June 2024

How we’re being manipulated

Saturday/Sunday blog

I just saw this on Tony Heller’s ‘RealClimateScience’ website.

It’s just two pictures of weather presenters from 21 June 2017 and 21 June 2022. Note how the 2022 temperatures are lower than those from 2017 for that day. Of course, the difference in temperatures on one specific day means nothing. What is significant is the colouring used on the weather charts:

Yet another example of how we’re being manipulated into believing Saint Greta’s Anthropogenic Global Warming nonsense.

I will return to writing a regular blog on Monday 2 January 2023.

3 comments to How we’re being manipulated

  • Val Manchee

    It is a long time since I believed anything spouted by any government, government compliant so called scientists or the Establishment media. Not only has trust in the afore mentioned completely evaporated but I also have next to no trust in doctors, the NHS, state education, social services or the police.

  • A Thorpe

    I saw that as well. I don’t know how Tony Heller manages to collect this information and pull it together years later.

    I saw an article recently on Judith Curry’s website about temperature recording which is interesting.

    I’m sure we all feel like the comment above. I read that politicians only consider they have made a gaffe when they accidentally tell the truth. It applies to many “professionals”.

    Thanks for all you do and Best Wishes for 2023.

  • loppoman

    Yes David, best wishes for 2023.
    Please keep going, your blog is a rare source where sanity prevails.
    So as not to repeat what many are saying, I don’t contribute much but I do read the contributions daily.
    Thanks for your efforts. Much appreciated.

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