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Did ‘blabbing’ Stanley Johnson just spill the beans?

Tuesday blog

I hope you watched the Mark Steyn Show on GB News yesterday evening. If you did, you’ll have seen a short clip in which (IMHO) blabbing big-mouth Stanley Johnson, father of our former PM, rather gives the game away about our rulers’ plans for imposing CO2 allowances on us.

In our rulers’ plans, each country and each individual within each country will have a carbon allowance which will restrict how much they can buy, travel and how much energy they can use. This will all be for our own good as it will help ‘save the planet’. And we will no doubt submit to these new restrictions on our freedoms to ‘save the planet’ just as we submitted to the Chinese lab-leaked plague lockdowns to supposedly ‘save the NHS’ and ‘save granny’.

The mainstream media will, as they did with the disastrous Covid lockdowns, cheer on the restrictions and bully and harass us into complying. Meanwhile, anyone daring question the new restrictions on our lives will be attacked as ‘climate deniers’ and ‘planet-haters’ and ‘destroyers of mankind’ and ‘mass murderers’ and being ‘worse than Hitler’ etc etc etc

The political and media elites won’t need to worry about their carbon usage as they’ll be allowed unlimited travel as it’s important for them to attend important conferences enjoying the weather and eating the most luxurious food in the world’s best holiday resorts so they can lecture us proles on the need to cut our carbon footprints. As for the rich, they’ll be able to buy carbon credits from carbon-trading companies (often in which they have invested) so they won’t suffer the carbon restrictions which will be imposed on the rest of us.

Journalist Ross Clark describes our carbon-limited future in his satirical novel THE DENIAL:

Here’s a short (2-3 minutes) video from Paul Joseph Watson in which he explains how Stanley Johnson seems to have inadvertently spilled the beans about the future our leaders have planned for us:


9 comments to Did ‘blabbing’ Stanley Johnson just spill the beans?

  • Stillreading

    Yes, didn’t he just! I have for so long now taken it for granted that this is what’s coming our way – we, the plebs that is, not the buddies of Schwab and the WEF et al – that it took me a minute or so truly to grasp the full significance of what Johnson senior had just said. When, in the wake of the servile obedience most of us practised during the covid lockdowns and vax mandates, I’ve attempted to talk about this permanent curtailment of our freedom of movement as a serious probability with friends and family, I’ve been regarded as a senile, conspiracy-theorist old fool. Well, we’ll see. After my last flying experience more than a decade ago – interminable queues, shoes on, shoes off, pockets emptied, contents rifled through, toiletries shaken, sniffed and stirred, being felt up by a youngster a third my age, I profoundly wish never to fly again. It’s the scientifically and mathematically illiterate young, far more addicted to their bi-annual melanoma-inducing sun and booze sessions on the Costas, who will find their preferred life-styles severely limited. They are asking for it, with their ridiculous gluing and paint-chucking and steeple-jack antics and it seems they will get it!

  • Mike

    You seem to have forgotten the video you refer to! Here’s a short (2-3 minutes) Paul Joseph Watson video explaining how Stanley Johnson seems to have inadvertently spilled the beans about the future our leaders have planned for us:

  • Paul Chambers

    I assume this is why private jets are exempt from all green levies. There will be no commercial airlines left in a few
    years as they will collapse under weight of debt and excessive regulations. The only aircraft will be military and small private jets.

  • A Thorpe

    He’s only adding detail to the “you will have nothing and be happy” policy of the WEF, and as I pointed out yesterday, Bertrand Russell was effectively talking about the same thing 70 years ago.

    One view of humanity I read was that we were at our best as hunter-gatherers because we were free to do as we wanted. It is not a life any of us would find acceptable but look what has happened since. The majority have been controlled by the elites. Serfdom and misery was a way of life for all of us followed by hard and dangerous work of the industrial revolution. The elites lost control after WWII and now they want it back and technology will enable them to do it. Their propaganda over a climate crisis and a fake pandemic show how willingly a majority will comply. It increasingly looks as though it was planned and I imagine the elites are overjoyed by how easy it was to take back control. How far will they go and how far can the majority be pushed? But have the elites got it wrong as well? They think they can control everything but the past shows that may not be the case. There is no happy ending to this.

