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An impressive article in “The Conservative Woman”

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Footballing fun?

I have absolutely no interest in football. But I was rather surprised to see that World Cup hosts Qatar lost the opening game against Ecuador. I had rather assumed that, having paid millions in bribes to corrupt FIFA bosses to get the tournament held in Qatar and hundreds of billions (and killed about 6,500 foreign workers/slaves) to build some totally superfluous stadiums which will be left to rot in the desert once the World Cup farce is over, the Qataris would have paid millions more to referees and their footballing opponents to ensure that the Qatari team (only one of which, I believe, was actually born in Qatar) ‘won’ a few games.

An article from the website “Conservative Woman”

I’m recommending this article as it express better than I could an explanation as to what’s happening across the world. I don’t believe that there’s some evil conspiracy run by cat-stroking Klaus ‘Blofeld’ Schwab at Spectre (sorry, I meant ‘The World Economic Forum’) to build a one-world government. But I do believe most western countries are run by a group of globalist elites who despise ordinary people, feel the concept of countries and borders are outdated and are obsessed with using technology to control us for what they believe is our own good.

There was a book a few years ago which proposed a simple way of classifying people into two groups – the ‘Somewheres’ and the ‘Anywheres’:

  • Somewheres are people who feel a belonging to their country, take pride in their history, value community cohesion, want to protect free speech and are suspicious of huge, bureaucratic, power-grabbing international organisations
  • Anywheres see concepts such as country and borders and patriotism as outdated. They believe we would be better off passing power to organisations like the UN, the World Health Organisation and the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. Anywheres think they occupy the moral high ground as they are supposedly acting in our interests to ‘save the planet’ or promote diversity, equity and inclusion or fight the next pandemic (remember monkeypox anyone?) or whatever and cannot see why anyone would oppose their policies. So Anywheres will use things like lockdowns, abolition of free speech, restrictions on our freedoms, vaccine passports, individual carbon allowances and a social credit system to ensure compliance as these are all supposedly for our own good.

Probably most British or French or German or Italian or Spanish people over the age of 40 are likely to be Somewheres. But the corrupt, gravy-train-riding ruling political elites, top civil servants and police bosses, academics and teachers, our mainstream media and our brainwashed youth are most certainly Anywheres.

Here’s a section from the Conservative Woman article:

Sunak and Jeremy Hunt, in mysterious lock-step with other governments who echo the globalist agenda, will quickly accelerate the work of building-back-better. You know the routine – Net Zero, more tax, more state control, cultural Marxism and so on. 

Make no mistake, they are sincere. Sunak, Hunt and party grandees weren’t bribed, blackmailed or ordered to act by Klaus Schwab. That is not how it works. They believe in what they are doing. Ambition, entitlement (they know best), conformity, peer pressure and the lucrative jobs or appointments that await team players keep the rest in line.

Hunt and Sunak don’t see globalism as the scorched-earth policy that it is. They see it as the answer to the everything-crisis. They are surrounded by indoctrinated civil servants, academics, advisers, think tanks who drown them in a never-ending flow of (modelled) doomsday research and technocratic people-management and processing solutions to these spurious crises. It’s all part of the Westminster/global echo chamber. The PM and Chancellor are group thinkers by nature and don’t want to go down in history as the team who destroyed the planet. So a central bank cryptocurrency, universal basic income and technocratic eco-tyranny makes perfect sense. 

Sunak and Hunt are in effect half-competent useful idiots for Davos. That’s what makes them so dangerous. 

And here’s the link to the full article:

Sunak and Hunt, civil servants for a Davos government

7 comments to An impressive article in “The Conservative Woman”

  • A Thorpe

    There have been some outstanding articles in TCW in recent days. We have to understand the problems before we can do something, but where are the solutions and is there a strategic plan being implemented? Nobody seems to know with any certainty. Doing something means knowing who is creating the problems and that seems to be a huge number of people in influential positions. I think the WEF is a convenient smokescreen to hide the real players, but it is telling us exactly what will happen – we will own nothing.

    The climate crisis started decades ago. Was this to demonstrate how people could be made to believe they had powers to enable them to change the climate and even damage the earth itself? They seem to have done a good job, but will people come to their senses if we have no electricity this winter and as the economic crisis starts to have an impact, and that will just be part of it. Was the pandemic another exercise to demonstrate how fear can be used to control us? Mark up another huge success.

    The article refers to the mysterious lockstep which governments worldwide have adopted with great ease. This has never happened before and COP27 confirms it is an ongoing project.

    I think this all connects to the fiat currencies and central banking policies having failed after about 100 years of the same money printing policies and boom and bust cycles. The climate crisis did not start because of this, but it is being used along with the pandemic to bring about a huge wealth transfer to the rich elites, which must now have achieved its aim. When they are secure, if there is a plan, it can be implemented, and the plan, as mentioned, is central bank digital currency and complete control over us. Nothing else makes sense. The rich have to believe they can implement this and not suffer themselves and I can’t see that happening because people will riot. The problems are not recent creations, they have been decades in the making and hidden from us, which is why the future will be very difficult.

