June 2024

Al Gore and Klaus and all of us at the WEF wish you a miserable Christmas and a cold, dark New Year

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This was sent out by Paul Homewood of the ‘Not A Lot Of People Know That’ climate-realist website:

4 comments to Al Gore and Klaus and all of us at the WEF wish you a miserable Christmas and a cold, dark New Year

  • A Thorpe

    If you watched the documentaries about Richard Branson he talked about Gore making him aware of the climate crisis by giving him a personal presentation of an Inconvenient Truth. There is a video on YouTube, of Gore and Branson. Branson is asked “is Al Gore a prophet? Branson responds by asking how it is spelt. Branson is another who thinks he can compensate for his airlines and space trips by extracting CO2 from the atmosphere, and of course making a profit from both. The inconvenient failure of Gore’s forecasts and the actual science was not mentioned.

    The insanity is spreading. A few days ago I heard a radio discussion proposing that we must treat insects much better because they feel pain when we kill them. But to top that Martha C. Nussbaum, a philosopher, is proposing that we should prevent all wild animals from killing each other. It isn’t clear what she thinks we should feed them, and she doesn’t mention fish feeding on each other.

    Charles wants us all on our knees in church to solve our problems. He believes that charity is the answer for the unemployed and people struggling. He can’t see that their problems are caused by the policies of his government. If all that fails then he says we should love our neighbours as ourselves and sets a fine example of that with his brother Andrew and his son Harry, and continues to support funding the killing in Ukraine.

    It’s going to be an interesting 2023.

  • adrian

    David. You put out so many articles, some a bit vitriolic but nevertheless.
    Why are you not more prominent in he fight against the myth of climate change/crisis/emergency?

    Your book is interesting and I often quote it but surely it might be more appropriate to attack it one front, Co2.

    Debunk this Co2 narrative. No significant increase in 200 years and reduction would affect seriously the eco system. If there were too much it could easily be compensated by planting.

    Happy New Year

  • A Thorpe

    Adrian – the CO2 narrative has been debunked repeatedly by many eminent physicists and mathematicians. People like Greta and Attenborough have bought into the argument that the science is fixed and proves CO2 is the cause of global warming. They are not willing to listen to rational arguments because their income from promoting alarmism will end and I doubt that neither understands even basic physics. The same applies to Al Gore. Perhaps we should use Obama as the best argument against climate alarmism based on his house being more or less at sea level and likely to be underwater very soon if he listens to the science. He knows the truth but he has never been a friend of the truth.

    I have taken an interest in the CO2 case because of my knowledge of thermodynamics and I’m not that interested in what drives the climate. I have not followed the influence of solar cycles on climate. One researcher in this area is Nir Shaviv and I have a few of this papers. Recently, The Conservative Woman published this article about another researcher, Professor Zharkova,

    What concerns me about the entire science is that the dominance of CO2 prevents research being done in other areas to establish the real cause of climate change. We only have proxy temperature and historical records to provide information on the Medieval Warm Period and Little Ice Age. I’m inclined to believe that these changes happened quickly and Professor Zharkova is talking of significant cooling over the next 30 years. If she is correct we are completely unprepared and have made matters worse by following the fake science of CO2 and the resultant energy policies.

    We should expect politicians to bring wisdom and common sense to policies but they are doing just the opposite. Voting them out will just bring in more of the same. Have you tried writing to your MP about climate change? It will be a waste of time. Our fate is has already been fixed.

  • Tomsk

    Crims. Its increasingly clear that the agenda is to introduce a cashless digital currency following everyone getting a digital ID. This will be used according to your social credit score also attached your personal carbon footprint on everythingbyiu do and buy. Of course the rich wont be limited as they can buy further carbon credits should they go over their allowance.

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