  • Marc Ager

    The unlinked reference to a video by Mike above by Paul Joseph Watson is available on Joseph’s YouTube channel.

    Here is another stunning video by Simon Webb on his YouTube channel. If only more British had his courage and education.

    The Home Secretary already has the legal power to refuse asylum to all those arriving from France –

  • Carolyn Hill

    I’m with you StillReading, if I never have to go through an airport and get on a flying cigar tube again, it will be too soon! So I’ll be ok there but I have an oil fired boiler and as I’m NEVER going to change that out for a stupid heat pump, I guess I’m going to be in deep doodoo along with the rest of the proletariat.

    But how come Stanley Johnson is in the know? He’s hardly one of the elite.

  • Stillreading

    I have a good, robust old Ideal Gas Boiler, circa mid-1970s, never needs servicing so no rip-off “servicing contract”, hot water cylinder in a useful airing cupboard. When I asked the local, totally trustworthy gas engineer about regular servicing his comment was “These old boilers go on for ever. Leave it alone. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” My son has had two brand new, fancy, reputedly “so economical” gas boilers since then. Seems they are intended to last only about a decade max before they need to be replaced. We are all being ripped off appallingly on the pretext of “saving the planet”. I heard in all seriousness something utterly ridiculous on the BBC Farming Programme this morning to do with NZ suggesting cattle be fitted with some sort of mask, to capture methane emitted when they burp! Presumably something the other end as well in case they fart? I seem to recall our new Monarch suggesting the same sort of thing a couple of years ago. Has the entire world gone mad? It seems indeed it has. Driving home around mid-day I also heard on R4 that almost all the fish we consume has been transported half way around the world, whereas the wonderful fresh fish our fishing fleet (what’s left of it) is permitted to catch in UK waters is exported back the other way. Japan comes into it somewhere. Very green that, isn’t it – all those diesel guzzling, refrigerated ships chugging across the world’s oceans. Same as the Drax wood-burning electricity generating plant, burning trees which have been wantonly felled the other side of the world and transported here, when under our own soil there is coal and gas. As for Stanley Johnson, no surprise there! We all know son Boris is in utter thrall to Carrie’s “green” agenda and Stanley, it seems to me, is now relishing hanging on the coat tails of his son’s rise to PM status. That Boris suffered an ignominious ejection from his elevated position is relatively immaterial, given that it seems many Tories want him back. Personally, I wish GBNews would stop giving Johnson Senior airtime. I suspect that to Pere as well as Fils the Truth is an alien concept. I do though believe that last evening he unwittingly uttered a truth.

  • Carolyn Hill

    99% of the net zero actions are brain dead and ultimately result in more CO2 emissions. An alarming number of them consist of shipping stuff half way round the planet, the illogic of it is unbelievable. What about the billion litres of LPG that are to be sent from American to provide us with gas? These morons just cannot do joined up thinking and should not be employed. I hope there’s enough wall space to line these idiots up against come the revolution!

    My oil boiler is over 20 years old and rarely serviced but I was told the other day that come 2026 parts for existing boilers will no longer be available. I have asked the man who fixes my boiler when there is a problem (usually a motorised valve rather than the boiler) to stock up on parts for my boiler before 2026.

    Incidentally where do these arbitrary dates come from? 2026, 2035, 2050 Pick a number, any number!

  • Jeffrey Palmer

    the Fat Controller has evidently moved himself into a different league.

    He’s now the COP/WEF Gauleiter for the UK, charged with conveying our World Government’s orders to whichever of the nonentities at the head of either of the UK’s pathetic political parties gets their turn at the taxpayer ATM.

    In another era, I would have been hoping for some kind of military coup. But the thoroughly politicised heads of all three of our Armed Forces are now so ‘Woke’ that they’d be even more eager than Johnson to forcibly impose the WEF’s diktats on us.

    At least the dissidents in the Soviet Bloc had some outside support from the West in Cold War days. But with the entire planet under billionaire Marxist control, any resistance to the latter is going to have to come entirely from the people themselves. It’s going to be a long, bitter, and bloody struggle.

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