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Politicians painting themselves into a corner?

Wednesday/Thursday blog

First – I hope that readers watched Nigel Farage and Mark Steyn on GB News yesterday evening (Tuesday 2 August). Both were excellent.

Our rulers painting themselves into a corner?

Usually I try to use this blog to provide readers with facts they might not have been aware of rather than giving my opinion. After all, any fool can have opinions, but ever fewer people nowadays seem to bother finding out the facts before sharing their self-styled ‘wisdom’ with us.

But I’ve noticed that recently our rulers seem to be exhibiting a repetitive and increasingly obsessive form of behaviour whatever the situation. So, I’d like to propose briefly analysing this here.

Vaccines – learning to live with uncertainty

It’s becoming increasingly clear that the miracle vaccines for the lab-leaked Wuhan plague are both much less effective and much more dangerous than we were originally told by the Big Pharma companies, our rulers and the establishment mainstream media.

At the start of the Chinese plague, we saw hundreds of people dying in the corridors of Italian hospitals. So I don’t blame our panic-stricken rulers for jumping aboard the ‘miracle vaccine’ bandwagon ably supported by our scientifically-ignorant, propagandist mainstream media and profit-hungry Big Pharma companies.

What our rulers should then have done is accepted that the vaccines – especially the mRNA vaccines – were experimental and had not been properly tested on sufficient numbers of people over a sufficiently long period of time. So they should have treated the vaccines roll-out as a form of clinical trial. At each stage of the roll-out, they should have monitored the risk/benefit of the vaccines for each age group and developed recommendations for which groups should be vaccinated as the benefits outweighed the risk and which groups should not be vaccinated as the risks of harm from the vaccines outweighed the potential benefits.

But this would have meant that our rulers would have had to accept that they and we would have to learn to live with uncertainty.

However, what our rulers actually did was unforgivable. Our rulers were not willing to admit that they were unsure of the benefits and risks of the vaccines in case this frightened people from taking the vaccines. So our rulers (enthusiastically supported by our mainstream-media prostitute journalists-for-sale) forced vaccinations on us using psychological pressure (you don’t want to kill granny and we must save the NHS) and direct coercion (no vaccine, no job and no vaccine, no travel).

Then, having overhyped the benefits of the vaccines and downplayed the dangers, our rulers found they had painted themselves into a corner. So, rather than admitting they might have been wrong – that there might be uncertainties with their policies – they doubled down on their mistakes by pushing ever more people to be vaccinated (often unnecessarily and sometimes dangerously), by trying to cover up the level of adverse medical events caused by the vaccines and by conducting a hate vilification campaign against anyone – those evil anti-vaxxers who ‘deny the science’ – daring to question the vaccinate-vaccinate-vaccinate narrative.

Climate – learning to live with uncertainty

I believe we are seeing exactly the same behaviour from our rulers and the supine whores in the mainstream-media-for-sale with the issue of climate change. Here are probably the main steps of this destructive psychological derangement:

Step 1 – Accept a dubious, supposedly ‘scientific’ theory

With the vaccines, this was the idea that the ‘miracle vaccines’ were effective and safe. With climate, this is the theory that CO2 emissions from human activities are causing changes in the Earth’s climate

Step 2 – Develop policies based on the supposedly ‘scientific’ theory

With vaccines, this meant mass vaccinations. With climate this means the demonisation of fossil fuels (coal, oil and gas) and a whole series of policies to restrict our use of fossil fuels – banning petrol cars, banning gas boilers, huge ostensibly ‘green’ taxes on our energy bills, transferring farmland from producing food to producing inefficient, engine-destroying biofuels, covering the country with expensive, unreliable and largely useless wind-farms and solar panels etc etc

Step 3 – Deny the evidence of error

With  vaccines this meant completely ignoring (and covering up) the increasing evidence that the vaccines were less effective and more dangerous than originally believed. With climate, this meant ignoring the increasing evidence that the theory of man-made global warming was questionable as our climate was mostly influenced by variations in the Earth’s orbit, variations in solar activity and various cyclical phenomena like El Niño and La Nina. It also meant ignoring the evidence of the harm our rulers’ policies were causing – increasing food and fuel prices, increasing fuel poverty and the destruction of Western industry as high energy prices meant companies moved production and jobs to China and India where energy was still cheap.

