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Goodbye to the Age of Reason. Welcome to the Age of Insanity

End of year blog

With so many clever people reviewing 2022 and predicting (usually wrongly) what will happen in 2023, it would be presumptuous for me to think that I can contribute to this annual outpouring of often well-remunerated bilge.

Nevertheless, let me suggest that 2022 did mark the end of an important era – the Age of Reason – and the triumph of a new era – the Age of Ideology, Insult and Insanity

During the Age of Reason, it was possible to discuss issues using old-fashioned things like facts. That era is now definitely over. Here are just a few of the many subjects where discussion is no longer allowed. Instead facts are dismissed as irrelevancies and anyone trying to propose an alternative viewpoint based on factual analysis to the official dogma is abused, denigrated and often even destroyed:

  • Men can become women even when they still have their meat and two veg. Both medical knowledge and neuroscience have shown that there are significant physical and mental differences between men and women. But anyone daring to mention these scientifically-proven differences is branded a ‘transphobe’ or a ‘terf” and risks having their reputation and life destroyed
  • The ‘miracle vaccines’ are miracle vaccines. The only acceptable narrative is that the ‘miracle vaccines’ have saved millions of lives. Yet increasing evidence is emerging from studies around the world that the ‘miracle vaccines’ have caused huge numbers of injuries and thousands of deaths. It seems that the mRNA vaccines, in particular, damage the body’s ability to produce natural immunity to various diseases and may only be effective for a very small part of the population. To suggest that there is evidence that the vaccines don’t do what it says on the tin immediately provokes howls of fury and accusations of being an ‘anti-vaxxer’ and a ‘granny-killer’. As for mRNA vaccines, these are going to be forced on us for many conditions in the future. The UK, Australian and Canadian governments have all just signed massive contracts with Moderna to develop and manufacture new mRNA vaccines in the three countries. The UK factory will, I believe produce 250 million doses a year. During Covid and now our rulers have invested so much of our money and their own reputations in mRNA technology that it cannot be allowed to be seen as possibly the greatest medical mistake ever made even though the evidence is mounting that mRNA technology may do more harm than good.
  • Immigration and multi-culturalism benefit us all The facts tell us that excessive immigration and multi-culturalism have been disasters. They destroy community cohesion, lead to single-race ghettoes and inter-community tensions, increase crime and degrade the quality of life for a country’s citizens. Try mentioning this and you’re branded a ‘racist’ and a ‘bigot’. Meanwhile our mainstream media – especially TV programmes and ads – keep pushing the image of mixed-race relationships at us. I would estimate that over 90% of couples featured in UK ads are mixed race. Yet only around 5% (yes only 5% according to the latest ONS data) of UK households are mixed race
  • Colonialism is responsible for Africa’s problems To suggest that colonialism might have brought benefits to Africa is absolutely taboo. Yet before white people came to Africa, people lived in impoverished misery – medicine was non-existent, there were no proper roads or railways, people couldn’t read or write, there were no schools, no universities – in fact, the Africans still hadn’t invented the wheel. Of course, there were negatives with colonialism. But overall, it probably did more good than harm. Moreover, there isn’t a single country now run by Africans which hasn’t become an economic and social basket case. But to suggest this risks being branded a ‘racist’ and ‘white supremacist’. Meanwhile most Africans, given the choice, would rather move to the countries which colonised them than stay in the excrement-covered hell-holes they have created on their own continent and in Haiti since they became independent
  • IQ levels vary widely between different countries There is a massive amount of evidence supporting this. Moreover, there is plenty of evidence of a virtuous cycle between a country’s average IQ level and its economic success. Each reinforces the other. Conversely, there is clear evidence of a vicious cycle between a country’s low average IQ and violence, war, impoverishment and a country becoming a failed state. Try mentioning this in polite conversion and you’ll be branded a ‘eugenicist’, a ‘racist’, a ‘Nazi’ and will never be employed again in your life
  • Human activities are causing catastrophic Global Warming This may be the most destructive of the Shibboleths which are not allowed to be questioned. It may be the most destructive as it risks wrecking the Western countries whose rulers have committed their countries to the crazy, economically-suicidal policy of ‘Net Zero’. I won’t rehash here all the factual arguments against the stupidity of the man-made Global Warming cult – the influence of solar activity on the Earth’s temperature, the benefits of higher atmospheric CO2, the lack of any correlation between temperatures and CO2 levels, the level of fraud practised by the climate catastrophists, the mere 0.8cms rise in sea levels in the last 100 years etc etc. I’ve tried to do this in my book THERE IS NO CLIMATE CRISIS. As with all the other modern-day dogmas listed above, anyone daring to try to use factual data to question the man-made Global Warming narrative is immediately branded a ‘denier’ (supposedly being the moral equivalent of a ‘holocaust denier’) and is cancelled, abused, censored and destroyed.