    I found an interesting article a few days ago from 2021 by Fabio Vighi, Professor of Critical Theory at Cardiff University called “The Central Bankers’ Long Covid: An Incurable Condition”. It concludes: “And yet, not all is lost. Despite the unstoppable convergence of science and capitalism in establishing a watertight belief-system that excludes dissent, our successfully paranoid universe will fail to totalise its structure. Paradoxically, the current crackdown on humanity may be the best chance yet for radical opposition to the coming regime of capitalist accumulation and its relentless emergency blackmail.” He also says that a soft dictatorship is already staring at us. You can find this article and others on his website:

  • Carolyn Hill

    It’s obvious what is happening, what is far less obvious is what we can actually do about it.

    The government clearly has to go, both main parties are tarred with the same brush. I see a merger of the right wing parties as the only solution. But this means ukip, reform, reclaim and SDP would have to put their egos aside and agree to merge. Can they do it? I also think Nigel Farage should be the leader of this party. None of the other leaders have the force of personality that Nigel has.

    if we get it wrong at the next GE it will be all over as the relentless and pointless pursuit of net zero will continue. As it is we have another 2 years of this eldricht government and because we “live in a democracy” there’s not a damned thing we can do about it.

    Still, it could be marginally worse – we could be living in Canada or Holland.

  • Hardcastle

    There is no easy way out of this predicament,we can not influence events in the way we did in the recent past,debate,argument based on reason and verifiable facts,which allowed populations to make decisions through the ballot box.It seems so old fashioned now to believe that people accepted the decision of the majority,even when it went against their own beliefs.This has all been taken away from us could we any longer assume fairness in the electoral process? The only escape from this is our greatest advantage,numbers.Once the realities of net zero hit home,as they surely will and more and more recognise the evil behind the “pandemic” things could really kick off.We are still living in a phoney war where all appears to be normal,but deep down we know it is not.Add to this the financial repression that is quickly emerging and we have the potential for serious and dangerous kickbacks.This would not be pleasant and the outcome un retain.Civil war is nasty but I fear this might be our only escape from fascism.We might not survive or even be the victors,think Spain.Sorry to be so depressing but I prefer realism to delusion.

  • Alex Ruiz

    There IS a grandmaster behind all this and it’s NOT silly Schwab or ‘the elites’, they’re not that bright.


  • Roy Hartwell

    Just finished reading a newspaper article where a poll showed a large majority of 18-24 year olds fully endorsed ‘woke’ philosophies such as critical race theory and ‘institutional racism’. These are all being taught (indoctrinated?) in our schools. As long as education continues to be allowed to push such extreme left-wing views we have no hope !!

  • Stillreading

    Perhaps I am a pessimist, but it seems to me that compared with what passed for acceptable in my youth (more than six decades ago) socially, morally, educationally, and in matters of Law and Order, the UK is sliding exponentially into an abyss of immorality, ignorance and crime, where it is likely to reside festering in its own ordure for many years before a few stirrings of recovery and regeneration are detected. The future is going to be very hard indeed for the significant proportion of youngsters who do not subscribe to woke ideology, critical race theory or the belief that you can change your actual sex (as compared with choose the gender by which you wish to be known). They ARE out there; they are to be found occasionally, generally in the artisan classes who have not lounged around at “uni” navel gazing for 3 years, but have chosen instead to earn a living by getting their hands dirty shovelling soil, mixing concrete or climbing around in dirty loft spaces to fix leaking pipes. We have attained the height of idiocy when those who govern us can no longer apparently define what a woman is based on bodily characteristics and subscribe to the view that surgical bodily mutilation predominates over the genes which were determined at the moment of conception. Forget the Chinese Plague faux “pandemic”. The UK, the States and with few exceptions most of the rest of Europe, are currently falling victim to an outbreak of insanity as contagious and potentially lethal to what we traditionally have come to accept as a sane and advanced society as the Black Death was to entire populations in 1315.

  • Jeffrey Palmer

    I’ve been rather bemused by media coverage of what, apparently, is a major international ‘Human Rights’ political event in the middle east with a bit of ‘sport’ on the side.

    In a lifetime of purely amateur study of 19th and 20th-century history, I’ve noticed that political movements that demand the wearing of armbands and that insist on their flag being flown everywhere have a tendency not to end well.

    However, I suppose the politicisation of any sporting event attracts the interest of many people who would otherwise not have the slightest interest in competitive sport – people, in fact, to whom the very idea of ‘competition’ is ideological anathema.

    So maybe the idea is just ‘Bums on Seats’ and we can look forward to every single former ‘Sporting’ event being turned into a clash between the planet’s various competing ‘Human Rights’ and gender politics lobbies.

    Which might at least be more fun to watch than football.
    Actually, I’m astonished that Greta has not yet commented on the ‘Carbon Footprint’ created by this month-long event. But I’m sure Scoldilocks will be gracious enough to let us know, because the Greenies will undoubtedly want access to this new phase of international sport.

    Can’t wait for the first round of the ”World Virtue-Signalling Championship”.

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