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You can help our government achieve ‘Net Zero’

Monday blog

Firstly I think most people must have breathed a sigh of relief that recidivist liar Bunter Johnson has pulled out of the Tory leadership race. I expect the £ and the FTSE 100 to shoot up at the news that semi-adults will now be taking over our government.

Though maybe it doesn’t matter who takes over if our politicians continue their desperate efforts to de-industrialise Britain in order to take us back to the wonders of life before electricity was discovered.

Help your government reach Net Zero

Thanks to a reader for alerting me to this latest piece of madness from our crazed rulers. It’s a consultation on how best our leaders can achieve their self-imposed goal of achieving ‘Net Zero’:

The lunacy of committing economic suicide can perhaps best be summed up in this sentence from the consultation: “The BEIS Secretary of State has commissioned an independent review of the government’s approach to delivering its net zero target, to ensure we are delivering net zero in a way that is pro-business and pro-growth”.

Our rulers don’t seem to grasp the fact that economic growth and ‘Net Zero’ and mutually exclusive. If you don’t have cheap reliable energy, you can’t have economic growth. Just last week, the maker of Minis decided to move production of 40,000 cars a year from their Oxford factory with its high energy costs to China with its low energy costs:

Other industries like aluminium, steel-making, chemicals and many more moved from Britain years ago. Most moved to China with its cheap, reliable energy precisely because of the UK’s ludicrous ‘Net Zero’ policies:

This public consultation will apparently “consider a range of evidence and views from across society. This will include a range of themed roundtables with businesses, industry, communities, local government and non-governmental groups to collect a broad range of views on the transition to net zero. We will also engage on an individual level with a variety of leaders in the net zero space, including but not limited to academics, business leaders and politicians.”

However, the only issue which the consultation will not consider is whether the whole catastrophic, man-made climate change is a load of nonsense with absolutely no scientific basis and that ‘Net Zero’ is about as justified as deciding to mine cheese on the moon:

No doubt, the consultation will conclude that there is massive public backing for ‘Net Zero’ given that nobody questioning the economically-suicidal lunacy of the policy will be allowed to contribute.

As another reader commented – compared to the madness of the climate catastrophist cult, the policy of burning witches will appear relatively sane.

4 comments to You can help our government achieve ‘Net Zero’

  • Paul Chambers

    Tory party moving so far to the left is rather like Tesco who allowed Aldi and Lidl etc to move into their space by being all so clever with their 3 level pricing strategy.

    With globalists Rishi and Hunt appointed to oversee the further managed decline of the UK, really England, there is a huge gaping opportunity for the centre ground. Whilst England is taxed and bled dry and kept in a regulatory straight jacket to create the self fulfilling remoaner outcome.

    Back to the EU and euro as a third class member made to fund the madness and corruption to repent for our sins.

  • A Thorpe

    I watched a Greta Thunberg interview recently and her attitude now is I don’t want to get into the details because it distracts from the message that we have to save the earth from humanity. It is the same idea as the science is settled. No detail is provided to justify the net zero policy in the link provided. It is taken as unquestionable. This madness will only end when we are sitting in the dark and cold either because we cannot afford the bills or there is no energy supply. There are forecasts of smaller businesses closing because of energy costs to add to the economic problems. Bunter pulling out (should we use that expression with him?) will make no difference because the economic decline has been in the making for decades, not just here but everywhere in the west.

    Yesterday, found a reference to a US Senate report from July 2014 “The Chain of Environmental Command: How a Club of Billionaires and Their Foundations Control the Environmental Movement and Obama’s EPA”. I have still to read it, but it is further confirmation that our governments are not in charge.

  • Stillreading

    My first thought on learning about this, thanks to your reader’s response, was that if this is a genuine desire by a Government Department to find out what the great unwashed think about the net zero drive to the bottom industrially and to the Middle Ages socially, why was it not given widespread publicity, with a request for mass response from the citizenry of the UK? We know the answer, don’t we? Put a questionnaire on a website where it will be found by a tiny proportion of the population then, its declared policy having received endorsement from the devotees of Saint Greta, go ahead with aforesaid disastrous policies on the grounds that the overwhelming public response was positive. The contempt in which the electorate of the UK is held by the political classes has been made abundantly evident in the shenanigans of the past few days. They don’t give a damn what the mass of the electorate believes or needs. The failure to deal with the invasion at Dover this year by almost 40,000 illegal immigrants, accommodated in 5-star hotels and able to access twice weekly in person consultations with GPs while many UK citizens are homeless and sleeping in doorways under newspaper and the most we oldies can hope for is a pixilated Zoon call with a GP, demonstrates that. As for industrial decline, how can ANY citizen of the UK, our Parliamentary Representatives above all, regard the takeover by China of manufacture of the Mini as anything other than a cause of National shame!

  • A Thorpe

    I’m reading a book on economics and it makes the point that entrepreneurs are investigating in creating the future and they have to hope that consumers find it valuable. Stillreading makes the same point and relates it to government policy. The difference is that with consumer goods we have a choice, but with governments we have to wait for an election. We can hope to change policy but there is no guarantee.

    With elections we are supposed to get a majority view but that does not make it right and their view is effectively forced on the minority. The 2019 election resulted in a large majority for the Tory Party but only 30% of the registered electorate voted for them, so we have a minority rule. How can that possibly be right? Stillreading gets to the issue saying the government did not ask our view on Net Zero. The governments have sold it as a danger to us, just as they did with Covid, and they failed to tell us the consequences of their actions. There is only one conclusion and that is we must keep governments out of our lives, making our own mistakes and learning from them. The education system has a lot to answer for in failing to educate us to be responsible and to ensure that education is a lifelong activity and not one that ends with the end of formal education.

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