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Where Sri Lanka leads, Holland and Canada follow

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Sri Lanka leads where others will also boldly go

At Carrie’s, Boris’s and Alok Sharma’s utterly pointless Flop 26 climate jamboree in October 2021 in Scotland’s drug-addict and alcoholic capital Glasgow, Sri Lanka’s (IMHO utterly corrupt) PM, Gotabaya Rajapaksa got fawning applause from his fellow multi-millionaire (multi-billionaire?) peers as he boasted about all the wonderful eco-aware, planet-friendly policies his government was implementing. Chief among these policies was banning nitrogen-based fertiliser and various pesticides as the government ordered the country’s two million farmers to go organic.

The result of this boosting organic agriculture was a collapse in crop yields. For example, prior to this eco-stupidity, Sri Lanka was self sufficient in rice. Following the fertiliser ban, the country had to import around $450m of rice. Other Sri Lankan crops suffered the same fate, food prices there have been soaring and the UN reports that a third of Sri Lankan families have no idea where their next meal will come from.

It has been reported that the Rajapaksa family and their cronies have looted around $20bn during their many years in government. This massive corruption combined with the collapse in agriculture has, as you’ll all know, led to national bankruptcy, a plebs revolt, the collapse of the government  and widespread chaos in the country:

I rather suspect the Rajapaksas will soon be heading for new lives in Dubai joining equally corrupt former politicians who have similarly looted such countries as Afghanistan and the Land of Smiles.

Dutch government’s Dutch courage?

You’ll all be aware of the mass protests in the Netherlands as their government “does a Sri Lanka” – passes laws restricting drastically fertilizer use. This will bankrupt many farmers and has led to mass protests there:

There was even a policeman shooting at a 16-year-old teenager driving his father’s tractor in one of the protests:

While most commentators attribute the laws cutting fertilizer use to PM Mark Rutte’s government’s dedication to fighting supposed climate change, some of a more cynical disposition have wondered if there is an ulterior motive.

With a population density of around 510 people per square kilometre, the Netherlands are the most highly-populated major country in Europe:

(left-click on map and then left-click again to see more clearly)

The UK, in comparison, has 270 people per km2.

Dutch farmers own around 85% of the land in the Netherlands. So there really is no room to build any new housing. However, if a few thousand farmers went bankrupt and had to sell their land, that would give the Dutch government the chance to buy up this land to build homes for the hundreds of thousands of Third-World migrants pouring over the Netherlands’ non-existent borders in search of a “better life” – free housing and healthcare, living off generous benefits and crime and being free to rape as many Dutch girls as they want while the Dutch police are too busy stamping out any anti-government protests by taxpaying Dutch citizens to worry about what the migrant gangs are up to:

Canada – virtue-signalling with the best of them

You’d think that even politicians controlled by the World Economic Forum would start getting the hint that wrecking agriculture at a time of world food shortages and rapidly-rising food prices wasn’t such a great idea. But apparently Canada’s metrosexual ultra-woke PM Justin/Justine Trudeau’s government has come up with its climate plan which includes reducing nitrous oxide emissions from fertilizer by 30% below 2020 levels by 2030.

A report from Fertilizer Canada stated:

Total Emission Reduction puts a cap on the total emissions allowable from fertilizer at 30% below 2020 levels. As the yield of Canadian crops is directly linked to proper fertilizer application this creates a ceiling on Canadian agricultural productivity well below 2020 levels….

It is estimated that a 30% absolute emission reduction for a farmer with 1000 acres of canola and 1000 acres of wheat, stands to have their profit reduced by approximately $38,000 – $40,500/ annually.

In 2020, Western Canadian farmers planted approximately 20.8 million acres of canola. Using these values, cumulatively farm revenues from canola could be reduced by $396M – $441M on an annual basis. Wheat famers could experience a reduction of $400M.

Trudeau even seems to be aware of the problems his policies will cause:

“We’ve seen from the global pandemic to the war in Ukraine significant disruptions of supply chains around the world, which is resulting in higher prices for consumers and democracies like ours, and resulting in significant shortages and projected shortages of food and energy in places around the world,” Trudeau said.

