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The great mainstream-media “Britain Burning” fraud

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Panic, disaster – we’re all going to die

We’ve all seen the hyperventilating media reports of “Britain Burning” and “Britain on Fire” etc etc as temperatures reached 40.3ºC or something like that in a few places (possibly mainly near airports and RAF bases) in Central and Southern England:

Of course, our political rulers and the media have blamed the fires on catastrophic Global Warming or Climate Change or Climate Crisis or whatever it’s called this month:

And the climate catastrophists have been out in force warning us all that this is the fiery-inferno future facing us all if we don’t stop using cheap, abundant, reliable fossil fuels:

I bet you didn’t know about Britain’s daily 296 arson attacks

But let me do something our rulers and media and climate catastrophists have yet again completely failed to do. Let me put these supposed apocalyptic climate-change-caused fires into context.

If we take the last full ‘normal’ year before the lab-leaked Wuhan plague struck, there were 213,782 fires attended by fire services in the UK. Of these 213,282 fires 50.5% – 108,024 – were deliberate arson.

I bet you didn’t know that!

In England, 167,291 fires were attended by fire services in just one year. Of these 48% – 80,610 – were a result of arson.

This means that there were on average 296 deliberately-lit arson fires every single day in the UK including 220 per day in England. Incidentally, it seems that our Scottish, Welsh and Northern Irish friends are more prone to setting fire to things than the English. I wonder why that is?

On Tuesday 19 July 2022, when we had some very hot weather there were, I think, fewer than 50 major fires. Of course, there may have been more. We don’t know. But even if there were 100 or 150 or 200 serious fires on ‘Torrid Tuesday’, this would be fewer than an average day in the UK when there are 296 arson incidents. Though clearly, when the weather is hot and dry, this encourages idiots to light up their cheap supermarket barbecues on dry grassland which will cause more fires. Moreover, during hot weather fires will tend to spread more quickly and do more damage than when it’s p*ssing down with rain.

What is happening is that the daily 296 UK arson attacks are never reported by the national media and only a few serious ones are sometimes mentioned by local media. However, when there is a bit of hot weather, suddenly the national mainstream media have multiple orgasms over supposedly ‘apocalyptic’ fires as trying to cause widespread fear and panic over fires gets people’s attention, sells newspapers and is great clickbait. But most importantly for those peddling the end-of-mankind, Global-Warming hoax, reporting fires without mentioning the context – 296 arson attacks every day – also fits the official narrative that Global Warming is causing an overheating planet to burn up:

It’s nonsense. Total and utter nonsense. If anything, there may even have been fewer fires during the hot weather than on an average day. We don’t know as we cannot trust the media to tell us the truth. Though those fires would have been more serious than usual due to the dry conditions.

Why does it only take me and Google a couple of minutes to find all this and yet our mainstream media seem incapable/unwilling to do this most basic piece of research?

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