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How many of Telford’s diversity enrichers are not paedophile gang-rapists?

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Rotherham, Rochdale, Oldham and now Telford

You’ll all know about the recent report on the gang-raping of over 1,000 underage white working-class girls by ‘Asian’ men in Telford over a period of thirty years. So Telford joins a long and shameful list of English towns – Rotherham, Rochdale, Oldham, Oxford, Blackpool etc etc – where the gang-rape and occasional murder of underage white working-class girls seems to have been the favourite sport among men from a certain community.

And you’ll know that these girls were raped vaginally, anally and orally by groups of men one after another as the men phoned their cousins, brothers, uncles and friends to encourage them to join in the ‘fun’.

In this blog I’d like to play around with some simple numbers:

Let’s start with the official figure that ‘only’ 1.000 working-class, underage, white girls were gang-raped, tortured, threatened and beaten up by these ‘Asian’ men. Probably the truth is that many more were subjected to the same treatment.

Now I’ll start making assumptions:

Assumption 1: I’ll assume that these 1,000 girls were brutalised by these ‘Asian’ men for an average of five years each – from the ages of 11 to 16 or 12 to 17-years old. I imagine that once the girls reached 16 or 17 years old they were discarded and replaced by younger victims. That would give us on average 167 underage, white working-class girls being abused by ‘Asian’ men each year.

Assumption 2: I’ll suggest that each of these 167 girls a year were each raped by let’s say ten men in the course of each year. Of course, given the way the rapists invited all their male family members and chums to join in the ‘fun’, the real figure is probably much higher. However, some of the Asian men would have participated in raping several of the underage, white, working-class girls. So ten ‘Asian’ paedophile rapists per girl per year is probably a fairly safe estimate.

Conclusion 1: So, 167 girls being raped and brutalised each year by ten ‘Asian’ men each gives us around 1,670 ‘Asian’ men raping Telford’s underage white working-class girls each year.

Welcome to Telford

Next we need to see how many ‘Asian’ men of raping age there are in Telford. The ethnic breakdown of Telford according to the most recent government census is as follows:

White – 131,143: Asian – 6,647: Black – 1,717: Arab – 78: Mixed – 2,778: Other – 360

Now let’s take the 6,647 Asians. Around half will be female, so that leaves 3,232 men. Of these men around 55% will be in the age range of 18 to 64 years old – the age range most likely to be involved in raping and brutalising underage, white, working-class girls. That gives us 1,828 ‘Asian’ men of raping age.

Conclusion 2: If there are 1,670 ‘Asian men raping underage white working-class girls each year and there are 1,828 ‘Asian’ men in the age when one might be an active paedophile rapist, this would suggest that possibly up to 90% of Telford’s ‘Asian’ men were involved in raping underage, working-class, white girls.

Another way of looking at the issue would be to see how many of Telford’s population come from our favourite and most enlightened religion. The figure is 2,944. Again applying some simple arithmetic, we know that of these 2,944 around half – 1,472 – will be male. And of these 1,472 males, around 55% – 810 men – will be of raping age.

Of course, you can play around with the numbers any way you want and come come to any conclusion you want. But there’s something called “the inertia of large numbers”.  Whatever assumptions you make and however you run the numbers, you’ll  still end up with the conclusion that a large percentage of Telford’s diversity enrichers were likely to have been involved in the gang-rape of underage white girls over a period of at least 30 years.

West Mercia police – useless, corrupt of both?

As far as I know, only seven of Telford’s gang-rapists have been imprisoned for the rape of 1,000 Telford girls over a period of 30 years. I think these are the seven men:

In 2013 seven men were jailed following Operation Chalice, a police inquiry into child prostitution in the Telford area.

Given the number of underage, white, working-class girls who were raped, either these men were extremely busy raping underage girls or else an awful lot more men were involved. But the probably useless and probably utterly corrupt West Mercia Police don’t seem to have any interest in pursuing any further investigations. They seem to have taken the usual police attitude “nothing to see here, move along please”.

