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Are most of our crises stupidly self-inflicted?

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Every week seems to bring a new crisis. There’s the energy crisis, the cost-of-living crisis, the ambulance crisis, the NHS crisis, the excess deaths crisis, the housing crisis, the illegal immigration crisis, the education crisis, the social care crisis, the water crisis and no doubt there are a few more crises I can’t remember for the moment.

In today’s blog, I’m going to propose that most (if not all) of these crises are self-inflicted – caused by the incompetence, stupidity, short-sightedness, mendacity, greed and treachery of our rulers.

The ambulance crisis

We’re told that thousands will die because it’s taking ambulances hours, rather than minutes, to reach people with serious health problems. So, just in case there are a few of our worthless, expenses-fiddling politicians or useless, over-paid, over-pensioned NHS bosses reading, I’ll make this very simple by answering a series of basic questions:

Q1: Why are ambulances taking so long to reach health emergencies?

A1: Because they spend hours waiting at hospitals before they can get patients into A&E

Q2: Why can’t ambulances get patients into A&E?

A2: Because there are insufficient hospital beds available

Q3: Why are there insufficient hospital beds available?

A3: Because 10% of hospital beds are occupied by people who should have been discharged

Q4: Why haven’t those people been discharged?

A4: Because there aren’t enough carers available to look after them either in care homes or their own homes

Q5: Why aren’t there enough carers available?

A5: Because our useless Government forced care companies and care homes to fire around 40,000 experienced carers who sensibly refused to get the potentially dangerous fake vaccines

Q6: But now care workers don’t need the fake vaccines, why haven’t care workers gone back to work?

A6: Because they’ve found other jobs which are less stressful and more pleasant than cleaning granny’s ass all day

Of course, there are other contributory reasons for the ambulance crisis – the NHS wasting billions employing ever more managers and Diversity, Inclusion and Equality specialists while continually cutting the number of hospital beds; fewer doctors being available as many are forced to retire early due to tax rules or else many are not willing to work full-time as half of doctors are now female and want to balance looking after their children with their work.

Why is ‘Root Cause Analysis’ so rare?

What I have done above is apply what’s called ‘Root Cause Analysis’. This is a way of exploring an issue so that you logically find the basic causes rather than just panicking over the easily-observable symptoms. In any field, if you just try to deal with the symptoms of a problem, rather than its root cause, you’ll never solve the real problem.

Car manufacturer Toyota are credited with using Root Cause Analysis – what the company called “The 5 Why’s” – to build cars whose quality was vastly superior to Toyota’s western competitors:

Most journalists never bother with Root Cause Analysis. Instead they just hyperventilate about the ambulance crisis or the cost-of-living crisis or the energy crisis or whatever other crisis without ever looking for the real cause. Or, if journalists do mention a supposed cause, it’s usually that the Government should spend billions more on whatever problem they are blethering on about. This can be because journalists are lazy or ignorant or because the underlying cause is something which is politically-incorrect and so mentioning it would be career-destroying.

Let’s do one more – the cost-of-living crisis

Q1: Why are fuel costs shooting up and pushing millions into fuel poverty?

A1: Because nasty Mr Putin invaded Ukraine. (Today, while announcing the new energy price cap, the Ofgem top panjandrum joined the ever-lengthening queue of people blaming Putin)

Q2: Why didn’t we have plenty of fuel so we could have ignored Putin’s invasion?

A2: Because energy companies have been limiting investments in exploration and refining

Q3: Why have energy companies have been limiting investments in exploration and refining?

A3: Because for thirty years or more our rulers have told energy companies that they are destroying the planet, that governments might take legal action against energy companies demanding compensation and governments have advised pension funds and others not to invest in energy companies

Q4: Why have Governments been waging war on energy companies?

A4: Because our politicians have bought into the climate-catastrophist, man-made Global Warming nonsense

Q5: Why have politicians believed the climate-catastrophist nonsense?

A5: Sorry – I have absolutely no idea how anyone could be so stupid!!!!!

A few other crises

I won’t go through the same process with all the other crises. But I’ll give a few examples of the root causes of some of these crises and why these causes are never mentioned by journalists and the usual talking heads and other supposed ‘experts’

The Housing Crisis

Between 170,000 and 180,000 new homes are built in the UK each year. Most journalists blame the Government for not building sufficient homes. But net migration to the UK is probably over 400,000 each year (around 1,100,000 visas were issued for people to come and live in Britain last year!). How many journalists dare mention that it’s physically impossible to find the land and the workforce to build over 400,000 new homes each year and that the real cause of the housing crisis is far too many migrants?

