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V*cc*nes higher risk than Chinese C*v*d plague?

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First, just let me say that I hope all readers take the time to watch the Mark Steyn Show on GB News every evening from Monday to Thursday at 20.00h (Channel 236). There is nothing like it on UK TV

Here we go again

I think we should be getting used to the pattern. We saw it clearly with the claims that the WuFlu Chinese plague was caused by a leak from a filthy, corrupt, badly-run Chinese lab at the Wuhan Institute of Virology.

At first, anyone suggesting this was derided as a deluded, tin-foil-hat-wearing, crazed conspiracy theorist. At the same time governments, terrified of China’s economic might and that any criticism of China might lead to their companies being excluded from the lucrative Chinese market, scientists desperate to crush any criticism of their activities and the usual lying sycophants-for-sale in the mainstream media circled the wagons and fought viciously against anyone daring to mention the lab-leak theory. Moreover, some of the world’s supposedly leading and respected scientists and scientific journals knowingly perjured themselves by claiming that the Wuhan wet-food (live animals) market was the source of the Covid outbreak while most of them knew this wasn’t true.

After all, maintaining our confidence in the authority of our political, scientific and media elites was much more important to them than discovering what caused the deaths of maybe 10 million innocents directly from the plague and another 10 million or more either because they couldn’t get hospital treatment for other conditions or due to impoverishment caused by the Covid economic catastrophe.

But slowly a few independent experts and commentators – leading among them Sharri Markson from Sky News Australia – risked their reputations and careers to discover what really happened in Wuhan. So, now we know the truth that Covid leaked from a Chinese lab.

Yet our political leaders, scientific whores-for-sale and lying media elites, still terrified of Chinese sensitivities, no longer show any interest in investigating and revealing the real source of the greatest disaster to hit mankind since World War II.

V*cc*nes – what are they good for? Nothing, absolutely nothing!

(to the tune of Edwin Star’s  “WAR”)

That brings us to the supposed ‘miracle vaccines’ against the WuFlu. At first we were told that, even though Covid might not make us ill, we needed the miracle jabs to protect granny:

However, in the last month, those great jab-promoters – Dr Faustus Fauci and Canadian PM metrosexual Justin/Justine Trudeau (both quadruple jabbed, I think) – have caught Covid yet again. But that doesn’t matter as the story had already changed to claims the jabs might not prevent us becoming infected but would reduce our risk of hospitalisation if infected.

However, now even this justification for the untested miracle jabs is (just like the Wuhan wet-market story) beginning to fall apart.

Even the lefty globalist-adoring Guardian is questioning the miracle jabs.

Not being an avid Guardian reader, I didn’t notice this Guardian article from 10 September 2021. The headline was: “Boys more at risk from Pfizer jab side-effect than Covid, suggests study”.

And the Guardian article went on to tell us:

Healthy boys may be more likely to be admitted to hospital with a rare side-effect of the Pfizer/BioNTech Covid vaccine that causes inflammation of the heart than with Covid itself, US researchers claim.

Their analysis of medical data suggests that boys aged 12 to 15, with no underlying medical conditions, are four to six times more likely to be diagnosed with vaccine-related myocarditis than ending up in hospital with Covid over a four-month period.

Most children who experienced the rare side-effect had symptoms within days of the second shot of Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine, though a similar side-effect is seen with the Moderna jab. About 86% of the boys affected required some hospital care, the authors said.

The evidence continues to grow

There have been several similar studies. The most recent is from 23 June 2022 and is titled: Serious Adverse Events of Special Interest Following mRNA Vaccination in Randomized Trials.

Here’s a link to the study (which has not yet been peer-reviewed)

The latest study “found that the Pfizer and Moderna mRNA COVID-19 vaccines were associated with an increased risk of serious adverse events of special interest of 10.1 events per 10,000 vaccinated for Pfizer and 15.1 events per 10,000 for Moderna. When combined, the mRNA vaccines were associated with a risk increase of serious adverse events of special interest of 12.5 per 10,000 vaccinated.

