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It used to be called ‘summer’. Now it’s a ‘climate crisis’

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Be afraid! Be very afraid!

If you watch weather forecasts, hopefully you’re terrified by the supposedly deadly heat-wave descending on Britain. We’re warned that temperatures might exceed 30 degrees in England this week. It was 24.3 degrees on Sunday somewhere in Northern Ireland and almost that ‘hot’ in Scotland.

This morning the BBC was almost in a panic warning of high UV levels, that vulnerable people should stay indoors and cover their windows and that people should be careful not to die of dehydration. And the BBC informed us that Sunday was the hottest day of the year so far. Even the main newspapers – the Times and Telegraph – went into a panic giving health warnings to their readers. The Daily Mail also seems to have caught ‘climate hysteria’ as it reported ‘Britain braces for hottest day of the year’ and quoted some ‘expert’ or other predicting up to 2,000 extra deaths this week due to supposedly ‘soaring temperatures’:

Forgive my stupidity, but isn’t this what we used to call ‘summer’? Isn’t it normal that July is a bit warmer than January, February, March, April, May and June? Isn’t 30+ degrees for a few days in parts of England exactly what you’d expect during a British summer? Moreover, I’ve no doubt that in a few days temperatures will have cooled and it will be raining yet again.

Fortunately, most Brits seem to have ignored the BBC’s and other mainstream  media’s climate-alarmist nonsense and taken advantage of the warm weather by heading for the beach:

We should also be careful if the BBC and others of its ilk start trying to scare us with claims that temperatures will reach record levels. Then hottest recorded temperature in England was in a very secluded garden in the centre of Cambridge just beside large buildings with massive air-conditioning units pumping out hot air into the atmosphere – basically in a ‘heat island’ where most of the heat came from the buildings and not the sun. Heat islands can typically be anywhere from 3 to 4 degrees warmer than the overall temperature. As for the supposedly record hottest day in Scotland – this was caused by the exhaust from an ice-cream van parked just beside a weather station measuring the temperature.

Though there are apparently some idiots who cower in their homes believing that the climate apocalypse is about to destroy us all. This is a letter to some newspaper or magazine’s agony aunt:


However, given that the film the person mentions – Don’t Look Up – is about a planet-destroying comet hurtling towards Earth, quite why the writer believes this has anything to do with supposed Climate Change is somewhat mysterious.

But, if you really are worried by the mainstream media’s predictions of climate Armageddon, you could always go and live in Antarctica:

The ‘advanced’ West must be clinically insane

Here’s the wonderful Tony Heller yet again exposing the utter nonsense being spouted by the mainstream media as they lie and lie and lie spewing out their climate-catastrophist propaganda:

3 comments to It used to be called ‘summer’. Now it’s a ‘climate crisis’

  • A Thorpe

    I’m looking out at a cloudless sky. But if there were clouds it would be a lot cooler. We have had a very dry spell and there is no moisture in the ground. Moisture evaporates and takes heat away from the surface, when clouds form they block the sun and keep us cool. We all know this but we are told that water vapour is the main greenhouse gas causing warming. If we could survive without an atmosphere the temperature would now be 120C and we would not survive that. Insane is is only word to describe most of the west.

    We now have a race to elect a new PM. All the candidates are promising to solve the problems that they created. They are all promising tax cuts but intend to keep spending. It can only get worse. The insanity is in every area of life.

  • Roy Hartwell

    I stand to be corrected but if you look at the different environments on Earth, many of the hottest areas are actually well populated. Areas of extreme cold, conversely, have very low to zero populations (even deserts have populations albeit nomadic !)
    Additionally, nobody seems to question why, on weather forecasts, London is routinely several degrees higher than areas around it. Nobody seems to (want?) to understand the concept of Urban Heat Islands !!

  • K Turner

    I refer you to – lived through this in London. No air con in most offices/trains/underground or buses

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