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More fun facts from Martha’s Vineyard

Monday blog

Out of respect for the late Queen, I’ll delay writing a blog about our new king.

No room at the inn?

So instead here are just a couple of fun facts about Martha’s Vineyard – the island which welcomes refugees and migrants:

As you’ll know, Martha’s Vineyard welcomes refugees and migrants so much that, when Florida Governor Ron DeSantis sent just 50 Venezuelan migrants to the island, the residents called in the US National Guard who quickly rounded up the Venezuelan migrants and shipped them off the island to a military base on Cape Cod.

The reason the Martha’s Vineyard authorities gave for throwing the 50 Venezuelan migrants off their island was that the island didn’t have the facilities to house the 50 migrants. So, let’s test that excuse.

The full-time, all-year population of Martha’s Vineyard is somewhere between 17,000 and 20,000 residents. (Different sources give different figures). However, Martha’s Vineyard is a popular holiday destination for many Americans and, during the height of the summer holiday season, the population rockets up to over 100,000. (Some sources even suggest it could be as high as 200,000).

If you look at websites promoting holidays on the island, many boast about the huge variety of accommodation available for visitors – hotels, hostels, lodges, campsites, homes for rent etc. Even taking the low figure for high-season population (100,000), this means that there are at least 80,000 beds available for visitors. Yet, in spite of the available 80,000 extra beds, the island’s mostly wealthy and mostly progressive, liberal, holier-than-thou, virtue-signalling, preachy residents claim they can’t possibly accommodate a mere 50 Venezuelan migrants.

If anything, Martha’s Vineyard has better facilities for housing migrants than America’s major cities most of whom have massive homelessness problems:

Looking at the jaw-dropping hypocrisy of Martha’s Vineyard residents, one might be tempted to say “Pass the sick bag, Alice!” as Private Eye often wrote.

And anyway, the Obamas have a massive mansion and 30 acres of seafront estate on the island:

A cynic might even suggest that Barack and the fragrant Michelle could probably have put up the 50 Venezuelans on their luxury island enclave if they really cared about anyone else except for their own wealth and privilege.

3 comments to More fun facts from Martha’s Vineyard

  • Jeffrey Palmer

    As someone pointed out recently, the rich and famous are all already on board with the vibrant enrichment offered by our Third World friends, so they don’t need personal education in the matter; it’s only the racist, bigoted plebs who need educating about the obvious superiority of Third World culture over outdated, colonialist Western society.

    But as Leicester’s ‘vibrant’ population turn on each other, while the MSM ties itself in knots trying to avoid mentioning the religious riots engulfing that ‘culturally diverse’ city, its convicted criminal MP automatically blames the ‘Far Right’, and the cops just stand around scratching their backsides because their sole priority is to avoid being accused of racism by either side (some hope!) rather than keeping public order, it’s hard to avoid agreeing with the current attitude of the squillionaires of Martha’s Vineyard.

    It’s just that it would be nice if the rest of us were to be permitted by our masters to take the same attitude when faced with the prospect of an ever-increasing influx of the Third World’s violent, criminal, uneducated, unemployable detritus.

  • A Thorpe

    The American elites have a lot to learn from the British elites. The immigrants will never be allowed anywhere near their grand estates and houses, except when paying for entry to look at their wealth.

  • Stillreading

    Tucker Carlson has done an excoriating piece on this in the last day or so.
    The hypocrisy of the self-styled Great and Good is breath-taking.

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