The authors note that this level of increased risk post-vaccine is greater than the risk reduction for COVID-19 hospitalisation in both Pfizer and Moderna trials, which was 2.3 per 10,000 participants for Pfizer and 6.4 per 10,000 for Moderna. This means that on this measure, the Pfizer vaccine results in a net increase in serious adverse events of 7.8 per 10,000 vaccinated and the Moderna vaccine of 8.7 per 10,000 vaccinated”

Or to summarise in plain English – The excess risk of serious adverse events of special interest surpassed the risk reduction for COVID-19 hospitalization relative to the placebo group in both Pfizer and Moderna trials.

The authors used the same clinical trials data used by bodies such as the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA). This was, I believe, the data that Pfizer and the FDA wanted to keep hidden away from us worthless plebs for the next 75 years.

But whereas Pfizer and the FDA used the data to justify mandating the jabs, the latest study questions the methodology used by Pfizer and the FDA for pushing emergency authorisation:

You can read more about this study on Toby Young’s Daily Sceptic website:

One thing is becoming absolutely clear – there is absolutely no medical justification for the pressure to vaccinate anyone under 20 years old in normal health against the Xi Pingpong’s lab-leaked plague. And it’s even questionable whether anyone in normal health under say 50 years old should be vaccinated. As for the latest decision to vaccinate babies/children from 6 months to 5 years old – that’s a political decision to cover up the fact that for most people the miracle vaccines are probably doing more harm than good.

The next big lie to fall?

In just a couple of years, two of the greatest falsehoods ever forced on us by our self-serving, self-enriching, power-hungry political, scientific and media globalist elites, have been slowly and surely dismantled by the diligence and perseverance of a few mavericks who weren’t taken in by our rulers’ lies.

Will the greatest lie of them all – the ludicrous doomsday cult of man-made global warming or climate change or climate emergency or climate crisis or climate breakdown or whatever it’s called this week – be the next domino to fall?

I’ve done what I can with my book THERE IS NO CLIMATE CRISIS (for which I only get £0.50 for every copy sold):

Let’s hope smarter people than I continue the battle against what is possibly the most destructive lie of them all.

5 comments to V*cc*nes higher risk than Chinese C*v*d plague?

  • Paul Chambers

    David i think this paragraph is missing a “no”

    One thing is becoming absolutely clear – there is absolutely medical justification for the pressure

    Mark Steyn is being investigated by ofcom so its clear he is right over the target. Clown central greedy corrupt globalist elitists who as i heard said recently are acting like vandals similar to their predecessors ransacking of Rome.

    Confidence will continue to collapse in government whilst this attack on our freedom and liberty persists. But their solution is just much more of the same so not sure it can survive the reality of higher inflation and impoverished middle classes.

  • A Thorpe

    I like Mark Steyn and saw, I think, YouTube videos some years ago but then little until he turned up on GB News. He isn’t afraid to say what he thinks but he has been clowning about too much recently with the masks. GB News says they present both side of an argument, but arguments are never black and white. Steyn seems to bring the same people back and they are often journalists, not “experts”. I’ve noticed with Farage when he isn’t getting people to see his view he winds up the interview. I also think that people having a debate should be in the studio face to face.

    I mentioned a GB News debate about climate a few days ago with no “experts” and limited to about 10 minutes. This will achieve nothing. Michael Mann of hockey stick fame will not debate with anybody who disagrees with him. Steyn has had a statistician on his show discussing covid data but he didn’t impress me.

    GB News says it wants us to make up our minds but I cannot see that happening with brief presentations on complex subjects. The frequent videos of Tony Heller illustrate the problem – one look at the comments shows that are mainly people who agree with him. Comment against a main stream narrative in national newspapers or social media and the insults soon appear. There is no debate happening. How can people know who is right on complex issues on which they have limited or no knowledge?

    Tony Heller does an excellent job of looking at past climate with newspaper articles to show the past had more extremes than today which does not need any science. But where does that appear in the MSM? GB News needs to stop the emphasis on its presenters and do documentary style presentations with the type of evidence used by Tony Heller, and in your book. That of course requires close attention by viewers for perhaps an hour. Too much I suspect for most people.

