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A Schoolchild’s Guide to Climate Change

Friday/Saturday blog

Given the recent outbreak of panic and hysteria about Climate Change in the UK’s media after two days of quite hot weather in a few places (mainly near airports) in Central and Southern England, in this blog I’d like to provide what I’ve called “A Schoolchild’s Guide to Climate Change” by trying to answer six very simple questions. Apologies to those who were generous enough to buy my book “THERE IS NO CLIMATE CRISIS” and to many other readers as there is probably nothing here you don’t already know.

Question 1: Is the Earth getting warmer?

Since satellites started measuring the Earth’s temperature in the 1970s, there are indications that the Earth may have warmed by about 0.06ºC in 43 years:

(to see images more clearly left-click on the image and then left-click again)

But as different satellites have been used over the years and the figures have been constantly adjusted by the main meteorological authorities, we cannot be absolutely sure.

Question 2: Is this warming unexpected?

In the 1960s and 1970s, the Earth’s temperatures fell by so much that all the experts agreed the Earth was cooling and that there was a risk of a new Ice Age:

The experts predicted that this new Ice Age would devastate agriculture and lead to the deaths of millions and even wars as countries fought to get food for their populations:

So, the fact that there has probably been a 0.06ºC warming since the end of 20 years of cooling is just a normal part of the Earth’s natural cycle of warming and cooling.

Question 3: Is the Earth warmer now than it has been for hundreds of years?

No. There were terrible heatwaves between 1910 to the end of the 1930s. In fact, it was so hot that climatologists then believed that the polar ice caps would melt and many millions would die in catastrophic flooding:

You may have heard of the American ‘dustbowl years’ described in John Steinbeck’s novel Grapes of Wrath. Those were in the 1920s and 1930s.

Question 4: Are more people being killed by extreme weather?

No. In the 1920s and 1930s millions died in droughts and floods:

The number dying in climate catastrophes since then has fallen by around 95% while atmospheric CO2 levels have risen from around 300ppm (parts per million) to over 400ppm:

Natural Disasters – Our World in Data

So, if the BBC or C4 News or your teacher or anyone else tells you that more people are dying due to extreme weather caused by rising atmospheric CO2 levels, they are talking nonsense and are either a liar or a fool or both.

Not only are far fewer people dying due to extreme weather, but the human race has never had it so good in spite of all the warnings of doom and disaster by the climate catastrophists. Although the world’s population has shot up from around 1 billion in 1820 to over 7 billion now, a much smaller percent of the world’s population are living in extreme poverty than even before:

Question 5: What cases the Earth’s climate to change?

The Earth’s climate has always changed and always will change. Due to the shape of the Earth’s orbit around the sun there are glaciations every 100,000 to 120,000 years:

We are currently in an interglacial period.

In the shorter term, variations in solar activity lead to warming and cooling periods which can typically last from anywhere between 20 to 50 years. Then there are many other influences on the climate such as El Niño and La Nina, the Atlantic Multi-decadal Oscillation and levels of cloud cover. In fact, the Earth’s climate is such a complex thermodynamic system that we are very far from understanding how it actually works. But the idea that we can just adjust the Earth’s temperature by raising or lowering atmospheric CO2 levels, as if CO2 levels were some kind of simple thermostat like you have in your home, is complete codswallop.

Question 6: But what about the polar bears?

No need to worry about the polar bears. They’ve been around for tens of thousands of years and have survived more climate changes than you’ve had hot dinners. Moreover, ever since a treaty signed in 1973 limiting hunting of polar bears to 900 a year hunted by local people using traditional methods, it’s estimated that the polar bear population has increased from around 12,000 to over 26,000

8 comments to A Schoolchild’s Guide to Climate Change

  • Carolyn Hill

    Preaching to the converted here. And the frightening thing is: you’d NEVER be allowed to teach this in schools nowadays – it’s outright blasphemy or is it heresy?

    How in god’s name did we come this in this day and age? It was understandable in medieval times when so few were educated, you could get the great unwashed to believe almost anything but now?

    I’m scared!

  • A Thorpe

    I was reading an email from Melanie Phillips about this when yours arrived. She summed it up as “What we are seeing is global records being smashed for stupidity, credulousness and ignorance.”

    I imagine the teaching profession will consider your six points too alarming to put in front of school children,

  • Bill Dawson

    Great article. As the commenters above me have noted, the stakeholders in this “the sky is falling” climate hysteria have largely succeeded in censoring truth-tellers in modern society. In government schools, children are trained to highly value group conformity and are shunned if they think critically and fail to agree with the approved opinions and narratives. That makes it all the more crucial that truth-tellers continue to calmly and rationally present evidence that stimulates people to think for themselves, and seek the truth rather than seeking acceptance by the herd.

  • A Thorpe

    Did you see the TV propaganda this week? ITVs heatwaves and BBCs three parter on the oil industry knowing the were damaging the climate. The BBC included a clip of James Hanson at the hearing where he supposedly turned off the air conditioning. They looked cool to me.