The food crisis

Food prices are shooting up forcing ever more people to rely on food banks. For decades our rulers have been deliberately restricting the amount of food our farmers could produce. First they forced crops to be diverted from food production to making useless, inefficient biofuels. Then they paid huge subsidies to farmers to transfer farmland from food production to hosting wind-farms and solar farms. Then they paid more subsidies to farmers to ‘rewild’ parts of their land further reducing food production. And now our rulers are restricting fertiliser use which will lead to a 20% to 30% drop in agricultural productivity and the bankruptcy of many farmers.

So, what’s really causing the food crisis? Our rulers’ ludicrous climate-catastrophist, net-zero policies. But no journalist or expert dares say this as criticising the climate change cult is career suicide.

Meanwhile, back in Africa

This year, as every year, we’re being told by our rulers and the mainstream media that there will be famine in Africa and that the only solution is that we pour ever more billions in foreign aid into that bottomless pit – Africa.

If you were to apply ‘The Five Whys’ to why Africa has needed so much foreign aid every single year for the last 60-70 years and still needs billions more, you might find out the real reasons why every single African country is a poverty-stricken, excrement-covered, over-crowded, corruption-riddled, backwards, conflict-addled, basket-case hell-hole, But you might not like the answer you reach. So, it’s always easier to claim that all Africa needs is more of our money.

17 comments to Are most of our crises stupidly self-inflicted?

  • Hardcastle

    Yes David,it is that simple,so why have our “elites” failed to grasp it? Because they are corrupt and following the “great rest” agenda of the WEF.It is the only logical conclusion,not a conspiracy theory.They have actually told us in plain sight,but the masses just do not want to believe it.

  • Paul Chambers

    I think Neil Oliver summarised it best with this is what is intended for us. Communism via the back door.

    The collapse of British society being engineered by the state is quite chilling and co-ordinated. Even in the leafier parts of London graffiti is everywhere and violent street crime rising and spreading out from the traditional areas.

    The end goal is to collapse us back into the EU on our way to agenda 2030.

  • Stillreading

    Neil Oliver said all that needs to be said about a week ago on GBNews. Apply Ockam’s Razor – the principle that when there are a number of answers to a question, each increasingly convoluted, the chances are that the simplest answer is the correct one. Take one issue – illegal immigration, currently standing at almost 24,000 so far this year. Why are our Rulers permitting something which the overwhelming majority of our population can see is more than a crisis. It is a catastrophe. Answer? Because those in real power over us want it! The intention, it is ever plainer to see, is for the soi-disant “Great & Good” of the world, lead by the WEF, to mix and therefore dilute the characteristics of individual nations, characteristics which have evolved over millenia and have their roots in location, climate, available territory and nature of the plant and other animal species with which it is shared, until every country is inhabited by one homogenous mass of vaguely brownish coloured people, with no sense of pride in or loyalty to the tiny bit of the earth’s crust they are permitted to inhabit. It’s as simple as that. Just watch every TV advert featuring a couple or a family to see where they are driving us, cattle-like, with the all-powerful prod of “diversity”. It won’t work of course! EVERY animal species, humans not excepted, is instinctively territorial. In the future, long after I have gone, the brown skinned people of what is currently the UK will go to war with whatever weapons of aggression they will then have against the brown-skinned peoples of the main Continent of Europe. Or the latter will invade them. Either way, they will compete with each other for territory. On a national level, one can only assume that no post-war government, present, or future, actually WANTS to get knife and gun crime off the streets, actually WANTS to get the NHS working (thereby preserving lives and consequently continuing to pay out pensions to the ill and old who would otherwise die!), actually WANTS to stop illegal immigration. The latter could be stopped overnight were the Border Farce and the Royal Navy to be deployed with clear instructions to patrol in a linear fashion, at some speed, immediately outside French territorial water and ruthlessly prevent any boats of illegals getting through. Just force them to turn round and wash up back on French soil. If a few think were to think that, by deliberately sinking their paddling pools and thrashing about in the sea crying for help, they would be rescued, sorry! Too bad! Let them sink. And no sentimental nonsense about wholesale drownings of “women and children”. The vanishingly few women and children could be picked up, but the 99.99% of men left literally to sink or swim. If the latter, France would constitute a damned sight nearer bit of dry land than England! Once the word got around of the
    unpleasantly wet fate awaiting those who attempted illegal entry to the UK, the boats would stop. The fact is that the current flood of illegals should never have been permitted to set foot on UK soil. No amount of talk of Rwanda or even returning Albanians to their own safe native land, will ever happen. Truss knows that. Patel knows that. Sunak and Starmer know that. Everything in the UK has been comprehensively screwed! Health, Education, Higher Education, Police, Immigration.

