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Have a jab, have a heart (attack)?

Monday/Tuesday blog

The evidence that the miracle vaccines may be bad for your health is beginning to mount up. In this blog, I’ll present some new data from Scotland and the West Midlands. I’ll just show a series of charts. They hardly need any commentary.

News from the Democratic People’s Glorious Republic of Scotland

First the number of cardiovascular cases by age group for Scotland for the last two years:

As you’ll see there has been a significant rise in cardiovascular cases in the 15-44 age group (the red line on the chart).

And here are the number of people aged 15-44 requiring out-of-hours treatment for cardiovascular care (red line on the chart) compared to the historic average (green line on the chart):

Good heavens! I wonder why this could be?

Now the West Midlands

Here are the number of ambulance call-outs for heart conditions by month and year for the West Midlands Ambulance Service:

As you’ll see, the vaccination years – 2020, 2021 and 2022 – score rather well compared to the years 2017, 2018 and 2019.

And here’s the same data for people under 30 years old:

Again the years 2020, 2021 and 2022 seem somewhat higher than the previous three years.

Covid or Covid jabs?

What could be causing these apparent increases in heart problems? The lab-leaked Wuhan plague or the miracle jabs designed to combat the lab-leaked Chinese plague?

Perhaps there are two more charts which could shed a little more light on this mystery.

According to a scientific study conducted by the ‘Division of Pediatric Cardiology, University Hospital of Lausanne, Lausanne, Switzerland which was published in 2006, between the years 1966 and 2004 there were 1,101 sudden deaths among athletes under the age of 35 – around 2.3 deaths per month:

But just in the 16 months between January 2021 and April 2022, there were around 673 athlete deaths – around 42 per month.

Here’s the trend in athlete collapses and deaths:

Admittedly, this doesn’t prove that the jabs, rather than the Chinese plague are to blame for the huge rise in heart problems. But a recent study does suggest there is a link between the jabs and heart problems:

You can see the conclusion of this study in the last sentence of the abstract: “We conclude that the mRNA vacs dramatically increase inflammation on the endothelium and T cell infiltration of cardiac muscle and may account for the observations of increased thrombosis cardiomyopathy and other vascular events following vaccination”.

Do you still want your fourth and fifth and sixth booster shot?

10 comments to Have a jab, have a heart (attack)?

  • Traveling Man

    I’m in my late fifties with a 12 year old daughter who will start year 8 in September, as soon as she was 12 the local immunisation team emailed through the school to offer the miracle vaccine. I was and always will be sceptical of miracles so my wife and I decided not to inflict it on our daughter. At the same time the influenza jab was offered. To accept or decline the flu jab tick yes or no return the form to school and that’s it. Now to receive the COVID jab tick yes return it to school and your child will have the miracle jab quick as a flash. To reject the miracle vaccine is much more fun. Fill out a form with both parents details, email address home address phone number etc etc Child’s details including NHS number etc etc. I still can’t figure out what the difference is to reject one or the other. Perhaps some wise soul on here can educate me.

  • A Thorpe

    If it is true then the vaccine developers failed to test their product, the health regulators failed to do their job, most health professionals were silent, and the government propaganda machine went into action to persuade people to have a series of dangerous injections. This has happened around the world. The UK government seems to be ignoring the evidence of a serious problem and I believe that the PM candidates have not been questioned about it. It is a situation that we only expect to see in Hollywood movies.

    But we must not jump to conclusions. For example none of the data above separates the vaccinated from the unvaccinated. My understanding is that there is a serious problem with the data because the population of the country is not known accurately. It is assumed that the number vaccinated is known and the unvaccinated are determined by difference and this introduces a significant error.

    Prof Norman Fenton looked at deaths I think in August 2021 and concluded that there was no significant indication that vaccines has significant benefit or risk, but there was a peak in deaths after vaccination rollout that he could not explain. Somebody using the name Amanuensis came to a similar conclusion recently but said there was obviously something going on that needed to be investigated.

