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You WILL take the medicine! You WILL take the medicine! You WILL ……

Monday/Tuesday blog

The latest Amazon review of my book – THERE IS NO CLIMATE CRISIS

First, I thought I’d mention the latest review of my book – THERE IS NO CLIMATE CRISIS – posted on Amazon:

Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 21 May 2022

Every debunked, over-simplified, pseudo-scientific, quasi-scientific, unsubstantiated, politically motivated myth, excuse and outright falsehood rolled into one easy (very, very easy) read. Useful to know how the tiny minority who make up the other side think (or, in fact, don’t)

I guess this reader wasn’t impressed!

You WILL take the vaccines!!!!

Here’s a nice photo of our favourite Big-Pharma boss – Pfizer CEO Eric Bourla. Eric is pictured with his great chum – EU big boss, Ursula Fond of Lying:

Ursula, as you’ll well know, has helped make Pfizer and her friend Eric Bourla rich beyond most people’s wildest dreams. Ursula has squandered tens of billions of EU taxpayers’ money on Eric’s supposed vaccines which, we now know, are only partially effective for a few months and which have killed hundreds of formerly healthy people.

Hopefully you all remember how we were coerced into taking these ineffective and sometimes deadly fake vaccines by mandates forbidding the unvaccinated from travel, entertainment and many other activities. And in some sectors, anyone refusing these ineffective and unsafe supposed ‘vaccines’ even lost their jobs. Care workers in the UK, for example, were fired if they refused vaccination. Tens of thousands did lose their jobs causing a staffing crisis in the care sector. And then, when care homes could no longer accept more patients, many elderly got stuck in hospitals becoming ‘bed-blockers’ thus worsening the crisis in the NHS and leading to ever-increasing waiting lists for hospital beds and operations.

All this shows that our rulers have found out how to force most of us to comply by taking whatever dubious vaccines they want to foist on us. But they can’t force us to take their medicines, can they?

You WILL take the medicine!!!

Even the conspiracy fanatics couldn’t have made this one up.

Here’s our friend Eric Bourla of Pfizer again. This time he’s taking part in a discussion at a World Economic Forum meeting (probably in Davos?). Eric is explaining that Pfizer have now developed the technology which allows a micro-transmitter to be put in a pill. So, when the pill is ingested, a signal will go to the authorities telling them that you have taken the required medicine.

Here’s a very short (slightly over-dramatised?) video featuring our favourite pharmacist extolling this great medical advance:

Even George Orwell couldn’t have imagined this level of Big-Brother government control.

W.H.O. rules the world?

A few blogs ago, I warned about a meeting of the World Health Assembly (I didn’t even know such an organisation existed, did you?) this week which will hand power to control any new ‘health emergencies’ to the World Health Organisation (W.H.O.). This will give the unelected, incompetent, China-controlled W.H.O. the authority to instruct national governments how to handle the next ‘health emergency’. A ‘health emergency’ will include pandemics. But using ‘scope creep’ the W.H.O. bureaucrats might (will definitely?) also widen the concept of a ‘health emergency’ to include such supposed ‘health emergencies’ like obesity, food availability, migration or, of course, catastrophic man-made climate change.

I haven’t seen this meeting reported anywhere in the mainstream media (apart from GB News). I wonder why not?

Here’s the magnificent Neil Oliver reacting to this latest power grab by the unelected globalist elites:

4 comments to You WILL take the medicine! You WILL take the medicine! You WILL ……

  • A Thorpe

    Look at the positive side. You sold a book and the person has noted your scientific reasoning, so they might eventually realise it is the truth. I looked at the Amazon link which shows 93% have given you a 4-5 rating, so something to be proud about.

    I think you need to be careful about the claims of hundreds of deaths from the vaccines. There are certainly some, and Mark Steyn has interviewed to two women whose husbands died and it was confirmed from the vaccines. They are being ignored by the government and the supposed compensation scheme does not seem to be working for them. There will always be some problems with vaccines but there hasn’t been a statement on what is considered to be an acceptable number of deaths or other events from the covid vaccines. I can’t remember the details but there was a vaccine authorised in the USA and a very small number of deaths followed and the vaccine was immediately withdrawn. There are certainly sufficient concerns about the covid vaccines to stop their use and we should be asking why this hasn’t happened.