  • Jeffrey Palmer

    There is no question but that this is all deliberate.

    The people who rise to the top may be as crooked as a corkscrew, but they are not idiots. The subversion of every single national institution, from the heir to the throne through the armed forces, the police, the Law, the civil service, the NHS, has not been by accident.

    The clearly government-controlled television adverts loudly proclaim every fifteen minutes the society that they wish to see imposed on the British people – multi-ethnic, QUERTY+, and vegan.

    Follow the fashionable narrative of the international Left, or you will become the subject of public loathing and direct threats to your personal safety.

    For all this, apparently, our parents and grandparents went through two World Wars.

    The only hope western society has lies in the incontrovertible fact that for each generation, the social and political shibboleths of their parents seem entirely reactionary and irrelevant, so in the fullness of time the current insanity will be seen clearly by future generations for what it is.

  • Carolyn Hill

    Good point, David. The media are constantly frothing at the mouth about the latest “crisis” but I never see any attempts to find the root cause of the problem nor come up with a solution.

    Take the NHS – clearly deeply flawed but all they can come up with is demands for yet more money. The NHS does not need more money, if anything it has too much they’re now spending it as fast as they can on utterly pointless highly paid management positions in order to claim “we’ve spent all of our budget” so we need more. No root cause analysis to be seen here.

  • A Thorpe

    This morning I encountered a good example of stupidity in Marks and Spencer’s. If you have their Smart Card, then you know that they send out vouchers for extra points that are valid for a short period. These used to go through the self-service tills without any problem. Now the tills call an assistant to verify the voucher which can only be worth a few pence, but they did not have to verify the £50 of food that I had scanned. I asked the assistant about this, and the answer was that some people do not scan the voucher correctly and put it in the slot as requested and so do not get the voucher on their shopping. I pointed out that that was ridiculous because it was only when the voucher was scanned that the till called the assistant. I got a blank look. If I write to M&S they will do nothing. As Mark Twain said: “Never argue with stupid people, they will drag you down to their level and then beat you with experience.”

    Stupidity has been with us throughout history. Who can make sense of the witch trials? They spread through Europe and to America and apparently lasted for around 100 years. Witches were burned or drowned in the belief that a real witch would save herself, but none ever did. I have no idea what started it or what brought it to an end and that is likely to be the same with the stupidity of today. We will have to tolerate it until it works its way out and this time it will have major consequences because of the complexity of modern civilisation. We can see from your post and comments, and TV discussions that nobody has a clue what to do about the crises or knows what the consequences will be.

    You give examples of NHS stupidity. This is entirely because it is a socialist organisation where the pay of the staff does not depend on the satisfaction of their “customers” and where there is no competition. It ultimately will fail and since it dominates healthcare in the UK it will bring a disaster with it. It has the support of the masses because they don’t want to pay directly for healthcare and don’t mostly don’t have a healthy lifestyle.

    You point out the issue with care homes. When I was born many families in my village consisted of three generations because families cared for their elderly. It was also the same with their children. Now work has become more important, and the elderly and young are farmed out to others to “care” for them, most of this funded by the state. The other aspect is that the British do not want to care for the elderly, so we have turned to immigration to do this on the cheap. These immigrants will eventually need immigrants to look after them. I also believe that care for the elderly by families is being made impossible because many elderly are being kept alive with complex conditions that are impossible for families to deal with. Big Pharma is making vast profits from the drugs used to create this misery.

    The increasing state dependence with taxation paying for it means that people have no idea about the value of many things. They now have the ridiculous idea that nationalisation of the railways, water and energy companies will make the services more reliable and cheaper. They don’t see that the government hasn’t fully privatised them and failed to ensure competition. But it interferes through regulation and subsidies which in my view is even worse than the nationalised days.