Step 4 – Vilify the doubters

With both vaccinations and supposed ‘catastrophic’ man-made climate change, we’ve seen furious and disgraceful efforts by the politicians and the media to disparage, insult and attack anyone daring to question the official narrative. They’ve been labeled ‘tin-foil-hat conspiracy theorists’, ‘anti-vaxxers’ and ‘science deniers’, have been equated with Holocaust deniers, have been cancelled and some have even lost their jobs and livelihoods. Both mainstream and social media have also brutally censored anyone doubting either the vaccinations or the catastrophic climate change cult.

Step 5 – Double down on your mistakes

Finally, faced with increasing evidence of and thus increasing opposition to their obviously failing policies on both vaccinations and climate change, our rulers and the media have not only obstinately refused to admit possible uncertainties and errors. Instead they have doubled down on their mistaken policies. With vaccines this means ever more people getting ever more vaccinations – third, fourth and fifth booster shots. With climate this means ever more restrictions on our lives – cutting nitrogen fertilisers, building more useless supposedly ‘renewable’ energy, allowing us plebs less travel and less food, making energy more expensive and soon forcing us all to have ‘carbon wallets’ whereby each ordinary person will have a fixed (and limited) carbon budget controlling how much they can do, travel and buy. These restrictions will obviously not apply to the ruling political, media and scientists-for-sale elites.

Learning to live with uncertainty

The core issue seems to be that our rulers and the lickspittle mainstream media are unable to accept that life is a series of uncertainties (contradictions) and that their job is to manage our way through these uncertainties (contradictions). Instead our rulers and their parasitical stooges in the media seem desperate to create the impression that they are in control – that there are certainties. As someone much smarter than myself once said:

But in trying to give the impression that there are certainties in life and that our rulers are in control, our useless, incompetent, third-rate politicians and worthless self-serving scum in the mainstream media have painted themselves into a corner with both vaccines and climate. So, to save face and maintain the illusion of their own competence, they are caught in a worsening spiral of having to impose ever more destructive policies on us in spite of the mounting evidence with both vaccines and climate that these policies are mistaken and are leading us to disaster.

Funny old world we live in!

4 comments to Politicians painting themselves into a corner?

  • Jeffrey Palmer

    ‘Painting themselves into a corner’ is hardly the point.

    It’s entirely about government control, and the use of deliberately-created fear.

    The political class (and their media-whores) announce, endlessly and at maximum volume, that there’s an existential threat to our lives, and that the only way our lives can be protected is by (surprise!) more government control.

    Joseph Goebbels realised that the more a government and its media repeats a lie, eventually the population will come to believe it. That is exactly what has happened with the ‘Climate Change’ hoax and the scamdemic.

    Another quote from Dr Goebbels –
    “Propaganda works best when those who are being manipulated are confident they are acting on their own free will.”

  • Carolyn Hill

    Well said, you’ve got it in a nutshell. Question is how is this all going to end? We need a new messiah, we’re all saying the emperor has no clothes but nobody is listening.

    Ps loved all the synonyms you found to describe the MSM. GBNews had a very good point that the MSM are now all brainwashed university educated morons who think it is their duty to tell us what we should be thinking. They probably can’t even spell investigative journalism.

    And apropos of nothing there was a contestant on The chase last night who is at university doing a course in ………. Gender and Sexuality Studies! That’ll come in handy once she’s graduated – straight into a job in the MSM.

  • A Thorpe

    All opinions matter, and perhaps yours more than many because of all the research you do. Facts are a step to forming opinions but now the more important issue is the censorship of opinions. We saw this on GBNews recently with a man arrested and handcuffed for “offending” somebody by expressing an opinion. If free speech ends, then we will be told what our opinions should be. Statements of facts alone are not enough; we must have the evidence that supports the facts and be able to understand it. How many people are capable of understanding evidence when we live in an era of specialisation? Experts in one field will not be experts in others, so is the problem that experts tend to believe other experts?

