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Can we trust anyone to tell us the truth?

Thursday/Friday blog

Be afraid, be obedient

There are so many supposed crises being inflicted on us proles that I’m surprised anyone dares get out of bed any more. There’s the climate crisis, the Covid crisis, the monkeypox crisis, the cost of living crisis, the gas crisis, the energy crisis, the worst UK drought for 50 years, the wildfires crisis, the Ukraine crisis. the coming Taiwan crisis etc etc.

But if we do as we’re told – start wearing facemasks indoors yet again, get a seemingly endless stream of supposed vaccinations, have fewer sexual partners, travel less or better still not at all, use less water, eat protein-rich insects instead of beef, use less electricity and gas, spend £10,000 to £40,000 installing a useless heat pump, spend £40,000+ buying an electric milk float pretending to be a car or better still give up any thoughts of owning a car at all and just use almost non-existent public transport – if we do all those things, we might be able to save the planet and the human race. Meanwhile the elites will continue to live in their massive, centrally-heated and airconditioned mansions when they’re  not flying around the world in First Class or in their private jets, eating the best food in the best restaurants and staying at luxury hotels while lecturing us on how to be more responsible citizens.

Oh, and above all, we should spend our time and energy watching sports, reality TV and box sets of our ‘favourite’ series rather than questioning why our rulers are destroying agriculture to increase food prices, forcing us to take untested experimental fake vaccines, rationing our use of energy and imposing ever more restrictions on our lives.

Jabber – leave them kids alone

There are plenty of conspiracy fanatics spreading all kinds of nonsense about the WuFlu jabs, particularly in relation to jabbing children. But just in the last two weeks there have been two serious studies published in countries with high-quality healthcare systems and excellent data collection and analysis. One was of around 255,000 children aged 5 to 11 in Singapore and the other was (I think) of around 140,000 children in Finland.

The results of both studies reached the same conclusion – children aged 5 to 11 were much more likely to be hospitalised due to adverse reaction to the WuFlu jabs than from catching the WuFlu itself. Such studies are difficult as so few children aged 5 to 11 are ever seriously ill from the WuFlu. So, despite such a large sample of children being studied, the actual number hospitalised is very small. If I remember correctly, of the 255,000 children studies in Singapore, 25 were hospitalised as a direct result of the WuFlu jab whereas only 5 were hospitalised due to catching the lab-leaked WuFlu.

These two studies are just the latest indicating that it’s probably not such a great idea to keep on pumping any healthy individuals under the age of say 60 with fake vaccines which need boosters every few months as the vaccines give limited protection against the WuFlu, probably less protection than natural immunity and maybe even weaken our bodies’ natural protection.

But our rulers have invested so much of our money and their reputations in pushing their pretend vaccines that they cannot admit the the risk/benefit ratio for the majority of the population suggests that only a tiny minority should risk WuFlu vaccination.

Can we even trust the weather forecast?

A few blogs ago, I showed the two charts below:

The Met Office forecaster said the picture has been doctored (Twitter)

You can never be sure with stuff floating around the Internet, but I believe these two charts are genuine.

The one on your left is from the 1970s and the one on your right from the recent heat wave. In the 1970s, sunny weather was portrayed as something to enjoy, whereas now the map of the UK is coloured bright red in order to terrify us about supposed catastrophic climate change.

Below are two weather charts from Germany for 21 June 2017 (the top chart) and 21 June 2022 (the lower chart):


If these two charts from Germany are genuine, then it looks like German weather presenters are playing the same trick as presenters in the UK – colouring their charts in scorching red to propagandise their message of the world about to be incinerated because we’re all using too much fossil fuels.

Hey Germans, who is laughing now?

I have featured this very short video before. But as panic spreads throughout Europe over the continent’s dependency, especially Germany’s dependency, on Russian gas, let’s not forget how the German delegation at the UN sniggered and laughed when former US president Donald Trump warned in 2018 about Germany becoming dependent on Russia for its energy supplies.

Hey Germans, who is laughing now?

5 comments to Can we trust anyone to tell us the truth?