    Your example of Root Cause Analysis is only valid for mass produced products. The components and the final product can be tested and there is vital competition. In the case of cars this results in a range of cars with different quality standards and prices. However, it doesn’t make the manufacturers honest about pollution and mileage rates.

    I believe there are a lot of computer simulations used in car design and they work because there is a well-defined manufactured product that can be physically tested. It is not the same with climate and health care. The climate models can only be checked against weather, a few days ahead and we all know that they are not accurate. They could also be run in reverse and tested against past climate but that hasn’t been done. There are many climate models all producing different predictions resulting in the spaghetti like lines of future temperatures. Why does nobody point out that they are probably all wrong or ask why taking a mean is the correct answer? The predictions we have about climate usually come from politicians, royalty or celebrities. I doubt that anybody can name a “scientist” who produced these prediction from a model. It was exactly the same with the pandemic. It was created from modelling by forecasters known to have been wrong in every previous forecast and believed from the propaganda generating fear. The true data was ignored. It was just the same with the vaccines. The efficacy and safety were accepted when it was known that the efficacy had limited data and the tests had not run long enough to provide any safety data.

    We live in times of advanced technology and even experts cannot be expected to know about areas outside their own expertise, but we should be able to think and question what we are told and to expect that experts should be able to explain in ways we can understand. But most people are too accepting. They clearly are not capable of even understanding empirical evidence related to climate.

    Our leaders know exactly what they are doing but identifying them is another problem. We have bought into democracy and belief that our elected leaders are working for us. Who controls our elected leaders? How long do people need to realise that MPs are only interested in power and control over us. This is the way it has been throughout history. I believe the control was relaxed after the last war to get us to work to recover the damaged caused. Now the leaders want the control and money back, but they have also made a complete mess of the economy by worthless money printing. Interest rates should have risen to control inflation, but it is not happening because it will bankrupt too many people. Jeffrey is right, none of the crises are accidents, but they are now completely out of control of the elites and panic is setting in with them.

  • Ed P

    Cut the NHS budget until they stop all the ‘diversity’ crap and remove at least one level of bureaucracy. The fund nurses and doctors, no increases in funds to any other areas of ‘the vast incompetence’.
    You never know, I might at last be able to have that operation scheduled for 2020!

  • Ed P

    Then fund…

  • Stillreading

    My family are almost all either teachers at secondary school level or NHS staff – doctors, nurses, midwives, members of the rehabilitation professions – so I know first hand just how bad things are in the NHS. As I understand it, a lot of this is down to overweight bureaucracy and the obsession with “targets”, which mean that for every hour spent with a patient, almost an equal amount of time is spent peering at a computer screen and ticking boxes designed to demonstrate how marvellously efficient your particular department is, thereby avoiding wrath descending upon you from the overpaid non-clinical staff secreted in their gleaming headquarters well away from the pain, blood, excrement and vomit of unfortunates who are in hospital hoping to receive care. The fear of being sued for the slightest mishap in diagnosis or treatment shouldn’t be underestimated either. Ambulance-chasing “no win, no fee” lawyers are alive and flourishing and advertising in GP and hospital waiting areas. There is in the NHS a bitter divide between “Admin” and clinicians. A community midwife of my acquaintance recently had to call an ambulance for a labouring woman who had chosen to have her baby at home. The labour wasn’t progressing as it should, a serious problem was identified meaning the baby was in imminent danger and the midwife summoned an ambulance urgently to get the woman to hospital. Fortunately the ambulance turned up swiftly, swept up the mother and her desperately worried husband, and conveyed them to the hospital. The midwife followed in her own car in order to see her patient admitted and to hand over her report personally to the Ward Staff. The Staff car park was full, so the midwife parked in the public “pay” car park, with her official “Midwife” parking permit prominently displayed. When, after going up to the Maternity Ward to ensure that the midwives there were fully cognisant of the stage of the labour and to reassure her distressed patient that she was in expert hands, she returned to her car, it had been clamped! No amount of appeal or persuasion would convince the jobsworth in “Admin” to sanction removal of the clamp. She was told she had to pay the £50 release fee, in cash. She had only bank cards with her and these were unacceptable. She was told she could “walk to the nearest cashpoint (about a mile), get out cash and return with it, but that as it was nearing 5 p.m. she’d better get a move on or the Personnel Office would be closed and she wouldn’t be able to get her car freed”. THAT is how the NHS treats its clinical staff. It is deplorable. No way would I ever consider attempting to resume my NHS career – well, I am too old anyway – but there are easier ways now of earning a crust. Incidentally, there’s a definite crisis in pharmacies. In my seaside town, which consists very largely of elderly retired people, many with the inevitable afflictions of age, there are two pharmacies, Boots & Lloyds. For some weeks now rarely are both open, since a qualified pharmacists is apparently required, by Law, to be present on the premises of a pharmacy and there is a national shortage of pharmacists. Today, as is now customary, only one of the two has been open and at the other the queue to either hand in prescriptions or to collect medication was this afternoon snaking down the interior of the shop, out the door, and along the pavement. At a rough guess, probably 2 dozen of the old, halt, lame and ill standing for 30 minutes or more to obtain essential medication. Nowhere to sit. Nowhere to shelter if it rains. No shade to protect from excess heat. For a significant proportion of these unfortunates, when they do reach the dispensing counter they will be told that the prescribed medication isn’t available and they will have to go back to their doctor and ask for an alternative. To do that of course they will have to go yet again through the agonising on-line “request a phone call”process! I’m sure the situation will soon be resolved though. Without doubt there are thousands of incredibly highly qualified pharmacists walking up Dover beach every day!

