June 2024

‘Exciting’ vaccine debate – 0.6% of MPs attend

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Below is a video introduced by Dr John Campbell. The video features a possibly rather significant speech by Tory MP Andrew Bridgen given this week in Parliament proposing an immediate stop to the mRNA vaccinations because of their ineffectiveness and the health problems they are causing. I believe the speech was given on Wednesday this week. So, being mid-week, there would be a lot of our ‘hardworking’ MPs in Westminster in spite of the train strikes. Yet, one thing you might notice is that only around four MPs were present – the other 646 obviously had much more important things to do.

Here are some of the key parts from the speech:

Here are the cold, hard facts about the mRNA vaccines and an explanation of the structural drivers that continue to be barriers to doctors and the public receiving independent information to make informed decisions about them. Since the rollout in the U.K. of the BioNTech-Pfizer mRNA vaccine, we have had almost half a million Yellow Card reports of adverse effects from the public. That is unprecedented. It is more than all the yellow card reports of the past 40 years combined. An extraordinary rate of side effects that are beyond mild have been reported in many countries across the world that have used the Pfizer vaccine, including, of course, the United States.

In other words, the benefits of the vaccine are close to non-existent. Beyond the alarming Yellow Card reports, the strongest evidence of harm comes from the gold standard, highest possible quality level of data. A re-analysis of Pfizer and Moderna’s own randomised controlled trials using the mRNA technology, published in the peer-reviewed journal Vaccine, revealed a rate of serious adverse events of one in 800 individuals vaccinated. These are events that result in hospitalisation or disability, or that are life changing. Most disturbing of all, however, is that those original trials suggested someone was far more likely to suffer a serious side effect from the vaccine than to be hospitalised with the ancestral, more lethal strain of the virus. These findings are a smoking gun suggesting the vaccine should likely never have been approved in the first place.

In the past, vaccines have been completely withdrawn from use for a much lower incidence of serious harm. For example, the swine flu vaccine was withdrawn in 1976 for causing Guillain-Barré syndrome in only one in 100,000 adults, and in 1999 the rotavirus vaccine was withdrawn for causing a form of bowel obstruction in children affecting one in 10,000. With the covid mRNA vaccine, we are talking of a serious adverse event rate of at least one in 800, because that was the rate determined in the two months when Pfizer actually followed the patients following their vaccination. Unfortunately, some of those serious events, such as heart attack, stroke and pulmonary embolism will result in death, which is devastating for individuals and the families they leave behind. Many of these events may take longer than eight weeks post vaccination to show themselves.

The real scandal is that those with a responsibility to patients and with scientific integrity – namely, doctors, academic institutions and medical journals – collude with the industry for financial gain. Big Pharma exerts its power by capturing the political environment through lobbying and the knowledge environment through funding university research and influencing medical education, preference shaping through capture of the media, financing think-tanks and so on. In other words, the public relations machinery of Big Pharma excels in subterfuge and engages in smearing and de-platforming those who call out its manipulations.

As the data clearly shows to anyone who wants to look at it, the mRNA vaccines are not safe, not effective and not necessary. I implore the Government to halt their use immediately. As I have demonstrated and as the data clearly shows, the Government’s current policy on the mRNA vaccines is on the wrong side of medical ethics, it is on the wrong side of scientific data, and ultimately it will be on the wrong side of history.

And here’s the full speech:

6 comments to ‘Exciting’ vaccine debate – 0.6% of MPs attend

  • Carolyn Hill

    “ the Government’s current policy on the mRNA vaccines is on the wrong side of medical ethics, it is on the wrong side of scientific data, and ultimately it will be on the wrong side of history”

    And therein lies the problem, having avidly supported the vaccine, not one of them are prepared to stand up and admit they were wrong. Well perhaps one, the guy who called for the debate. Hells teeth they’re still busy trying to get us to have yet another useless “booster”.

  • Paul Chambers

    Follow the money. There is gold in those vaxxed hills.

    See the EU Qatari suitcases of cash scandal and multiply.

  • Hardcastle

    The absence of so many MPs tells it all.Surely any thinking interested individual would WANT to attend,to listen to opinions,join in meanigful discussion,debate,isnt that what The Commons is all about? Their wholesale absence is proof of their fear of the truth,head in the sand and it will go away.The abject performance of the Junior Minister wheeled out to g8ve us the usual safe and effective crap was Soviet Russia at its worst.

  • Stillreading

    Many of us with sufficient medical knowledge to have read, analysed and understood a number of papers produced over the months by highly qualified doctors querying the safety and efficacy of the pseudo “vaccine” have, like the Cardiologist Dr. Aseem Malhotra, decided some months ago never again to take this stuff into our own bodies. Dr. Malhotra was himself an advocate of the jab until a post mortem on his own father, who died unexpectedly of a supposed heart attack, revealed that the jab had been the cause. I have watched with despair, my opinions ridiculed, members of my own family eagerly offering up their ten year olds and their teenagers for the jab. Thankfully there have been no perceptible adverse effects in these youngsters, but who knows what the future may reveal, given the mRNA dose is alleged by some doctors to PERMANENTLY weaken the immune system, not only to covid but to ANY invasive organism? Right now there must, surely, be some reason why the most jabbed get the most re-infections of covid? I believe many hospital doctors whose specialities are other than immunology are so overwhelmed by the demands of their own clinical responsibilities and by the shortcomings in the NHS system – shortage of beds and staff – and the consequent need to avoid patient admissions, that they have just not had sufficient time to investigate the covid jab more fully. As for GPs, they are incentivized of course to continue administering the “vaccine. Being “businesses” practices receive a nice budget-swelling fee for every patient they jab. Despite the conspiracy of secrecy surrounding the WHA, Fauci, Pfizer and National leaders throughout the Western world, the truth about the jab WILL out eventually, and then the proverbial will really hit the fan.

  • A Thorpe

    You are spot on with this analysis. Dr Malhotra was interviewed on GB News last night, but Mark Dolan didn’t seem to understand the points he made. There was a suggestion that they should get another heart specialist who does not agree with Malhotra and get them to sort it out. It will not work, because they will just continue to argue and nothing will be sorted. Only the public can bring this to an end by not supporting the vaccine. But nothing can be done for those who have died and are injured. The problem was that the mRNA development had never been successful over years of research and vaccines were approved with inadequate trials. We need to identify the criminals who imposed this on people. The MPs were not at the debate because they never want to face up to their mistakes and this is one of their biggest, along with many health professionals.

  • Brenda Blessed

    GB News – Consultant cardiologist, Dr Aseem Malhotra, on MP Andrew Bridgen’s speech –

    The segment of the Mark Steyn show presented by Mark Dolan starts at 34:18 minutes into the show.

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