    It’s even more difficult to analyse a specific illness and attribute it to the vaccines. Hannah Fry was criticised in the Unvaccinated programme over the jellybeans but she was pointing out the risks associated with the diseases are very low and the risks for both vaccinated and unvaccinated has to be established. I suspect that there may not be a statistically significant difference to reach a conclusion. But it needs accurate data and expert, unbiased analysis.

    It is said that drinking, obesity and stress levels increased during the lockdowns and on top of that people now have economic concerns. How do we know for certain what is the cause of increased illness and death?

    My opinion from the start was that the vaccines were an experimental gene therapy, never shown to be successful for anything, with totally inadequate trials. When the developers had data they could use for their purpose they declared a 95% efficacy. What did that mean? It has never been explained. It is just a high number that sounds good. It was based on a very small number of people having a minor covid infection and nothing more. There is no doubt in my mind that the vaccine programme is fraudulent and it should be stopped, but that view is based on the inadequate initial trials.

  • David Craig

    Reading your comment, a conspiracy theorist might conclude that our rulers want a comprehensive list of “anti-vaxxers” which they can use in the future to take action against such “trouble-makers”.

  • Stillreading

    Since the rise in cases of myocarditis leading to death in the young and otherwise healthy is in those who, to the best of anyone’s knowledge, have never contracted covid-19, then the deaths are attributable to some other cause. All right; correlation is not causation, but I for one am willing to credit correlation as being very indicative indeed of causation in the case of mRNA jabs. We all know, don’t we, the way it will almost certainly go? Jab, Jab, Jab again, Jab yet again. People will die suddenly and unexpectedly. When in the old (older?) those deaths will be attributed to a host of other factors – obesity (fair enough in some cases), lack of exercise, depression, loneliness, diabetes, stress, you name it. Some time into the future, when it will no longer be feasible to blame modern life in general, a cautious, secretive look will be taken at statistics such as those in today’s blog. Then there will be “enquiries”, protracted, complicated, so thick with impenetrable verbiage that they will be all but incomprehensible and then, many years down the line, when the truth can no longer reasonably be denied, admissions will be made. We shall hear about an “emergency situation”, “doing their very best with the best of intentions”, “had we known then what we now know”, “nevertheless more lives were saved than were lost”, etc. etc. And, of course, “Lessons will have been Learned”.

  • A Thorpe

    Stillreading: There are theories about how the vaccines cause disease but evidence is needed and some reports warn that evidence comes from in vitro testing. There are some deaths specifically attributed to the vaccines as a result of post mortems but I haven’t seen any details explaining how the vaccines caused death, which seems odd.

    There is a long list of other illnesses but none are new and I assume there is no cure for any of them, just treatments. What tests or examinations would be required to prove the cause was the vaccines? I have never seen any information about how it could be done and this is essential if causation is to be established.

    If you look at the ONS mortality rates, they dropped in 2015 and I haven’t seen any explanation. If something caused it shouldn’t we know so that we can reduce the rate further? It does mean that people were living longer and we cannot avoid death forever, so the increase in deaths could be due to the earlier lower death rate.

    It is not an easy problem and we cannot experiment on humans.

  • Stillreading

    You are quite right Thorpe – which is why at the moment they are “getting away with it”. I can speak only for myself. As an octogenarian, therefore someone in the “high risk group”, who is being repeatedly receiving phone calls and texts (to none of which do I respond) pressing me to attend for a 4th jab, having already received three, without as far as I m aware deleterious consequences, I have decided to eschew a 4th, a 5th, a 6th…… OK, without Thorpe’s scrupulous study of death rates and trends, I am not qualified to respond in detail. We do know that prior 2019/20 mild winters in the UK probably delayed “normal” deaths, thereby exacerbating the “excess death” rate for the period of the covid-19 outbreak. Consequently the Gvt. and Big Pharma were able to engender alarm and thus ensure everyone was eager to submit to the jab. How are death rates amongst the young in Canada and Australia, with populations widely similar to those in the UK? Do they show an unexplained sudden rise?

