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Is Klaus Schwab planning for each of us to have our own ‘personal carbon allowance’?

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(I’ll leave this up for 3 days as it’s rather important)

Fiction becoming fact?

In several blogs, I’ve mentioned a book titled “THE DENIAL” by journalist Ross Clark:

It describes a dystopian future in which everything we buy or do has a carbon (CO2) value and each household or individual has a carbon allowance which is the maximum amount of CO2 they are allowed to use each month. No household or individual is allowed to exceed their CO2 allowance unless they are part of the elites who, of course, have no restrictions on their CO2 use.

THE DENIAL was fiction until 14 September 2022 – that’s just a few weeks ago. On 14 September 2022, Klaus Schwab’s World Economic Forum issued an article titled: ‘My Carbon’: An approach for inclusive and sustainable cities

The article can be split into three main parts

Part 1 – The elites are amazed how easily we submitted

In the first part, the writers express what could almost be described as amazement at how willingly we submitted to their Project Fear Covid restrictions on our freedom

Here’s the key paragraph:

A huge number of unimaginable restrictions for public health were adopted by billions of citizens across the world. There were numerous examples globally of maintaining social distancing, wearing masks, mass vaccinations and acceptance of contact-tracing applications for public health

The article claims that our acceptance of Covid restrictions: ‘demonstrated the core of individual social responsibility’. But perhaps all it really demonstrated is how bullying authorities using Project Fear backed up by heavy-handed policing coerced us into abject cowering submission.

Part 2 – The Fourth Industrial Revolution

In this part the authors discuss how advances in technology allow our individual carbon emissions to be quantified and tracked

Here’s a section:

Fourth Industrial Revolution technology breakthroughs – Advances in emerging technologies like AI, blockchain and digitization can enable tracking personal carbon emissions.

This section gives an example of a smartphone app which can be used to measure an individual’s carbon emissions:

And explains:

There is a significant number of programs and applications enabling citizens to contribute towards carbon emissions by providing them in-depth awareness on the choices of personal carbon for food, transport, home energy and lifestyle choices.

Part 3 – How our carbon allowances will be controlled

In this part, Klaus Schwab’s World Economic Forum article gives a model showing how our rulers plan to control our individual carbon usage:

This falls into 3 main approaches:

  • Economic Behaviour – our rulers will keep increasing the price of carbon so that ordinary ignorant plebs like us eat less, heat our homes less, buy fewer products and restrict our travel
  • Cognitive Awareness – we will have to monitor our personal ‘carbon footprints’ so that we can reduce our carbon usage as part of the transition to ‘a net-zero-carbon society’. As the article explains, reducing our individual carbon footprints will cover most areas of our lives: ‘choices of personal carbon for food, transport, home energy and lifestyle choices’
  • Social Norms – we will all be given fixed allowances of ‘acceptable levels’ of personal emissions. These ‘acceptable levels’ will be set by the ruling elites

In case you don’t believe this is coming, here’s a link to Klaus Schwab’s World Economic Forum article:

The carbon-trading billionaires?

There is one part of our wonderful carbon-controlled future the World Economic Forum article doesn’t mention. I suspect that this carbon allowances scheme will also include a ‘carbon trading’ facility. This will allow ordinary people to sell parts of their carbon allowances to carbon-trading companies who will then sell them on to the privileged political, business and media elites. This will ensure that the elites can continue to live a life of unrestricted luxury with unlimited travel, the most expensive foods and other life pleasures while the rest of us huddle in our tiny barely-heated homes eating locally-grown potatoes, cabbage, insects or lab-produced fake meat.

(A cynic might claim that this almost has echoes of Soylent Green)

And those running the carbon-trading companies will all probably become billionaires at our expense.

Perhaps we should all be grateful to Klaus Schwab and his World Economic Forum for describing so openly the future they are preparing for us?

5 comments to Is Klaus Schwab planning for each of us to have our own ‘personal carbon allowance’?

  • Ian J

    I wouldn’t have believed it until I saw this in our local paper:

    turkeys cheering for christmas?

  • Mike

    Who gave Schwab (Schlob) any permission to do ANYTHING regarding world population? He is in my humble personal opinion a fascist small minded megalomaniac that should be in a lunatic asylum along with Willy Gates (and many others!). Their egos are certainly outsized, and their mentality is that of psychopaths! Depopulation? Isn’t that just a euphemism for MURDER? And as murderers, they must face the full extent of the law, as the maniacs of Nuremberg received it (comment edited and moderated)

  • A Thorpe

    I don’t know what to make of the WEF. It was founded in 1971 so it has taken a long time for it to come to our attention and mostly that seems to be due to Schwab’s impressions of Ming the Merciless, and their excesses at Davos.

    Isn’t the idea of individual carbon allowances just an extension of carbon trading which started through the UN COP? Effectively it is all a money-making, or money laundering racket based on fake climate science to allow banks to print money that ends up as taxpayer debt and asset accumulation by the rich.

    The same can be said of the covid pandemic and the vaccine rollout. Both are a threat to our standards of living and the vaccines possibly a direct threat to our health and more dangerous than Covid.

    But a majority have done nothing and even encouraged these developments. Whatever the elites are doing, they do it and continue to do it because we allow it. Huxley pointed out that “Technological progress has merely provided us with an efficient means for going backwards”, and we seem to have reached that stage. Whilst we have lots of distractions and entertainment it will continue. Rousseau said, “Too much effort to increase our happiness transforms it into misery”

    History doesn’t repeat itself; it provides us with warnings which we chose to ignore.

  • Stillreading

    Of course he is! (Planning personal carbon allowances for everyone.) Along with a meat allowance and a dairy produce allowance, both of which may or may not be incorporated into the “carbon” allowance. Not only Schwab either. He may have been the originator of the idea but you can bet your life it will be enthusiastically endorsed and enforced by almost all European nations and the USA. Through our unquestioning compliance with the “covid regulations” (the right to enforcement of which in the UK was obtained under emergency legislation but undoubtedly will remain for ever more on the statute book) we were all complicit in demonstrating to Governments how easy it is to control entire nations through fear. I have neither the means nor the desire to go gallivanting around the rest of the world, which is just as well since I am not complying with the regular requests I am now receiving from the NHS (in VERY large print, as I may be too senile to otherwise understand!) to present myself for a 4th jab. Three was enough thank you and given what we now know about both the short-term duration of immunity from each jab and the possible permanent deleterious effects of the mRNA jab on the immune response to ALL disease, I wish I had never had the previous three. Well done Novak Djokovic for sticking it out as you have done! But the fact is that many nations to which people wish, very reasonably, to travel, continue to insist on proof of recent “vaccination”. So we are still being controlled and the majority are complying and hardly a voice is heard in protest. Conclusion? The overwhelming majority of the population of the West is now, thanks to covid, conditioned to being corralled and controlled and carbon allowances will merely be another step along the way to ever more loss of personal freedom. (And just wait until everyone has been forced to have a “Smart Meter” for electricity – and probably gas as well. We shall then be restricted as to when and how we heat our homes, cook our food, switch on the light in order to read, watch a bit of TV.)

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