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Terrible news – the Great Barrier Reef has record levels of coral

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We seem to only get bad news these days. We have the climate crisis, the Covid crisis, the NHS summer crisis, the NHS winter crisis, the monkeypox crisis, the energy crisis, the cost of living crisis, the interest rate crisis, the obesity crisis, the water shortage crisis, the Ukraine crisis, the Northern Ireland Protocol crisis, the Taiwan crisis, the Africa food crisis, the …….. did I get them all or are there a few crises I forgot?

Anyway, hopefully you’ve seen the latest awful news from Australia. You remember the Great Barrier Reef – that great natural wonder which was being destroyed by us selfish evil humans burning fossil fuels supposedly causing warming and increased acidification of our oceans or something like that?

Well, it seems that coral coverage on the Great Barrier Reef is the highest it has been for 36 years. And that’s really bad news for all our climate-catastrophist, net-zero-obsessed rulers, self-serving prostitute scientists-for-sale and mainstream-media scientifically-challenged, propagandist pretend journalists all of whom have spent the last few decades bludgeoning us with their climate-disaster Project Fear:

Well, it turns out (surprise surprise) that it was all nonsense.

Some cynical readers might be amused by the fact that on the very same day that we learned of the Great Barrier Reef’s record coral cover, the Australian Parliament passed their Climate Change Act mandating reductions in CO2 emissions to save the planet (and of course, save the Great Barrier Reef which actually doesn’t need saving).

If I remember correctly, this farcical situation resembles the day on which all but five of our 650 useless, virtue-signalling, pig-ignorant, expenses-fiddling MPs voted for Ed Miliband’s economically-ruinous Climate Change Act as on that very day there was record April snowfall in London.

Here’s the wonderful Andrew Bolt from Sky News Australia heaping well-deserved ridicule on the charlatan climate doomsters including US national treasure former President Saint Obama and Britain’s twice-knighted national treasure His Excellency Lord David of Attenborough.


10 comments to Terrible news – the Great Barrier Reef has record levels of coral

  • A Thorpe

    This is based on a report by Peter Ridd and published by the GWPF. I haven’t read it yet. He was sacked from his job at James Cook university some years ago for not supporting the accepted narrative so it is good to see it hasn’t silenced him. Another person worth mentioning is Susan Crockford for her work on polar bears. We don’t see any of this on the main TV news channels of course.

    Have you watched the BBC three part documentary “The oil industry v the world”? There might be good cause to criticise many industries for supporting their business but the false premise of carbon dioxide and methane causing global warming is not one of them. The people supporting it do seem to sincerely believe what they are saying and just like religion nothing will convince them otherwise. What has happened to science education? In the last episode we had drones flying though the water vapour from cooling towers with a commentary about carbon dioxide. People do not understand what cooling towers are for. It’s astonishing.

    You have the wrong Attenborough in the last paragraph but it still makes an important point. The climate alarmists and the people wanting actions to destroy our energy systems and economy are all well known and one name identifies them. Greta for example. None of them are scientists. I imagine Michael Mann will be unknown to most. The voices speaking out about the actual science are all scientists, like Peter Ridd, but they are unknown to most. We are lacking a well known figure to lead the charge against this nonsense. I can’t think of one and the cancel culture would soon ensure silence. I am increasingly being convinced that it is pointless expecting to reverse the nonsense and we will have to suffer the consequence of the policies.

    Regarding Lord Richard A, it occurs to me that the Cabinet should be forced to watch Oh What a Lovely War, but would they realise the errors of their Ukrainian policy.

  • Paul Chambers

    Posted Telegraph today under Frosties article. Worth reposting.

    The Green solution to making the weather do what they want:

    – Windmills that don’t work when the wind isn’t blowing.
    – Solar panels that don’t work when it’s dark or cloudy so that’s 80% of the time in the UK then.
    – Transporting 25 million trees annually from North America and Canada to burn at Drax power station subsidised to the tune of £3 million a day by the tax payer.
    – Forcing everyone who can afford it to drive Betamax electric cars with a plan to use the batteries for storage to be drained when the wind isn’t blowing or the sun isn’t shining.

    The resulting poverty, hunger and cold are payback for starting the industrial revolution 200 years ago.
    Policy written by doped up drop outs and hysterical Swedish truant and adopted by unhinged politicians of the West.

    Apparently it’s carbon neutral to transport 25 million trees across the States, load them into boats to cross the Atlantic, unload the wood in Liverpool and deliver it by train to Drax to Burn. All subsidised to the best part of £1 Billion annually.

    Drax is actually built over a coalfield i.e underground dead trees.

    You couldn’t make it up.

  • Stillreading

    Wonderful comments Paul! True in every respect. As you say, you couldn’t indeed make it up. Were anyone to have produced a sci fi novel some 40 years ago, set in a future depicting what’s going on now, the author would have been derided as a total idiot. I am genuinely curious as to what those clamouring for all these disastrous measures, in the main the young to middle aged, will do when rolling power cuts, “carbon credits” and the inability therefore to indulge in the annual booze-fuelled fortnight on a Costa, and the unavailability of much of the food they scoff daily, seriously disrupt their daily lives. Zero carbon = no electricity = no WiFi = no laptop, tablet, and so on. Pen and paper? Many can scarcely hold a pen or write legibly. When reality hits, are they going to adhere to their current Carbon Zero religion, or shall we see widespread protest leading to violence?

  • Bad Brian

    Nice one Paul !

    Drax is a disgrace.

    The carbon footprint is calculated and the lie is fed to us day after day. Transporting the wood as part of the footprint is calculated from where it lands in England before it goes by road to the power station itself. I believe this is only about 15 miles, not the journey from the south of the USA , over the Atlantic !!!

