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Behold – the leader of the free world!

Thursday blog

I was going to write about something else today. But then I came across this very short (2 minutes) video from the wonderful Sky News Australia.

If you follow British mainstream media, you’d possibly get the impression that US president, Joe Biden, was doing a reasonable job getting his supposed Inflation Reduction Act passed and due to his military support for Ukraine. Whereas we’re constantly being told that Trump is an absolute swine who has been hiding America’s most secret documents in the fridge (or something like that) at his Mar-A-Lago estate.

No British media would dare do what Sky News Australia has done – expose the true extent of Biden’s increasingly embarrassing senility. Making Joe Biden president is a clear case of elder abuse.

I don’t know who is actually running America, but it certainly isn’t Joe ‘Why am I here?’ Biden.

8 comments to Behold – the leader of the free world!

  • Bad Brian

    On a more Local take on community leaders I watched in despair the TV news where we were given the story of 9 year old Olivia, blasted to death on her own doorstep as the local thugs went chimperoo again in Liverpool.

    Que. Black Community leader.

    Mumble, mumble, dey communiddy, he said for about ten minutes as he explained the the stench like Morocks who live in the area should not be expected to inform the police of anything they know about this, but a cardboard box has been set up in a communinny centre, so that some piece of trailer trash can get someone to write a note for them and slip it into da box for da filth to read.” Go home honkey!

    As if da police don’t have enough on with Tick Tock dancing and leading Gay parades without having to rummage through intel written on the back of an Albanian Kebab wrapper.

    The people of Liverpool must deserve better and implement an immediate Council Tax strike where they refuse to pay anything for anything until the police get working and John da communiddy leader is pitched onto a rail, tarred and feathered. Why do our police always pander to this type of scum ?

    This will eventually go away and nothing will be done as we have seen hundereds of times before.

    However, I might be reported for a hate crime as I do actually hate these people, I hate the police who are cowards and not fit for purpose , and I hate the civil servants who allow these people to come here and settle bringing their disgusting values with them.

    Meanwhile , the British Public are to stand, well mannered, fifty feet away as a tiny portion of the Tory Party, gimp about, while two useless candidates prostrate themselves as suitable future Prime Ministers, which they are not.

    After Teressa , nobody could have believed it could get worse but just watch.

    Having just paid almost £200K in Corporation tax a month ago, I got a letter from HMRC saying I have paid them £200.00 too much. Their solution is to fine me £100.00 for their inconvenience and put the remaining £100.00 to account for when they wish to come back for more.

    On aother laugh, I just qualified for my old age pension.
    I get £890.00 a month, Deduct the DD for power £450.00 and the DD for £290.00 council tax an I am suppose to live off £150.00 a month. £37.50 a week no less. Meanwhile, I will catch up on my NHS brochure explaining how I can subsist on mealworms.This is less than half what a Ukranian refugee gets and much less than some Albanian gangster who arrived here in a plastic paddling pool.

    What kind of government would do this to someone who has worked and contributed big time, non stop, since 1973 ?

  • Stillreading

    Think the UK is a mess, where nothing works any more? Where hundreds of illegals are ferried into Dover every day by the RNLI and Border Farce? Where an octogenarian with a fractured pelvis lies on paving stones under a makeshift tent to shelter him from the rain for 15 hours while awaiting an ambulance? Where a beautiful 9 year old girl is randomly shot to death in her own home and an 87 year old is multiply stabbed to death while peaceably busking with his accordion to raise money for Ukraine? Where knife and gun crime in general are now routine? We think that’s bad? Take a regular look, courtesy of Fox News, at what’s happening in America. Infinitely worse than here. Major cities (Chicago, San Francisco, Philadelphia, New Orleans etc.) now virtually unpoliced thanks to career criminal George Floyd and BLM. Car jackings by teenagers who go unpunished are now at epidemic levels, to the extent that people are afraid to drive to work or the grocery store. Los Angeles has largely sunk into lawlessness. Thanks to Biden’s reversal of Trump’s policy, illegals are flooding at the rate of thousands a day over the Southern Border and are now being bussed to borderline states in order to ensure a further 4 years at the next Presidential Election either for the overtly senile Biden or Crooked Hilary. (Or possibly Meegain Markle? Don’t laugh! It’s sufficiently bizarre to be possible!) The USA, the so-called Leader of the Free World, is rapidly sinking into the abyss and the UK is following on its heels. The USA may just have a ray of hope for their next Presidential Election in Republican Ron de Santis, current Governor of Floridam if Trump himself is too much for some to stomach. De Santis incidentally refused to impose most of the ridiculous covid-19 restrictions and Florida had no higher a death rate that California, largely similar in climate and demographic, where restrictions were extreme and mask wearing mandatory. It’ll be interesting to see whether De Santis goes for the Republican candidacy in a few months or whether he concedes to Trump this time and waits for the next election but one. At least Americans will have some sort of acceptable choice for one of their two Parties. I can’t say that given the two current contestants for the Tory party, I can see any hope for the UK. Truss or Starmer next General Election – what a choice! (As an aside, it seems that the leading light of the EU, Germany, is slowly but determinedly and in its own national interests, subverting support for Ukraine. But no surprise there. Germany will always put its own interests first and where Germany goes, France will follow. So much for the moral integrity of the EU. Who’d have thought it!)