    There are various claims being made and I am reluctant to accept them based on the work of Prof Norman Fenton and I gave a link recently to a discussion he gave. He has identified that the data is not reliable. Even the total population to normalise the data is difficult to establish. He is only looking at all cause mortality to avoid problems with identifying the cause of death but he considers the vaccinated and unvaccinated groups and this is a also problem. He found a peak in unvaccinated deaths shortly after vaccine rollout, which does not make sense and he believes it is because of the way in which vaccination status is recorded. My understanding of his conclusions based on the data, to I think the autumn of 2021, is that using deaths as a criterion, he could not see any statistically significant benefit of the vaccines or any increased risk of death from them.

    However, there does seem to be reports of increased mortality rates around the world but the problem is to determine the cause. It is just the same as climate change. We cannot conclude that the deaths are due to the vaccines without evidence. We have to find the exact cause. Prof Fenton also discussed this in the link and the concept of increased mortality rate comes from a claimed expected mortality rate, which he explains is also difficult to define.

    I haven’t been vaccinated. This is because it was absolutely clear that the treatment was not a vaccine as normally defined. It is a genetic treatment that has never been successfully used to create any vaccine and suddenly it produced a covid treatment. I was also fortunate in knowing about randomised control trials from a complaint I made some years ago. The results of the trials for the vaccines were published and it was clear to me that the trials were not satisfactory. The 95% efficacy or so was meaningless because they never said what is was and people were left to interpret the meaning. I looked at the published trial data before rollout and saw they had not reported or calculated the absolute risk reduction, which is the meaningful criterion, and it was not clear what benefit had been measured. The trials did not identify the reduced risk of death, reduced risk of hospitalisation, or prevention and transmission of infection. The trials were based only a small number of people having a mild infection. What happened to common sense and the medical profession obtaining consent by giving risks and benefits? I have since looked for data on the benefits of the influenza vaccines and whilst probably safe, they also seem to have little benefit.

    The time to establish the effectiveness and risks of vaccines is during the trial stages, when there is a control group. The VAERS and Yellow Card system are not designed to as a similar system for use after rollout and the data from these system cannot be used to revise the risk analysis. If you look at the historical data from VAERS it confirms that the vaccine testing through the RCTs was working because there are very few recorded events. The alarming increases after the release of the covid vaccines is the message to stop their use and an indication of the failure of the RCTs and the corruption of the vaccine manufacturers and governments in releasing the treatment.

    Prof Fenton has been cancelled because of his work which does not agree with the official narrative. I have also noticed that the team from the Oxford Centre for Evidence Based Medicine are no longer consulted. This is about control though providing misinformation, but what is the real reason for it and who is really driving it?

    I’m reading A J P Tailor’s book about the causes of WWII. He says thousands of German’s carried out Hitler’s orders without a second thought and when it was over, everybody, no matter which side and what they had done transferred their guilt to Hitler and claimed innocence. Is there a parallel here? Who was coerced into taking a vaccine? Why did the vaccinated start to blame the unvaccinated for their problems? We had a choice, but many gave up their freedom of choice for a promise of future safety from the virus. It isn’t the same in China now where force is being used. We can stand up to the western governments and accept responsibility for our actions or we might find the same force being used here.

  • Hardcastle

    The Government has no right to sign us up to anything which is proposed by any unelected global body.Our Government is answerable to the British people and has no mandate to sign this treaty.I for one will refuse to recognise any mandates which emanate from this “treaty” if we are unwise enough to sign.

  • Eric Legge


    Exactly the same state of affairs is happening in the USA and the rest of the Anglosphere. The goal is obviously to make the white majority a minority.

    Britain grants an unprecedented number of visas in 2021 allowing foreigners to live in Britain –

  • Eric Legge


    Deception and misleading claims about house prices and racism in the National Health Service –

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