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Sky News Australia and Douglas Murray – the perfect combination

Wednesday blog

I’m working on a story which isn’t ready yet.

So instead, here’s the perfect combination – Sky News Australia interviewing the inimitable Douglas Murray about climate change, illegal immigration and Biden.

Qatar’s anti-corruption award

But first I thought I’d tell you about the wonderful anti-corruption award offered by the totally non-corrupt government of Qatar. You remember Qatar? Qatar is, of course, the footballing giant like Germany, Italy and Brazil which quite deservedly won the right to host the 2022 football world cup:

Naturally there are cynics who suggest that the Qatar bid was successful due to millions of lovely dollars in bribes being thrust into the offshore bank accounts of Blatter and all the other fine men (and women?) who decide where the football tournament should be held. But I despise such cynics. Don’t you?

Anyway, it appears that totally uncorrupt Qatar has an award for people around the world who successfully fight corruption:

Hey, stop laughing you at the back!

Sky News Australia and Douglas Murray

Anyway, here’s Sky News Australia interviewing Douglas Murray:


4 comments to Sky News Australia and Douglas Murray – the perfect combination

  • A Thorpe

    I like Douglas Murray but I think he was at his best on Question Time when he always seemed to have something sensible to say to counter the politicians. The BBC soon got rid of him. In this interview he is just repeating what has been said before and for some time. He puts it well, but when he says it was all foreseeable, did he see it then?

    All we seem to have is a group of people repeating the same points, and the people who should be listening, the politicians, are ignoring them. GB News keeps inviting people to talk to them, but they refuse, because they go where they will get an easy interview. I’m getting to the point where I don’t want to listen to the same points being made over and over, and nothing ever changes, except to get worse.

  • tomsk

    This is phase 2 of destroy small business’s. All business and non government self reliance must be removed until a world government holds it all and you go to them for food and energy but you can’t have them unless you comply, take your vaccines, and basically do what Chinese people have to do, basically be a digital prisoner and say nothing or do nothing that the gov may disapprove of, the scary thing however is soon they will be able to read your thoughts regardless of your facial expression. In fact they will be able to control your thoughts via implants. Wake up people – Revelation 13 v 16.

  • Stillreading

    Yes, I was reading earlier today about the thousands more cameras Mayor Khan is installing in Londonistan in readiness for the extended ULEZ. And of course to surveille pedestrians as well. The pathway to 24/7 surveillance of the entire UK population is already marked out for those with the perception to see. Covid restrictions – pressure to use digital payment methods “for our own protection” – inevitable increased use thereof partly because so many were forced to shop on line – “no need for cash any longer” – refusal of ever more shops to accept coinage – universal digital payments only – disappearance of cash – unavoidable possession 24/7 of “digital identity” – carbon credits – social credits – sanctions for “bad behaviour”. At that stage, they’ve got you! Total surrender to the State of individual freedom. Control of what you eat, where you go, how you get there, what you do when you get there. Drive a car or continue to eat meat! Cross the road without benefit of a pedestrian crossing? Punished by withdrawal of certain social privileges such as going to the local pool for a swim, or visiting the cinema. Gone off topic a bit, but follows on from the comments of tomsk.

  • tomsk

    Stillreading is stillredpilling. Yes, the social credit system is being set up and the sheople are welcoming it. Use cash folks, and print out these little cards to hand over with your cash to educate folk on why we need cash. Scroll down.

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