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Be careful you don’t commit a “heat crime”

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You may think I made a spelling mistake in the title and that I meant to write “hate crime“. But there was no mistake. I really did mean “heat crime”.

Let me explain:

Fond of Lying flattening the EU’s curve

European Commission President Ursula Fond of Lying has called for the implementation of “mandatory” energy rationing throughout the EU during peak hours in order to “flatten the curve” of demand amid the largely self-inflicted energy crisis befalling the bloc.

During a speech proposing energy rationing measures to be put in place before the winter months when demand peaks, the always perfectly coiffed EU president said: “During peak demand, the expensive gas comes into the market. So what we have to do is flatten the curve to avoid the peak demands, we will propose a mandatory target for reducing electricity use at peak hours and we will work very closely with the member states to achieve this.”

I don’t know what a “mandatory target for reducing electricity use at peak hours” means in reality. But it sounds an awful lot like energy rationing with energy users being penalised or even cut off if they dare use what Fond of Lying considers too much energy at peak usage hours.

Is Switzerland leading the way?

Perhaps we can get an idea of what a “mandatory target for reducing electricity use at peak hours” means by looking at what’s happening in Switzerland?

Under proposed legislation Swiss lawmakers are preparing to set legal limits on the use of heating during the winter should the country face energy shortages. Under the plans, gas-heated buildings would be capped at 19C (66.2F) and water heating up to 60C (140F). Saunas and swimming pools would also be forced by government diktat to remain cold.

People committing “heat crimes” – heating their homes or businesses above the level dictated by the Swiss government – could face daily fines of 30 francs ($30/£27) to a maximum of 3,000 francs. Fines for companies that deliberately breach the regulations will likely be much higher.

Most worryingly, individuals who are found to have intentionally violated the energy rationing limit could be jailed for up to three years, the Swiss German-language daily newspaper Blick reported.

Quite how the new heat crimes will be policed is not clear. After all, the Swiss Minister of Economic Affairs Guy Parmelin attempted to downplay the draconian measures, saying last week: “We are not a police state. The police will not check everyone – but there can be selective checks.”

There will be no energy rationing in Britain

Our great new leader – Ursula Truss – has reassured us that there will be no energy rationing in Britain this winter. But we hardly need any energy rationing. With households and businesses paying more than twice as much for energy as they did before the new energy price cap, people will cut down on energy use themselves with out being forced by the prospect of becoming accused of “heat crimes”.

A crisis a year keeps the people in fear?

Our rulers got a taste for total control over us during the Chinese Wuhan lab-leaked plague crisis. Their methods for controlling us are described quite well in the book A State of Fear: How the UK government weaponised fear during the Covid-19 pandemic

Since then, our rulers seem rather reluctant to give up control over us and let us free again. You’ll all know the rhyming adage “an apple a day keeps the doctor away”. I wonder whether an appropriate adage for our times might be “a crisis a year keeps the people in fear”. After all, when Covid morphed into Omicron, our rulers tried to use that as an excuse to lock us down again in spite of South African doctors, who first identified Omicron, reassuring us that Omicron was rather harmless.

When the Omicron trick didn’t work, our rulers seized upon the great Monkeypox plague as a pretext for imposing new restrictions on our lives. That didn’t work either. So, now our rulers have fallen back on that old faithful – catastrophic anthropogenic climate change.

Here’s Fond of Lying doing what she does best

Just to finish off, here’s Fond of Lying blaming Russia and climate change for the coming energy crisis and, of course, not mentioning that the underlying cause is actually the West’s ludicrously-stupid and economically-destructive net-zero policies.

Take it away, Fond of Lying:

3 comments to Be careful you don’t commit a “heat crime”

  • A Thorpe

    I worked in the supply industry during nationalisation and privatisation when it was run by engineers who understood how to run a reliable grid system and the economics of meeting variations in demand. It wasn’t perfect because the government interfered and the industry was risk adverse. Now it seems to have been taken over by economists and green party supporters who only want to produce energy when it comes from renewables, and government regulation has a strangle hold on the entire pricing system.

    Let’s not forget, that these clowns are only talking about energy in homes and they will give priority to that, which means shutting down businesses. I suspect we will find out why they have been forcing smart meters on us. They seem intent on destroying everything and our new king will be supporting it.

  • Brenda Blessed

    These globalists in power in what used to be Christendom are demonic bizarro reverse critters. Whatever they call smart is designed for dummies. What they call misinformation or lies is the truth. What they call science is really anti-science, etc.

    As with Christianity, they endeavour to put the bottom of natural pecking orders at the top. By feminising and Africanising. The same political virus that got rid of the Roman high culture almost as soon as it became its official religion. That virus is still going as strong as ever in the form of socialism, communism, feminism and now wokeism.

    “There is a new religion. It is moving like a tidal wave through every facet of western culture, shaping and redefining society as it goes. This religion masquerades under the guise of compassion and justice, but underneath is an evil ideology that is incompatible with western values and incongruent with the Christian world view. This movement did not start in Minneapolis on May 25th, when George Floyd was murdered. That event acted as a watershed moment for an ideology that has been growing for decades. If left unchecked, this new religion could lead to a complete unravelling of western culture.”

  • Jeffrey Palmer

    “How is it possible for you to be so easily tricked by something so simple as a story, because you are tricked? Well, it all comes down to one core thing and that is emotional investment. The more emotionally invested you are in anything in your life, the less critical and the less objectively observant you become.” — David JP Phillips, ‘We Don’t Have Time’ board of directors, “The Magical Science of Storytelling”

    ‘We Don’t Have Time’ is the media organization that first picked up on Greta Thunberg on August 20th 2018 as she started her campaign of bunking off school for the ‘Climate’.

    ‘We Don’t Have Time’ was founded by its CEO Ingmar Rentzhog.
    Rentzhog is the founder of Laika (a prominent Swedish communications consultancy firm providing services to the financial industry, recently acquired by FundedByMe). He was appointed as chair of the think tank Global Utmaning (Global Challenge in English) on May 24, 2018, and serves on the board of FundedByMe.

    Rentzhog is a member of Al Gore’s Climate Reality Organization Leaders, where he is part of the European Climate Policy Task Force. He received his training in March 2017 by former US Vice President Al Gore in Denver, USA, and again in June 2018, in Berlin.

    Reality has nothing at all to do with the agenda of the ‘Climate’ industry. The fact that none, absolutely none, of this industry’s predictions have ever come true is irrelevant – they simply double down on the same predictions and push the dates further away, while trusting to bought-and-paid-for governments and media to continuously repeat ‘The Story’ and paying the experienced manipulators of the advertising and PR industries to get the public emotionally involved (cue cute emotionally challenged Swedish teenager, images of baby polar bears etc).

    There is no chance whatsoever of anyone, including David, effectively countering the sheer weight of propaganda being beamed 24 hours a day, every single day, at the general public. Plenty of people I know who I would classify as both intelligent and educated have been taken in by it, simply on the grounds that ‘if everyone’s saying it, it must be true.’

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