(I won’t even dare provide some indisputable facts questioning what we’re instructed to believe about the world’s most peaceful religion in this list as I’d like to live into 2023 and even beyond)

The fooled cannot admit they’ve been fooled

American astronomer, planetary scientist, cosmologist, astrophysicist, astrobiologist, author, and science communicator Carl Sagan warned us about how difficult it is to get people to change their minds after they’ve been fooled by the type of charlatans who have so successfully monopolised the narrative on all the above issues:

The Age of Ideology or the Age of Insanity?

Here’s a short (4 minutes) YouTube video in which journalist and author Melanie Phillips explains the end of the Age of Reason and suggests it has been replaced by the Age of Ideology. Personally, I believe we’ve moved into the Age of Insult and Insanity:

6 comments to Goodbye to the Age of Reason. Welcome to the Age of Insanity

  • Paul Chambers

    Religion is useful and helps the powers that be keep control. I assume the pagans felt like this when the christians imposed and forced the non believers to conform. We now have a revised paganism worshipping planet earth doing the same fueled by their hatred of human beings and driven by a selfish greed to retain a disproportionate share of the gains from industrialisation.

    Cant help feeling cheap money is at the heart of this and facilitates the big government required to impose their ideology. Yet like communism before they have again run out of money but have survived on money printing. Sadly with Powell squeezing them to save the banks from silicon valley they are desperate and need to impose their totalitarian state before the whole globalist movement collapses. Fingers crossed Powell keeps rates higher for longer and we can sit back and watch this evil ideology die before it imbeds to deeply. Reason can return.

  • A Thorpe

    I wonder how anybody reading this cannot fail to realise that they have been fooled. But many will not see it because they have not felt the impact of these issues. They have a good life, lots of entertainment and holidays to distract them and no real hardship compared to relatively recent times. Eventually they will be forced to face the reality and what will happen then?

    In relation to IQ, surely those responsible for promoting the views listed have a high IQ and they get away with it because they have created an education system for the majority that limits IQ particularly in relation to destroying common sense. Do the elites controlling this agenda really believe it, or is it just to confirm how easy it is to control the masses? Is the plan to create economic feudalism for most of us? We will have nothing, but I doubt that we will be happy.

    An excellent opinion from Melanie Phillips. I get her emails but don’t subscribe so only see a limited amount of her output. Thomas Sowell says something similar: “It is usually futile to talk facts and analysis to people who are enjoying a moral sense of superiority in their ignorance”. Or perhaps it is knowing that they have power over the majority.

    We know the problems we face and who is creating them. 2023 has to be the year when we start to fight against them.

  • Stillreading

    Bread and Circuses Thorpe, Bread and Circuses. Lately it has seemed that the bread could be in short supply and then the circuses will cease. There will be insufficient supply of the one or money for the other. Then we shall see. Personally I think it’s high time for a modern Peasants’ Revolt! (So many different and varied examples exist of history repeating itself, yet those assuming power over the plebs never seem to benefit from past example.)

  • Hardcastle

    Problem with Peasants revolts in the past is that they were violently supressed and the leaders executed to disuade the populace.Could it be different this time? Possibly.

  • Hardcastle

    Superb summation of the predicament we face from Melanie Phillips.Is violence the only escape from this situation,if all rational avenues have been almost totally closed down? The internet has been our salvation so far,but they are working on that.

  • david draig

    I have deleted one reader’s comment as I believe it to have been anti-semitic and possibly therefore unlawful

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