One story from this shameful episode which casts light on the West Mercia police’s attitudes was that a police car stopped beside a parked car in which an ‘Asian’ man was having his penis sucked off by a 12-year-old white girl. The police asked the ‘Asian’ man what he was up to. Apparently the ‘Asian’ man replied something like “she’s givin’ me a blowjob, innit”. The police then drove off not imagining there was anything in any way illegal with a 12-year-old white girl sucking the penis of an ‘Asian’ man.

As usual, not a single West Mercia policeperson has been disciplined for ignoring/encouraging 30 years of gang-rape, torture and the occasional murder of underage, white working-class girls by members of Telford’s most respected/protected community.

If you make a slightly risqué remark on Twitter or eat a bit of birthday cake during lockdown, the British police will be on you like a ton of bricks. But if you are a diversity enricher who spends decades gang-raping, torturing and beating underage, working-class white girls and even murder a couple, you’ve nothing to fear from our worthless plods. As Mark Steyn of GB News frequently says “the British police police everything except crime”.

Fancy a kebab?

I believe some of the underage working-class white girls were also beaten, burned with cigarettes and had lighter fuel poured over them and then threatened with being set alight. And a couple were murdered. There is strong evidence that in Blackpool one 14-year-old schoolgirl was sexually abused for years and then murdered and cut up to be served in kebabs.

So if you’ve ever eaten a kebab in Rotherham, Rochdale, Oldham, Oxford, Blackpool or Telford, you never know exactly what you might have eaten. But given the age of the girl being served up, I guess the meat was fairly tender.

George Orwell’s “1984” showed us the strength of simple slogans:

Today’s version of such slogans seems to be  – “DIVERSITY IS OUR STRENGTH”

6 comments to How many of Telford’s diversity enrichers are not paedophile gang-rapists?

  • A Thorpe

    I can’t watch the Tory hopefuls but I wonder whether they have any answers to this? I saw that Kemi says we are the best country for black people. I bet these rapists agree.

    If the men use fear to control the girls, then it is only possible because they do not fear the police. You mention some specific incidents, and I also read that one Telford rapist who got a 14 year old girl pregnant then set fire to her house, killing her, her older sister and their mother. There is even more going on. In 2009 a mother killed herself and her disabled daughter by setting fire to their car because of abuse by a large gang of youths. It does concern me that we hear specific cases of police failures but there must be good policing that we do not hear about and they must be demoralised when they listen to the news.

    Is this really only a policing failure? Where are the parents and schools in all of this? I was discussing it with one of my cousins who said when her 57 year old daughter had sex lessons at school, she told her mum that nobody was going to do that to her. I can’t imagine that today. What has happened to our values? It’s not surprising when the news says one rapist in court used the defence that it is normal behaviour in his country.

  • David Craig

    Would that be “her 17-year-old daughter” and not her “57 year old daughter”?

  • Bad Brian

    I would think it fair to presume that a good many of these exploited young girls would have got pregnant at some stage.

    If so, the DNA of the child, or more likely , the aborted foetus, could be tested and logged.

    This way it would not be too difficult to trace who the fathers are and deal with them accordingly.

    However, if you have a police force that abandons a young girl while she is being forced to provide oral sex, it is not too difficult to make the leap that the policemen in question have been told from above to look away.

    This is happening in too many places, too many times for it to be anything but a disgusting conspiracy to allow these girls to be abused in the interests of racial harmony.

    This could be sorted out in a few months if those in power wanted to.

  • Traveling Man

    I believe the old phrase ‘for evil to persist good men need to do nothing’ is really applicable here

  • Brenda Blessed

    And the war of terror being waged on us by our own sickos is not going to relent with a new PM. Here is how Neil Oliver puts it.

    Neil Oliver – ‘…they’re pretending like it never happened’ –

  • A Thorpe

    David, her daughter is now 57. Not clear I agree, but I wanted to clarify that was some years ago. She left school at 16 and I didn’t ask how old she was when the lessons took place.

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