    “Follow the science” is in vogue, but we cannot follow the science because it does not tell us what to do. Science, if correct, can only tell us what will happen if we take certain actions. It cannot tell us what the best action is because there are always consequences. If science is right and our release of carbon dioxide is changing the climate, the climate science does not tell us about the damage we will do to our energy supplies and economy by reducing it to zero through the banning of fossil fuels.

    You raise an important point in the introduction – why are all governments doing the same thing? This has never happened before. In Westminster we now have the uniParty that agrees on every incorrect fact.

    I do blame our rulers and those of other countries. What is the point of having them if they panic and accept the views of their experts that they know have been very wrong in the past? They are completely lacking in any wisdom. When the King of Naples prepared to invade Florence, and he would have succeeded, Lorenzo d’ Medici offered his own life and the King called off the attack and released Lorenzo. That was leadership. Now our government and police cannot even protect young women and children from rape gangs, or police our borders.

    Carolyn Hill makes a good point about needed a new messiah. Unfortunately, they seem to come along after major disasters. We had the Dark Ages after the collapse of the Roman Empire. The Renaissance started in Florence after the Black Death, crop failures and an economic disaster when England defaulted on a huge debt. But after Lorenzo, Savonarola came along and did a job job of destroying everything. We now seem to be going through another bleak period and although there are many who see the problems, the messiah to lead the attack against them has not appeared.

    We all know that vaccine development takes years to bring an effective and safe vaccine to market, perhaps as long as seven, so why didn’t this ring alarm bells with the Covid vaccines. My understanding is that the mRNA technology has been under development for at least 20 years mainly as a treatment for cancer and there have been no successful treatments developed. mRNA vaccines were not successful in any animal trials. I don’t see the AstraZeneca vaccine as being much different, it just uses a viral vector to deliver the genetic code into our cells and from what I have seen of the reported adverse events it is perhaps even more risky that the Pfizer vaccine.

    Let’s remember that in the UK the panic was generated by Prof Ferguson’s modelling using estimates of infection rates that were completely unknown at the time. He created the panic having never produced any accurate modelling outcomes in the past. Hannah Fry claimed she had worked on modelling to end the lockdown and it has been suggested that she could have been involved in the modelling to start it.

    As you say we are in a period where for some reason we do not want to accept uncertainty and even worse think that we can do something to avoid it. It is like returning to burning witches. In our early stages of evolution, we must have embraced uncertainty otherwise we would not have survived. As Aldous Huxley said, technology provides us with a more efficient way of going backwards and it doesn’t apply just to climate and the covid vaccines.

    It does not matter what our rulers said about the vaccines, and of course they are all still repeating the same message in the face mounting evidence to prove they are wrong. We must accept responsibility for our own lives and increasingly we are giving this up for promises of safety. Benjamin Franklin said, those who give up liberty for temporary safety deserve neither, and he is being proven correct. What happened to informed consent for health care? This should give us the benefits and risks specific to our health conditions and provide an opportunity for discussion. I have never been given a consent form for any vaccination. I have had flu vaccinations, but I am getting doubtful about them. I think the risks are low, but the benefits are very doubtful. They are another money-making racket.

    Your five points focus attention on the problems being created by our governments and scientists who we should be able to trust. Put together in this way without any complex science makes it easy for anybody to understand them. We need to get you on GBNews pointing this out.

    On some specific climate points, I have just seen a report on the corruption of the temperature record produced by the Hartland Institute, and this is an update of a 2009 report. It confirms everything that Tony Heller has been reporting. I also saw a paper from 2017 by Thomas Allmendinger “The Refutation of the Climate Greenhouse Theory and a Proposal for a Hopeful Alternative” which I found very informative. I haven’t paid much attention to El Nino/La Nina events, and I understood them to be related to the winds blowing water across the Pacific against gravity and the water build-up eventually collapses, but I saw an article recently claiming that underwater volcanic activity is the cause. Who is correct?

  • Hardcastle

    Have you read the climate change policy of your local district or County Council recently? You should do because it sums up all of what the above are saying.Total belief in non scientific facts.The reality is that they are going to face some very real practical problems as soon as this winter and they are wasting our time and money on this nonsense.Blaming Putin will not cut it.Prepare for more interesting times as reality in all things bites.

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