    I’m convinced that they all genuinely believe that we are changing the climate. A belief supported by more and more government funding being allocated to support their research. This could never happen in engineering because they have to produce something that works. Climate scientists are blind to the empirical evidence that does not support their claims and so are the people who believe them because their propaganda includes dramatic events they claim are our fault as we saw in these programmes.

    Hannah Fry in her programme ignored all the problems with the vaccines in an attempt to convince people to be vaccinated.

    A reasoned argument doesn’t stand a chance against the might of the MSM.

  • Bill D

    A Thorpe, they do believe it. Selling the idea works best if the movement leaders are true believers. The change in education systems toward indoctrination and group-think, and away from independent critical thinking prepares the young minds to be more easily converted.
    I’m convinced that currently there is another phenomenon at play. Prof. Mattias Desmet describes a process he calls Mass Formation. He says “the most salient characteristic of this psychological trend is that it makes people radically blind to everything that goes against the narrative they believe in. They basically become incapable of distancing themselves from their beliefs, and therefore cannot take in or evaluate new data.”

    And for a large percentage of them, it is almost impossible to get through to them or wake them up. Even if you provide them with categorical proof that invalidates the narrative they believe in, they cannot see it.
    The deeper into the process of mass formation they go, the more likely they are to become cruel toward those who don’t believe as they do.
    That’s why it’s important to keep sharing evidence that invalidates the global warming dogma. As long as there are people speaking up against the madness, it helps prevent the descent into cruelty and violence against “non-believers”.

  • Stillreading

    Why should anyone with an enquiring mind believe any pronouncements by the so-called “experts”? Only a couple of days ago we learned that the data on research into Altzeimer’s disease, research on which treatment has been based, has been knowingly manipulated for two decades. in short, lies have been told. So we are back where we started as regards the possible causes of this vile affliction of the elderly. Regarding “climate change” I am at odds with most of my children and grandchildren on this, when I deny it is ocurring, yet all are scientists in their specific fields – physicists or members of the medical professions. Despite their capability to analyse and understand statistics and cause and result, they have swallowed all the propaganda with which we are ceaselessly bombarded and their eyes glaze over and they lose patience with me over when I point out that evidence demonstrates cyclical variations in the world’s climate. Can’t help noticing, though, that despite their belief in the evils of atmospheric carbon, in the coming weeks they will all be jumping on high-polluting air transport to seek locations where 41 degrees Fahrenheit is the norm! I weep for our school-age children, including my grandchildren, who are being indoctrined in schools wth a load of unproven propaganda instead of being presented with facts – facts going back millenia, not manipulated data pertaining only to the past few years – to the extent that they are rendered incapable of debating an issue, or even acknowledgfing that an issue merits debate. As for the covid jab, I hope I am still around, some decade or so down the line, when people are developing and dying from increased rates of cancer and strange as yet unknown conditions, due to the suppression of the body’s natural ability to fight invasive rogue cells or general infections, to hear that “Lessons have been learned”. Of course! That grossly and obscenely overused and abused pronouncement excuses everything, doesn’t it? Utterly sickening, all of it. And why has no one seriously queried why the senile Biden, vaccinated up to the hilt, is currently suffering from covid? Seems to me now (I speak as one who enthusiastically presented an arm for three jabs) that the more you are vaccinated, the more likely you are to get it! Certainly has applied in my family!

  • Eric Legge

    We just need five or six men like Florida’s Ron Desantism who has not swallowed any of the lies and falsifications, and the tables can be turned.

    These woke believers are the physiologically-exhausted who are so slight that they are almost non-existent and, as such, can be made believe in almost anything that is presented to them by the authorities. They are so unaware of themselves that they are the opposite of what they are making themselves out to be. Seething with hatred and resentment but preaching love and tolerance.

    The Renaissance came about due to the efforts of around a hundred men, but was brought to an end by one man – Martin Luther – who restored the Church by attacking it.

    What we are seeing is the rebirth of the Christian slave morality minus God. So, without a divine authority, it is whackier and more hypocritical than ever before.

    Here are some relevant short quotes from Nietzsche:

    “It is not their love for men but the impotence of their love for men which hinders the Christians of today [the late 1800s] from – burning us.” – Beyond Good and Evil

    “… preferences for exciting material (erotica or socialistica): all signs that show for whom one is working today: for the overworked and absent-minded or enfeebled. One has to tyrannise in order to produce any effect at all.” – The Will to Power.

    “A declaration of war on the masses by higher men is needed! Everywhere the mediocre are combining in order to make themselves master. Everything that makes soft and effeminate , that serves the ends of the “people” or the “feminine”, works in favour of suffrage universal, i.e., the dominion of inferior men. But we should take reprisal and bring this whole affair (which in Europe commenced with Christianity) to light and to the bar of judgement.” – The Will to Power.

  • Dave W

    My Internet provider – a subsidiary of Sky – will not let me access your site because it infringes their policies re. the following categories, terrorism, weapons, violence, gore, and hate. There is nothing I can do to see your site. I have an accomplice who is contacting you, but the email addrees is mine.

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