  • Marc Ager

    There is a solution to all of these crises. It is called DEPOPULATION and will no doubt be delivered by the so-called mRNA DNA-changing “vaccinations”. In the form of excess deaths for many years to come and infertility.

    DNA-editing technology called CRISPR can be injected into the human body. It can introduce new genes and turn existing genes on or off.

    With the west under their control, the “liberal” globalists will turn their attentions on to the third world. The so-called pandemic did not even put a dent in the third-world populations that are growing as fast as ever. Apparently, it is possible to deliver “vaccinations” via spraying the atmosphere.

  • Bad Brian

    Parallel lives Still Reading.

    A few years ago, the ground was 4″ under snow, a friends daughter about 18 had unstoppable bleeding between her legs.

    many phone calls, problems, no ambulances and a 20 mile trip to St Johns Hospital in my car, got her to hospital.Car park 100% chock a block so I went onto snow covered grass.

    Go in, check out , girl stays overnight.She was fine.

    I came out and found that some NHS moron had acually poured oil all over my windscreen to punish me for parking on ythe grass .Half an hour looking for the guy, told him I would kill him if I ever saw him again, secuity called, they tell me they can only observe and not arrest.I said “luck you” took a roll of paper towel out the toilet and sorted my car.
    Bye the way, there is plenty room to increase the parking spaces which are100% ramme every day but they would rather employ security that are not allowed to do anything except stand about looking like action man.
    Next patient,,,, me ! Blood pressure 799/80.