  • Carolyn Hill

    I was neither up nor down about the vaccinations and dutifully trotted along for the first 3. However I am now wondering what is the point? They don’t stop you catching it, they don’t stop you passing it on, allegedly (evidence?) they reduce the likelihood of being hospitalised if you catch it. In view of this why were people restricted from doing so many things unless they could prove they were vaccinated? Wasn’t it their choice if they wanted to risk hospitalisation? Protecting the sacred cow, the NHS?

    The main thing that has put me off bothering any more is that they are only efficacious for a few weeks but the time between jabs is months so how much protection are they actually offering? Very little, if any.

    Meanwhile I have become aware of the huge rise in heart attacks and deaths in previously healthy people following on from being vaccinated. As you rightly point out it’s hard to tell if these are covid induced or vaccine induced. Djokovic has a point! If the vaccine is causing these heart attacks he is a prime candidate.

    There’s a reason new drugs and vaccines spend years in trials it’s to ensure they do more good than harm. They had no time at all to properly trial the covid vaccines, pushed by governments desperate to have something to sell to the populace as the answer to covid and stop the lockdowns, they were fast tracked through but at what cost?

    As stillreading says, the truth may eventually come out (Hillsborough anyone?) but it will be years down the line and “lessons will be learnt” Aye! until the next time.

  • Brenda Blessed

    Come on! You people are like a boxer who needs to be fed data in a fight in order to be able to react.

    I knew right from the start and said so on this blog back in May 2020 that because the alleged average age of death from Covid was 82 and that the average age of death itself is around the same age that something very fishy was going on. Made considerably more fishy by the fact that the vaccinations were not licensed only approved for emergency use and were stripped of any legal liability against the manufacturers for deaths and adverse reactions. Plus our government is now doing its utmost not to pay out for deaths that have the vaccinations as the cause of death that have coroner verification and death certificates to back the claims up.

    As with HIV AIDS, the people who died were almost all suffering from comorbidities that were claimed for Covid by having had a Covid test within 28 days of death.

    The creator of the PCR test, Dr Kary Mullis, is on video record saying that there is no way that his biochemical test can be used to diagnose a viral infection or even to determine that anyone is ill. I have yet to see the interviews in which he says that on the mainstream media. Nor have I seen any information on the validity of the PCR and lateral flow tests, neither of which is a quantitative test of the same kind as a litmus test. The press was full of the numbers testing positive without providing the rate of testing and no breakdowns of the outcomes of those tests has ever appeared.

    GB News put in a Freedom of Information request to the Office of National Statistics in order to find out how many of the Covid deaths were from Covid alone. The figure then was that only 17,000 out of 150,000 deaths claimed for Covid were from Covid alone. And even those 17,000 are suspect given that 20,000 deaths occurred in the old people turfed out of hospitals back into care homes where injections of Midazolam could have helped them on their way out. No such mass dying of Covid has ever taken place in the hospitals. This turfing of old people out of hospitals happened across the west as if scripted.

    It was pretty obvious to me that the globalist western governments were following the same script to get their entire populations and the population of the rest of the world vaccinated with the DNA-changing mRNA vaccinations in order to take control of their DNA.

    CRISPR technology makes gene-editing possible. It was developed when researchers in the 80s found that certain bacteria had the innate ability to edit pathological DNA out of their genomes and replace it with healthy DNA. CRISPR technology provides the ability to turn genes on and off.

    CRISPR – a technology that can be used to edit genes –

    “CRISPR is a technology that can be used to edit genes and, as such, will likely change the world.”

  • Eric Legge

    Here is Simon Webb’s latest video on Covid-19, the vaccinations and the resulting lockdowns:

    How children in Britain are falling dangerously ill as a direct result of the lockdowns –

  • Roy Hartwell

    Fear not !! There will be so many dying this winter because they cannot afford heat AND food it will completely swamp the figures for Covid/Covid vaccines ( though I’m certain many deaths will be attributed to Covid ready to introduce more government controls)

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