    The ships used are typical of their class and eight return journeys of one ship equals the air pollution produce by every vehicle used in the UK for a year. This is not included in how the DRAX power stations carbon footprint is calculated which is a scandal

    Why do we put up with this ?

  • Stillreading

    Thanks BB for the statistic on the carbon emissions of the ships carrying fuel for Drax as compared with the annual UK total car emissions. Very interesting. Doubtless many thousands more people in the UK have accessed this information, including many scientists, so why haven’t at least a few of them got up on their hind legs and shouted it out loud and long on mainstream media? We know why, don’t we? If they still have careers to consider, a living to earn, families to support, they dare not. They would be “cancelled”. They’d lose their university positions, their peers would ostracize them, professional journals would refuse to publish anything they might write. You ask, very reasonably, why we put up with this? There’s not much we serfs and plebs can do, is there? I’ve a feeling, though, that when the coming power costs, allied to possible rolling power cuts, hit the millions in the UK who can scarcely meet the cost of living even now, then something will give. I foresee possible riots along the lines of the Poll Tax riots of the 80s, only this time with far greater justification. As an aside, but relevant: We are having, R4 told us yesterday and again this morning, “The longest dry period (I think those were the words, or the equivalent anyway) since 1935. That was 87 years ago. Rather makes nonsense of the “rapid, catastrophic, man-made climate change”, all caused by the fact that we drive cars, take flights and presume to keep warm in winter, doesn’t it!

  • Bad Brian

    Hi Still Reading.

    I am sorry I have got no source information to back me up but these are broad statistics that are so shocking that they stuck in my mind when I read this some years ago and also that my business was somewhat involved with the marine world, this was of interest to me. I probably read this in the Economist.

    The worldwide marine industry when it comes to air pollution is a scandal because as soon as the ships slip over the horizon, ten mile offshore , they switch the fuel to cheap oil sludge loaded with sulphur which you can smell 20 mile away when on the ocean.

    Nobody appears to take responsibility and the shipping giants stay very quiet about this.

    I thought commercial sailing ships would have made a noticeable comeback by now but this appears to have stalled and come to nothing. If legislation was brought in, wind powered ships would appear very quickly but sails and containers get in each others way so the cost to the consumer of wind powered cargo ships would rise quite a bit.
    Converting existing ships would not be an easy task to get a good design although it sounds simple enough at first glance.

  • Stillreading

    You may not now have to hand the source of the information you gave, Brian, but doubtless it is filed away in some government department and could be accessed by ministers or the PM or anyone else in “the system” who so wished. But they don’t wish. The whole lot, egged on by Boris Johnson under the influence of Princess Nut Nut and her “Green” agenda, have become totally obsessed with windmills and solar panels and have closed their collective mind to anything or anyone of a contrary opinion. I didn’t know about the cheap oil sludge and I bet only those who, like you, were in the marine industry do know. Not sure about sailing ships, but maybe an auxiliary sail or two to give a boost on a straight run when there’s a following wind could be an asset provided the sails could be stored without occupying too much valuable cargo space. Can’t see today’s enormous cargo ships heeling over as they tack into a head wind though. Apart from the time factor involved in zig-zagging across a course, they probably carry too much weight above the water line, piled up to mountainous heights. Even on a straight course they are known to lose containers overboard when there’s a good blow and high seas. Could be a recipe for a modern day Mary Rose disaster!

  • Hardcastle

    Reality hurtling down the tracks to hit us possibly before Christmas but certainly in Jan/Feb.Most of those born post 1970 have little idea with regard to inflation,its causes and effects.Basic education in science,Geography and History have seemingly abandoned basic established truths and the low level of national numeracy is a disgrace.That this has not been planned is hard to believe given the equivalence of approach by all the developed Western nations.All,I believe orchestrated by the USA who since they abandoned the gold standard and the dollar being the World reserve currency are desperate to maintain their World dominance despite the fact that they are responsible for trashing the fiat currencies most of the World.A World financial reset is their aim with them still calling the shots.The non pandemic pandemic,the climate change hysteria,the war in Ukraine,plus all the other cultural nonsense has been a long term softening up of populations to conform to authoritarian controls to ease the imposition of a Chinese style social credit control system linked to a digital currency.Wether we will see public resistance remains to be seen but considering what happened over the past two years,* have no doubts.I am certain,however,we will not be able to vote our way out of this situation and being nice,reasonable and writing to your MP will not alter the direction of travel.

  • Jeffrey Palmer

    Never fear folks, the power bills that will bankrupt us all this winter certainly won’t be blamed on Johnson/NutNut’s policies.

    They will be blamed on ‘The Russians’.

    The coming energy bills won’t even be blamed on the idiot politicians who insisted on relying for so much of their countries’ energy needs on a nation which they had already spent so much time vilifying and openly declaring was their enemy. Despite the warnings of a certain Donald Trump.

    Meanwhile, let’s spend even more billions on keeping the war going for as long as we possibly can while our citizens shiver and industrial costs reach the stratosphere. After all, ensuring that the most deeply corrupt nation in Europe can join NATO is worth all that, isn’t it…?

  • Brenda Blessed

    Dr Mike Yeadon was Vice President and Chief Scientific Officer (Allergy & Respiratory Research) with Pfizer. Do yourselves a favour and watch the following video. In a long interview he exposes what is taking place across the west. We are in big, big trouble if the diabolically possessed get away with what they have in mind for us.

    Of course the video has to be placed on alternative platforms – Rumble and others – because YouTube would cancel it.

    Mike Yeadon – Fraud, Fear and How Herd Mentality Has Brought Us to the Edge

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