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Go green – destroy the planet

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Millions of ‘green jobs’

We’re constantly being told that moving from fossil fuels to supposedly ‘renewable’ energy will create millions of ‘green jobs’. Well, here’s a nice picture of some of those ‘green jobs’:

Most of the ‘green jobs’ will be done by child (slave?) labour in Africa and South America digging up all the metals needed for the wind turbines, solar panels and electric milk carts pretending to be cars or else in Chinese factories producing the wind turbines, solar panels and batteries for electric vehicles.

Destroying the Earth in order to save it?

I found this series of tweets wandering around the Internet. It exposes the unbelievably vast amounts of mining and pollution that will be caused by ‘going green’.

(to see the image clearly, left-click on it and then left-click again)

The key part of the above tweets is the final one showing how much material has to be dug up to produce relatively small amounts of the metals the ‘Green Revolution’ will require.

Here’s a typical lithium mine:

It’s odd that our politicians and mainstream media and other climate-catastrophists never mention this environmental disaster which ‘going green’ is causing.

3 comments to Go green – destroy the planet

  • Paul Chambers

    Most environmentalists don’t want any mining either.

    I was watching Miriam Margolyes around Australia bigging up all the gays and frowning on the heteros. She visited a vast mine and told the chap showing her around how awful it all was. He tried to explain what they dig up is essential to the comfortable life she enjoys and it seemed like most she had never given it much thought before.

    As per the recent Oxford union debate most environmentalists seem ok for people to starve and live in poverty although most probably never think of anybody else but themselves i imagine. But most of these people are spoilt brats living pampered wealthy lives who benefit from the modern world and would all die if forced back to a scavenger life they seem to want to impose on others. Most of the toffs in the liblabcon mono party fit this mold.

  • A Thorpe

    Isn’t it the same with most aspects of life? Almost nothing we do has entirely positive effects and we find it easy to ignore the negative. I have also never heard the green enthusiasm for wind and solar energy balanced by how they are going to recycle the equipment at the end of its life. When we relied on coal for heating homes, how many considered the dangers of working in a coal mine or imagined the risks associated with the spoil heaps? Most of us in the west would not do most of the jobs needed to provide us with what we have, and we would not live near the mine workings and industrial areas. We have a talent for not seeing the undesirable consequences of our actions.

    The imagined perfect green future does not exist, especially if we want to keep the standard of living we have and expect the entire world to be brought out of poverty to have what the west has. Of course, we won’t destroy the planet, but we might destroy human civilisation as we know it.

  • A Thorpe

    I don’t know whether you subscribe to Climate Etc, but there is an interesting piece on grid system planning:

    It is written about the USA but it reflects my overall view about the UK. Since privatisation the government has had more control over the industry and costs through regulation than they had during the days of nationalisation and none of it for the better.

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