  • Stillreading

    Oh, the irony! They just can’t see it, can they? Rabbiting on yesterday and again this morning on the BBC of this July being the “hottest since 1911”! That’s 111 years ago, you “man-made global warming/climate catastrophe” idiots! A time when the internal combustion engine was in its infancy, only a select few of the very well-off could afford to pollute the countryside with carbon-heavy exhaust fumes, and the poorer of the UK population might never in their entire lives journey further than their feet could carry them from their places of birth. Admittedly there were coal-burning foundries and manufacturers and steam trains and without (presumably unobtainable) reliable statistics on fossil fuel consumption it is now impossible to prove categorically that carbon output was less then than it is now, but the point is that almost certainly absent today’s world-wide and allegedly world-destroying use of fossil fuels, the UK temperature was still capable of rising to very high levels. We’ve all (at least all who read this blog!) heard of the run of superb, hot and sunny summers of the reign of Edward VII which preceded WW1. Regarding the vaccines-which-aren’t-vaccines, Prof. Richard Ennos of Edinburgh University is researching recent and currently-occurring excess deaths and is noticing that people are dying of non-covid-related causes around 12 weeks after receiving a covid mRNA jab and that these excess deaths are occurring in progressively lower age groups which appear to correlate with the progressively lowering of the ages at which covid jabs are given. He freely acknowledges that correlation is not causation, and has further investigation to carry out, but if this does turn out to be the case, then the findings of a group of researchers that the mRNA jab, whilst protecting against covid only to a limited extent and for only a limited period, permanently destroys an essential interferon which alerts the body’s immune system to ANY invasive organism, its own rogue potentially cancerous cells included, will be well on the way to being proven. What will Big Pharma and the leads of countries where vaccination is compulsory, have to say then? Well, I guess they’ll tell us that eating cockroaches will be the cure!

  • A Thorpe

    Perhaps there is only one crisis, human stupidity. Our hunter-gathering ancestors had to be responsible for themselves and their survival depended on it. Something happened to us when the agricultural revolution took place. This was when improved efficiency produced excess food and cities became established. It was the start of elites controlling us. They saw that it was easier to take control of the excess production and sell it rather than doing the hard work of producing it. Why did the masses give up their freedom to be controlled by a minority? It must have been the time when violence increased which became entertainment for the Romans, a way of appeasing the Gods, a way of preventing bad weather by killing witches, and now our governments cannot stop themselves from starting wars and developing ever more destructive weapons. Millions of people still live in poverty and are dying from starvation and poor health care. This is utter insanity and it is getting worse.

  • Bad Brian

    Just sitting here quietly, watching the opening ceremony of the Birmingham Commonwealth Games. Or was I being ill again ?

    It appeared to me that it was mostly about groovy black people getting up late while the rest of us had already put a shift in, their eyes ablaze with the usual indignant sense of entitlement as bands of Yoof’s waved white bits of cardboard ( magic shards apparently ) that looked like the top a Chinese take-away.

    How exciting indeed !

    Hardly 15 mins into the drivel, the Koran got a nice plug as how wonderful it is with the appearance of Miss Maiawi who got her head shot off by her Muslim pals when a kid, before she appeared here to leech off my NHS taxes.

    Could modern dance ever be made so boring and vacuous again I mused ?.

    A collection of yoof’s splashing about in a paddling pool surrounded by people sitting in wheel chairs had me wondering if there had been a terrible accident somewhere.

    A Gypsy accordianist, helped out by a menopausal women’s choir was fortunatley enough for even her indoors to agree to find something on Netflix.

    Even Norway got a look in to the bafflement of the two idiot commentators. What about the whales eh eh eh !!!

    If this is how the UK see’s itself then we are truly lost.

  • Jeffrey Palmer

    It’s a funny old world.
    Today, the government announces a trickle of new support for a UK public facing officially predicted £60 per week domestic fuel bills.
    But just seventeen days ago, on 12th July, our dim-bulb Foreign Secretary Liz Truss announced a fresh round of sanctions against Russia.
    Is Truss so ignorant of the ‘Law of Cause and Effect’ that she imagines Russia won’t give the gas tap yet another turn in response? And push even more people who actually couldn’t give a toss about the fate of Zelensky and his handlers into even greater fuel poverty?
    And that billion quid of UK taxpayers’ money that Johnson put in Zelensky’s back pocket on 30th June could have gone a long way towards alleviating fuel poverty in this country. Instead of helping to keep a war going one thousand five hundred miles away.

    Meanwhile TV news reports this morning that the government is under fire in an official inquiry about its handling of the retreat from Afghanistan.
    No criticism however about the UK government ignoring the second rule of warfare – ‘Don’t Invade Afghanistan!’. A graveyard for UK squaddies on numerous occasions during the past hundred and fifty-odd years and the scene of two of the British Army’s biggest battlefield disasters.

    How, one asks, has a nation which once governed, reasonably effectively, a quarter of the entire world’s land surface end up being totally unable to effectively govern itself

  • Hardcastle

    Thank you Brian for confirming my expectations with regard to the opening ceremony for the Commonwealth Games.I did not watch as I suspected it would be a wokefest of childish mediocrity.Pity,because the athletes deserve better,given that they generally possess elite talent which they have honed through disciplined application.

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