  • Stillreading

    Brian, the war on drivers is a national outrage. Be it at hospitals- where none of us choose to go unless we are sick ourselves, caring for sick friends or relatives, or in the case of non-hospital based clinicians, visiting their own patients, we are cash cows for some marginally criminal “parking authority”. No one comes up with the true answer as to why nationally the High Street is dying. It’s because the cash penalty in terms of extortionate car parking charges, plus fines for “overstaying” by just a few minutes, are a potent deterrent. You aren’t even safe now stocking up at the out-of-town supermarket and certainly not if you follow up by having a quick burger at the neighbouring MacDonald’s! The camera eye clocks you in and clocks you out and if you overstay your 2 hours by a mere minute, or if – as can happen – you leave but return later and your first exit is missed – you receive the wretched Penalty Notice in the post a few days later. I was caught by a camera in Wandsworth a good few years ago in a “yellow box” which is situated immediately before a pedestrian crossing. When I entered the box the lights were in my favour and the exit was clear, but then a couple of youngsters stepped out in front of me and rather than consign them immediately to the next world, I stopped, they dithered and giggled whilst crossing, I thought no more of it until, to my outrage, a few days later I received a TFL Penalty for £60, doubling to £120 if I didn’t pay within a fortnight, for stopping for 30 seconds in a yellow box. Well, I chose to fight it! Wrote letters to TFL, all of which were ignored, even those sent Recorded Delivery, when I was able to obtain proof of receipt by some jobsworth. Threat upon threat, penalty ratcheting up, eventually promise of “enforcement notice” from some paper-stamping pseudo court in Nottingham sanctioning a bailiff’s visit. At that point, not wishing to have my home invaded or my car towed away, I sought advice and it cost me about £25 to swear an affidavit with a Solicitor to the effect that I had repeatedly tried to engage with TFL and had been consistently ignored. The Affidavit was delivered to TFL and magically the problem immediately went away! I did receive some sort of exculpatory letter from the Commissioner of TFL, attempting to justify their disregard for my communications to them.
    This I ignored. Much as it grieved me to part with the cost of swearing the Affidavit, it was infinitely preferable to augmenting the coffers of TFL, whose appalling traffic management system had caused the so-called “infringement” in the first place. You need a strong stomach now to face driving anywhere. Plethora of speed detectors, “average speed” cameras, extortionate parking and penalty charges, even I understand now plain clothes coppers leering down at drivers from high-cab vehicles to spy on any drivcer who may lay a finger on a mobile. Given that many of us now use them as a Sat Nav, touching the screen is unavoidable at times. In fact, as I think we all instinctively know, generically the Police are now friends of the offenders, enemies of the humble law-abiding citizen. The general lawlessness of the UK, the fundamental injustice of so much that is happening, has crept up on us insidiously but relentlessly over approximately the last 30 years. We’ve let it happen – not that I can see how we ordinary guys and girls could have prevented it – but it portends total disaster for what we once considered our traditional way of life. BP799/80 Brian? I reckon mine is frequently in quadruple figures!

  • Bad Brian


    All you readers out there have to forgive my spelling at this time.

    I am not so well and it seems when I write, to manifest in numerous spelling errors which surprise and amaze me when I read my lines back, that is if I actually notice the mistakes !

    I have gone 66 years without anything health wise ever happening to me and is quite strange to find I am not invincible. Who would have thought ?

  • Jeffrey Palmer

    As a musician who, even at my advanced age, still regularly plays in pubs frequented by indigenous ‘yoof’, I note that, post-Lockdown, there is now a marked change of behaviour amongst the latter.
    Amongst the under under-30’s, the two sexes (I persist in recognizing only two) rarely interact now. The blokes all stay together, the women likewise. It’s like a perpetual Travellers’ wedding. The few heterosexual couples are invariably 40+.
    I attribute this to the constant feminist propaganda that ‘’all men are rapists’’. And to the perception amongst young men that women are only waiting for the opportunity to accuse them of rape.
    Another triumph for the ‘White replacement’ agenda.

  • Stillreading

    No need to worry Brian. You get your meaning across very well. Put the occasional errors, which are no more than we all make at times, down to the effects of the fury at the deplorable state off affairs in the so-called “Free” World which visits most of us oldies every time we read, see or see the news. I hardly saw my Dad during the first 8 years of my life. He was, as my mother regularly told me, “Being a brave soldier, fighting the enemies in the War so they couldn’t come and do nasty things to us.” I was also told that my Uncle was up in the sky in a Spitfire shooting down the enemy planes before they could drop bombs on us. I understood why we spent our nights in the air-raid shelter. WHAT, I ask myself now with increasing frequency, would my Dad and my Uncle and their contemporaries make of what’s happening now. Would they have considered their efforts and sacrifices worth it?

  • Stillreading

    There you are…..I’ve done it too. Should read “read, see or HEAR the news”!!

  • Carolyn Hill

    Just read this is an Unherd article. Sums it up nicely

    There have been no consequences for their decades of failure, and the detachment of voters from the people who represent them has never been greater. This is a deeply dangerous, unstable situation, which has already given birth to conspiratorial political religions, such as QAnon, Russiagate, and the Great Reset, which will doubtless multiply as living standards continue to plummet and politicians continue to fail. They seek to discern some underlying logic or rationale to events, when there is only incompetence and a dying political system bereft of ideas. At a moment of grave national crisis, we require a statesman of historic stature, with the vision and will to steer us out of disaster. Instead, we’re getting Liz Truss.

    By the way Bad Brian I hadn’t even noticed your typos and StillReading is right we are so incensed we can’t even see straight.

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