    Regarding the virus my understanding is that the source of new viruses is usually found within a few months. It is odd that this didn’t happen with Covid and nobody seems interested in finding out. I question whether a journalist is capable of establishing the source especially for a lab leak that might have happened in China. I heard a claim a few days ago that there had been a serious incident at the Wuhan lab but it gave no details. If it did leak from the lab we also need to know how and where the virus was created. Only the politicians have the authority to investigate this and they are failing to do so. There is also talk of the vaccine being available before Covid appeared.

    From the start it was clear that the proposed vaccines were based on new technology that had never been proven to work during years of development. That was sufficient warning for me. It is known that new vaccines take years to test and bring to market. Why did people accept that an untried technology could be given emergency approval with limited testing? The mass rush to be injected with this is completely beyond my comprehension.

    The claims of around 95% efficacy were completely meaningless. It was never explained what it means and still has not been explained. I happened to know something about drug trials and there were trial reports available with the data used to determine the efficacy. It is not difficult to understand so the media should have been on to this. There were very few people in the trials infected so a small sample which is not satisfactory. It was not clear how badly they had been infected. There was no mention of hospitalisations and the people who died were said not to have died because of covid or vaccine related issues. So what did the 95% refer to? It is far better to calculate the number needed to be vaccinated (NNV) to prevent one person being infected, or dying. For a perfect vaccine it should be 1, but for these vaccines it was about 100 and that was only to prevent infection, not death. There was no information about vaccine risks because the trials had not run long enough. That was clear from the start. Since then we have heard a lot about data not included which changes the benefits and vaccine risks significantly. It is fraud on an immense scale that should have been picked up by the media, other health professionals and politicians. Perhaps you are right to compare it to WWII, but it is for entirely different reasons. But in my view it was not difficult to for a reasonably well educated person to see that the effectiveness and safety of vaccines were not as claimed. This is what fear does to people.

    I don’t agree with your view about who should have been vaccinated. The vaccine had not been tested to acceptable standards and nobody should have been offered it. There was constant talk about the vulnerable elderly group, but who in their right mind would force an experimental treatment on them? Most of the elderly “dying from covid” before the vaccines were available were dying because of other problems. When the deaths in that group are looked at there was a peak when covid first appeared but over the year the mortality rate was about the expected rate. They would have been dead by the end of the year anyway because of existing problems. Further, in assessing the effectiveness of vaccines the data has not been broken down into age groups which it should be. I have found nothing to show that the flu vaccines reduce the deaths of the elderly after years of it being used.

    The politicians should be held entirely accountable for this fiasco but we must also take responsibility for ourselves.

    Don’t run yourself down. You do more than most by giving time to producing informative and stimulating blogs and with the books you have written. I don’t think it is even about being smart, it is about mass formation psychosis formed through ideologies. My simple interpretation of what Mattias Desmet says in his book is that it is not about rich elites or conspiracies, it is entirely about ideologies which take over the WEF, Gates and all the others and the masses. The science and rational thinking do not come into it. It is like a religion to them, and the more it is challenged the stronger their belief.

  • Bad Brian

    If anyone asked me what aspect of my grandson’s education I would wish to see prioritised at this time, given the political and economic meltdown in the West and beyond, I would probably have to opt for teaching him how to hunt with a spear.

    The way things are going, there may not be many more options available to him.

  • History Debunked – How quislings and fifth-columnists in
    Britain hope to destroy the country’s culture from within –

    “Left-wing intellectuals in this country are now fighting on two fronts to dismantle British society and culture. The relentless attack on education is one part of this campaign. The latest of these assaultsis that made by the OCR (Oxford and Cambridge) examination board.”

    Let’s face it, you have to come from a long line of nihilistic depressive dope-heads (physiological decadents) in order to be able to turn against your own people in such a creeping subterranean way. They are relying on the mainstream media not to enlighten or warn us about what they are getting up to.

  • Marc Ager

    The following is not a lie, it is real destruction. Obviously aimed at reducing the food supply in the USA in order to boost the cost of living crisis.

    Here is the Updated List of US-Based Food Manufacturing Plants Destroyed Under Biden Administration ~ June 24, 2022

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