or force them to sell” Exactly Paul Chambers. I have seen the possibility – if not yet probability – of this for some time now. Or at least the imposition of Inheritance Tax (aka Death Duties) on every property, regardless of how low may be its value. For these reasons, having reached a stage in life where I shall have no desire ever again to sell a property and buy another, I am taking large chunks out of the value of my house in order to help my children and grandchildren here and now. What I shan’t have by the time the Grim Reaper gathers me in, the Government won’t be able to steal from my descendants. My house will belong almost entirely to the Equity Release company. As for my situation should I ever be deemed incapable of living independently, if I haven’t got any money the State to which I have paid taxes all my life since the age of 16 will have to cough up!

  • Gaylord M. Focker

    If you have one or more spare bedrooms that our beloved government wants to requisition to house immigrants/migrants, just make the bedrooms that are in use bigger by removing walls or take in real British lodgers of which there must be a growing number due to all of the council and Housing Association places being filled with immigrants and economic migrants.

    Either we flush this parliament of quislings out or it flushes us out. That much is abundantly clear. Voting only for independent candidates would be one way of achieving that.

  • Eric Legge

    Richard Vobes’ YouTube channel provides good content on all of nihilistic insanity of the liberal globalists. Here is his latest video…

    What is the real reason for it? –

  • BurnaTyreforGreta

    There is more urgency to protect the borders of Ukraine than UK, there is being no expense spared to defend Kiev than the Kent beaches .

  • Eric Legge

    You must watch Richard Vobes interviewing MP Andrew Bridgen.

    Richard Vobes – The man who wouldn’t stay silent –

    Richard Vobes interviews MP Andrew Bridgen. The media has done its best to make Bridgen look like a conspiracy nutter. Listen to him tell his own story. His accomplishments are far greater than most MPs. He studied biological sciences, including virology and genetics, at university and was instrumental in exposing the sub-postmaster scandal in which hundreds of postmasters were falsely accused of theft due to faulty software, many of whom lost everything. The media would not get involved.

    Googlemail bounces this message sent to gmail addresses. They get through when Bridgen’s name disguided.

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