November 2023
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The true state of the Russian military

Monday/Tuesday blog

I’ve spent a bit of time in Russia – I used to speak Russian but I’ve forgotten most of it now. So I have a little experience of how things work there. Basically everything happens “po blaty” – through corruption.

So I found this video both interesting and even rather amusing. I rather enjoyed the presenter’s rather wry sense of gallows humour.

The ending is also quite insightful as to why Putin’s annexation of Ukraine has not been the stunning success he and his kleptocrat buddies expected.

The video is just over 20 minutes. But it’s probably still worth taking the time to watch:

1 comment to The true state of the Russian military

  • A Thorpe

    I just skipped through the video, but if Russia is not well equipped, we might ask what the better equipped US and UK achieved in the Middle East. The only view that makes any sense to me is that the USA wants to get missiles closer to Russia. It failed in the Middle East and Putin worked out that they were involved in Ukraine for the same reason. It is the USA that concerns me more than Russia. What are they up to in Iran and did they create the Covid virus?

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