  • A Thorpe

    Thanks for bringing that to us. I hadn’t realised he was so bad. One comment on YouTube said he isn’t as demented as the people who voted for him, which says even more about America and probably other countries as well. If he steps down the VP is no better, and I’m not convinced that Trump should return.

    But what about our two PM candidates. They aren’t senile but does anybody have any confidence in either of them. They supported the policies that got us to where we are and now expect us to believe they can solve the problems. In a way they are worse than Biden since at least he has health issues.

    Last night I watched Farage and Kenneth Baker talking about education. They agreed it should be preparation for work. I disagree, it should be preparation for life, to teach pupils how to think, not what to think. When education fails to do this it becomes a problem throughout life, but makes the politicians jobs much easier. However, pupils will not have enough experience of life, which presents a problem. So the result is education becomes brainwashing about gender, climate, slavery and many other issues.

  • Carolyn Hill

    Warning! Rant coming …..

    Democracy has become a complete joke. Candidates are selected for all the wrong reasons, no wonder our leaders are useless. Look at America and the candidates for the presidency over the last few years. Are Trump, Clinton and Biden seriously the best a country with a population of 334 million can come up with? It’s obscene. Of course, in the US only millionaires need apply so that narrows the field considerably. Biden got the job because he wasn’t Trump. In the uk we don’t even have that excuse but we still end up with a load of dross running this country.

    They keep claiming that we have a democracy and if we don’t like what we’re getting we can vote for change. What? So once every 5 years I have a chance to vote for something different. Wow! Hold me back ….. and what if the alternative is even worse? Or in my case, our MP has a very safe seat and the chances of my vote ousting them from their seat is negligible? So that’s democracy? one cross on a piece of paper every 5 years and I’m influencing the direction my country is heading …. or not?

    Meanwhile these people, who we have put in power, proceed with a series of knee jerk reactions and vanity projects: Net zero, nhs funding, HS2, covid response, wokeism is all its guises. Nobody sits down and actually thinks out the policies and the ramifications, although I am rashly assuming these people (and I include the blob here) can actually think.

    And once they’ve got their seat for 5 years, we have no say in what they decide to do. We had our chance at the ballot box! Any correspondence with my mp is dismissed with contempt. The big things (say involving more than a £1 billion) should be decided via a referendum and not left to a bunch of numpties in Westminster. Apparently however we morons are too thick to know what we’re doing.

  • Jeffrey Palmer

    It matters not what brain-dead or degenerate witterings any of our beloved ‘leaders’ in the hilariously named ‘Free World’ come out with, no matter whether they’re the types who drool from the side of the mouth or sparky third-world denizens of the Bankster community.

    None of them are remotely In Charge. The Agenda (and we all here know full well exactly what it is) is set by other individuals who have plans of their own.

    And those plans certainly don’t involve us being allowed any influence over events, no matter which of the identikit parties we’re grudgingly permitted to vote for. We are either simply ignored, or patronised to death.

    Diversity in everything is essential, nay compulsory, in modern Western society. Except for diversity of opinion, of course.

  • Stillreading

    Every word you write is true, Carolyn Hill. Well said Jeffrey Palmer too. So-called democracy, our right to put a cross on a bit of paper every 5 years (or in the States to do something questionable making holes in a bit of paper every 4 years) means nothing. We miserable plebs have no power other than that of taking to the streets and creating mayhem. Personally I am now too old to do that. Not all readers of this blog may share my opinion, but I too believe HS2 to be both a totally unjustified waste of upwards of £100 billion as well as constituting criminal despoliation of some beautiful English countryside. But does anyone in power care what I think? Can I change anything? Of course not! Sky Australia might be an excellent news channel, very different from its Northern Hemisphere counterpart or the woke left-wing CNN, but in reality that erstwhile great country of Australia, which I much admired during an extended stay more than 20 years ago, is now in every bit as disastrous a state politically, socially and industrially as are we and the USA. Net zero, with the consequent wilful cessation of coal production whilst neighbouring China pumps out ever more carbon in order to gain world control of every bit of electronic gadgetry on which we all have no option but to rely, is idiocy beyond belief. Free World? Just wait and see how free we shall all be once China overtly allies with Russia!

  • Hardcastle

    We do not live in a free World,whilst I unable but perfectly healthy (not had a cold,flu or ” covid ” for over15 years ) to travel to so many countries of the World.How is it that the vaccinated,many of whom are unhealthy and seem to increasingly so are permitted to travel?

  • tomsk

    To be fair, Mark Steyn on GB News has done quite a few of these vids exposing Sleepy Joe and called him out often. Check his show Mon to Thur 8PM channel 236. Hes spoken on police corruption, grooming gangs and vaccine injuries more than the entire UK media have ever,

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