“This is going to be a difficult time,” he continued, “because of the war, because of the recovery from the pandemic. And Canadians will do what we always do: we’ll be there for each other.

But Trudeau doesn’t seem to give a toss – after all, remember he’s trying to save the planet or else just doing what he has been ordered to do by you know who:

Thank heavens for Neil Oliver

That brings us to a recent video by the wonderful Neil Oliver from GB News. Nobody says it better:

8 comments to Where Sri Lanka leads, Holland and Canada follow

  • Paul Chambers

    Think Boris would have given the Rajapaksas a consulting role to help the UK achieve the same.

    We are doing pretty well already what with paying farmers to leave farming, paying them to plant wild flowers on arable land and starting illegal wars to drive up the cost of energy and hence nitrate fertilizer.

    But we are really only playing at it. Sri Lanka shows what can be achieved if you really try hard.

    Looking forward to all the journalists asking the prime ministerial candidates about their net zero policies. Vital we understand what these people believe on lockdowns, compulsory vaxxes and net zero.

  • A Thorpe

    Perhaps the message will spread to Africa and they will also invade the presidential palaces and bring down their corrupt thieving leaders. Or perhaps the African leaders have bigger guns. But as you say it might be that Rajapaksa is ahead of western leaders in implementing the green agenda, so there is our future.

    Oliver says the farmers protests shows that we the people have the power, but do we? It seems that we have been doing all we can to destroy farming in the UK by supporting the supermarkets in pushing down prices paid to farmers. In the UK it seems cheap food is more important than supporting the farmers who produce it. Look also how farmers here were made to destroy cattle based on the wrong predictions of none other than Prof Ferguson.

    Voting in the hope of changing this is nothing more than a vote to change the slave masters, but we are still held in chains. The similarity with slavery goes further because the slave masters knew nothing of the work they were controlling and there was no incentive for the slaves to suggest improvements. The system was ultimately doomed to failure, just like our system of government. The politicians have no idea how to run anything. All they understand is how to take the fruits of our work from us, just as slave masters do. As I keep saying, the answer is to get rid of the political parties, the slave masters who hold the chains. They are as corrupt as the African leaders but in different ways. But as the pandemic has shown the masses in the west fall into line when instructed.

  • Bad Brian

    Another good solid article, all rounded off by Neil Oliver, entertaining and informative but, I come away feeling that I have heard all this before and wonder if somehow I am reading the output from a collection of one trick ponies.

    So let’s be very clear, I don’t actually think that and I admire very much the work that goes into “snouts” from all the contributers.

    But, the “one trick pony” is still lingering there in the background somehere.And when I think on, I say to myself, ” of course the one trick pony is still there” because the contributers are in the same twighlight zone as myself in as much as nothing is changing, and we are seeing the same scripts rolling out worldwide, and the patterns are clearly beginning to repeat themselves with monotonous regularity.

    And while the ponies are pointing out what is happening and drawing interesting comparisons, nobody is coming up with reasonable reasons for the global insanity that is leeching into all our lives like some sort of evil swamp gas in the night. Unless I reach over for my tinfoil hat, and accept that some sort of lunatic conspiracy actually is formulating before our eyes, I simply cannot undderstand why our politicians would ever try to funnel 99.99% of us down this path.

    The fact is that I do not understand what is happening around us but it is true that each day I feel an invisible noose slowly tightening around my neck and I wonder aloud what I have done to deserve it being there and who it is that has placed it there.

    I read today that The Ukraine is reverting to the corrupt kleptocracy it has always been. I read that you can buy on the Dark Web a US top of the range field gun for $138 thousand dollars, a gun which would normally sell for $5 million.So the Chinese can buy one of these guns for a pittance and back engineer it. Tanks are also available between $40 thousand an $65 thousand. The UK better figure out what we are trying to do in the Ukraine and be very careful what weapons we give them or else for a few thousand dollars , we will find them pointed back at ourselves.

  • A Thorpe

    I agree with Bad Brian. I spend hours reading articles. Every article produces more references and I have about 1000 unread articles and 400 unwatched videos. I doubt I will learn anything new from them. I keep wondering why I bother. There’s nothing I can do about it. The people I encounter believe the “experts” or are not even interested.

