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“You will go nowhere and you will be happy” Klaus Schwab

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Towards technocratic tyranny

You’ve probably all heard our rulers’ plans for our futures – “you will own nothing and you will be happy”

You will own nothing..." - Sticker Packs (25-1000) Schwab WEC The Great Reset | eBay

Well it seems that those who run our lives have decided to take this wonderful concept even further with their idea of “15-minute cities”. In your part of the 15-minute city, everything you need will supposedly be within a 15-minute walk or bike ride from your home. So there will be no need for you to travel anywhere by car. Basically, this means that not only will “you own nothing and you will be happy”, but also “you will go nowhere and you will be happy”.

Here’s an article from Klaus Schwab’s World Economic Forum website explaining how the 15-minute city concept will take us all from the dystopia of our current city planning to the utopia of the 15-minute city:

And here’s a diagram from that article picturing how all your life’s needs will be within a 15-minute radius of your home:

Oxford is not alone

Oxford: You might have read about how Oxford Council is planning to introduce zones. Citizens will be limited to how many times they can drive out of their own zone. From the little I understand, the number of zone-crossing trips will be allocated by household and not by car. So, if a household consists of say a married couple – say a doctor and an engineer – who both have to drive to work and their household allocation is say 100 zone crossings a year, then each car will only be permitted 50 zone crossings a year.

Here’s how Oxford’s Labour-run City Council explains the 100 zone-crossings a year plan:

Households living outside the city boundaries will only be allowed 25 zone-crossings a year. Number-recognition cameras will track all cars coming into the city and driving across the city and fines will be issued automatically to anyone exceeding their permitted number of annual zone-crossings.

This may sound like totalitarian 1984-style madness. But the County Council travel supremo has said the plan will go ahead “whether people like it or not”. So much for councils being elected to serve the people. In Klaus Schwab’s new utopia, the people must serve their rulers.

Canterbury: Canterbury Conservative-run City Council has just announced a similar plan to divide the city into five zones – and ban residents from driving directly between them. In a bid to solve decades of congestion, anyone wanting to get from one zone to another would have to drive out to a planned new ring road, go around the city and then re-enter. Visitors would be banned from parking in the city, with a network of park-and-rides on the outskirts planned to take them in and out.

Planners, who have modelled the vision on a system in place in Ghent, Belgium, aim to stop journeys across the city – with number-plate recognition cameras used to enforce it.

It’s the same the whole world over

Apparently Paris is also adopting the 15-minute city concept of imprisoning us in just our own districts in order to supposedly reduce traffic congestion, save the planet from the ‘climate emergency’ and make our lives more fulfilling:

So are Madrid, Milan, Montreal, Rome and maybe also Melbourne.

Of course, the 15-minute city concept has nothing to do with our rulers wanting to keep control of us as they did during the lab-leaked US/Chinese plague lockdowns.

But no doubt our rulers in all our wonderful 15-minute cities will all have electronic ‘Zil lanes’ allowing them to go wherever they want, whenever they want, as often as they want as they are obviously much more important than us pig-ignorant, unwashed proles.

Here’s the inimitable Rowan Dean on Sky News Australia explaining how our rulers are using the 15-minute city concept to enrich our lives:

6 comments to “You will go nowhere and you will be happy” Klaus Schwab

  • A Thorpe

    Well done for fInding out that this idea comes from the WEF. When GB News covered the Oxford plan a few nights ago they didn’t make the connection. The other part of this will be to get people out of the countryside and into cities.

    I saw some articles a few days ago about Calhoun’s experiments in the 1960s with mice that had everything. They grew in number and then abnormal behaviour started and they eventually all died. It has been compared to the socialist welfare state. We need to experience hardship to know how to survive. Perhaps the control that is being imposed on us will backfire and create the hardship that people need to wake them up. But what will we have to go through to get control of our lives back?

  • Carolyn Hill

    Be afraid, be very afraid.

  • Stillreading

    More decades ago that I like to recall, as part of a degree module, I studied a similar experiment to that to which Thorpe refers. A number of rats, half male, half female, were incarcerated in a limited space, provided with food and water, then left to their own devices. Initially they had a great time, copulated with great enthusiasm, produced young at a rapid rate. Soon however they began to experience over-population and, despite food rations being increased appropriately, they lost interest in sexual activity, so naturally no more baby rats were born. I seem to recall that sexual activity between some consenting males started to take place. “Safe sex” at its most fundamental level for the rats with a high sex drive. Back in the 1970s this experiment, itself carried out some years previously (by Skinner perhaps? He rather liked studying rats) was used by tutors to illustrate the probable consequences to the human race of over-population, something we are not permitted to discuss these days. At the risk of offending some readers, for which I apologise in advance, I cannot help thinking that at a very fundamental level, via perhaps pheromones which we all emit but are unable consciously to perceive, but which nevertheless govern much of our sexual and therefore reproductive activity, lurks an explanation for what seems to me an astounding number of “trans” young people who are proceeding towards medication and surgery to “change gender”. One thing is certain – having gone through the hormone treatment and surgery essential to change their outward appearance, none of these people will be able to reproduce naturally. Is their desire to change gender an unconscious response to over-population? Lifelong
    homosexuality or Lesbianism is different; both have always existed and in some instances at least are thought possibly to result from the effect of too few or too many specific maternal hormones during a crucial gestational period. In my professional life I encountered a number of Lesbian and male homosexual couples and all, as well as being very pleasant people, were happy in their male or female bodies, identified themselves as such, but preferred to have sexual relations with those of their own sex. Back to the subject of today’s blog, for the self-styled Great & Good of the world, from the WEF, to the UK Government, down to local councillors, to make the rest of us their own laboratory rats, by controlling everything we do and corralling us into ever more limited spaces, is truly terrifying. Old as I am, if or when this comes to my locality I shall be out there marching and banner waving, even rioting if appropriate. How dare elected councillors impose such draconian limitations, “whether people like or or not.” Just how much more will we ordinary, decent, normally Law-abiding, tax-paying citizens take? Even the mildest worm can turn.

  • A Thorpe

    Stillreading – it might be the same experiment. Apparently it was repeated several times using mice and rats, and always with the same result.

  • Stillreading

    Undoubtedly same or very similar, Thorpe, and each as you rightly say came up with the the same results. We humans share the overwhelming majority of our genes with the rest of the mammalian species so it seems to me very reasonable that when extrapolated to the human race, the results of these experiments explain a lot of what seems (at least to me) very aberrant behaviour, not least the falling birth rates in most Western nations. None of it portends well for the future of Western Judaeo-Christian culture, with its doctrine of original sin, an evil for which we apparently have to compensate, to the detriment of our collective future, on both personal and national levels, until we have brought about our own annihilation.

  • Ed P

    Could there be a way of stopping this strange man from his destructive worldwide intentions? Perhaps, if anyone else looked like a ghastly comedy villain, they’d be unhappy and seek world domination as compensation.
    So, I propose all thinking people who wish to avoid his intended dystopia should have a whip-around to pay for plastic surgery for this unfortunately extremely ugly man. Nothing calms the savage beast like a pleasant visage can. He’ll be happy and quit pestering us with his nonsense.

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