    Why have the women in the Epstein case not identified more of the men. The answer is fear. The men and women we talk about are well known and there is no evidence that can bring them down. Boris wasn’t brought down by his policy errors, he was stabbed in the back and one of the villains will replace him.

  • Stillreading

    I have a similar reaction as both Brian and Neil Oliver when I contemplate what the utter nonsense being preached then implemented means for our future. Personally, I feel rage and impotence and it’s that inability to do anything other than empathise with others who feel the same – the writer of this blog and those who comment – which brings on a dreadful, hopeless malaise. The fact is that an overwhelming majority of the UK population either believe all the green nonsense because they are scientifically illiterate and unable therefore to question it and it makes them feel virtuous and they haven’t yet personally experienced its consequences in terms of interruption to their lives, or choose not to think about it at all, preferring to ponder the trivia of the latest ghastly TV soap. I know this because I see it in neighbours – all very pleasant people – and in my own family, where the middle-aged members (professional “champagne socialist” types) either believe the “Green” agenda and vote accordingly or prefer not to think about any of it at all. Well, that’s fine while the electricity DOES continue to come down the wires, the TV and the WIFI to the subscription Channels DO still function, the fuel still IS at the pumps, albeit at a cost which might strain the budget just a bit, and the gas IS still there to cook the Sunday roast. I ask myself, rather wryly, whether the members of either or both grouos will change their attitudes when their comfortable middle-class existences are permanently disrupted by the failure of all energy supplies and absence of even the most basic foods. As for the young, those still at school or “Uni” and just starting out in life, they are now in the main so indoctrined in net zero idiocies – whilst still of course in the UK being able freely to use their energy-guzzling electronic gadgetry – that they believe they have no choice, if they are not literally to burn to death, but to assume the green moral highground and look disparagingly (albeit with affection where appropriate) down on us antediluvian, carbon-producing, internal combusion engine loving oldies who, according to their ideology, are “ruining their world”. Just wait, though, until the proverbial well and truly hits the fan in the UK and their self-righteous lives are severely disrupted! When cold and hunger hit and all the services, including the NHS which is now totally dependant on WIFI and therefore electricity nationwide 24/7, cease entirely to function. Are we all going meekly to submit? I hope not. The Dutch are not unlike us – sensible, law-abiding but fairly liberal in outlook, not unduly excitable but have now been roused to rage and serious protest. What is going on in Holland right is deplorable, a land-grab in effect by the Government, achieved by forcing farmers, due to the banning of essential fertilizers, into bankruptcy following which they will have no alternative but to sell their land at little above nominal price for housing development. Housing required mainly for the ever increasing immigrant population. How long, I wonder, before it happens here as well? Are we miserable plebs throughout Europe looking at a future not unlike that of North Korea, where only the privileged and powerful can eat cake (in this case meat, cheese and eggs) – while the rest of us eat grass? (Long-term residents, UK citizens, in a hotel in Rayleigh in Essex have already been forced out, literally in some cases onto the street, in order to accommodate several hundred illegal immigrants.)

  • Jeffrey Palmer

    It’s just like watching, from a distance, a five-year-old running towards the edge of a cliff but being too far away to do anything other than shout a frantic warning which isn’t understood by the child.

    Lack of a decent education, especially a non-biased knowledge of world history, is to blame for the colossal ignorance and lack of elementary common sense of the modern Western citizen.

    Things are going to have to get very bad indeed before the majority of the population finally wakes up to what is going on. And I mean very, very bad, much worse than Covid and Lockdown.

    I mean, people are still treating the current contenders for the Prime Ministership as if they were actual, serious politicians rather than a bunch of self-seeking cretins desperate to roll over and have their bellies rubbed by Bill Gates and the WEF.

  • Brenda Blessed

    Our sickos are trying to reduce farming in the UK. Of course being ignored by the media.

    Apply for a lump sum payment to leave or retire from farming

    Check if you’re eligible for the Lump Sum Exit Scheme, what you need to do and how to apply.

  • Marc Ager

    Maybe our sickos are using the lockdown loot to buy our farmland.

    Apparently, in Holland, the farmland being bought back by the government from the farmers is going to be used for housing for the 100,000 immigrants and migrants coming every year into the small country that is the second largest exporter of food in the world.

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