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A month of fasting, prayer, reflection and murder? – final score

Monday blog

Censored for “misinformation”

Readers might be amused to learn that I have been censored for spreading “misinformation”. I posted part of my weekend blog questioning the need to vaccinate babies against the Chinese lab-leaked plague on a business networking site called “LinkedIn”.

Within an hour, my article was deleted by the LinkedIn thought-controllers and I got the following message:

“Your article doesn’t comply with our policies. Your article goes against our policy on misinformation. It has been removed.

Repeatedly creating content that doesn’t comply with our Professional Community Policies could lead to your LinkedIn account being restricted.
Thank you for being part of the LinkedIn community
A time of fasting, prayer, reflection and community?

According to that not always reliable source of knowledge, Wikipedia, Ramadan (which ended on Sunday 1 May) is observed by Muslims worldwide as a month of fasting (sawm), prayer, reflection and community. Wikipedia doesn’t mention one other feature of this great festival – a tendency for the adherents of our favourite religion to murder each other and us.

I’m sure many readers are avid sports fans and so will be gasping to hear the final score for the 2022 Ramadana-ding-dong murdermania.

Here it is:

As you’ll see, the score for 2022 was pretty disappointing compared to 2021:

But 2022 was a lot better than 2020:

and 2019

and 2018:

However, during the years 2017 and 2016, the lads did really well:

I guess that was because during 2016 and 2017, the team from ISIS/ISIL really upped their scoring rate:

I doubt you’ll see these results reported in the sports sections of any of our mainstream media.

For the moment, things are comparatively quiet concerning religious murder and mayhem. But we’re already seeing an increase in scores by the ISIS/ISIL lads in Afghanistan as one group of bearded, sandal-wearing crazies (ISIS/ISIL) tries to murder another group of bearded, sandal-wearing crazies (the Taliban).  Moreover, we can expect a massive resurgence of ISIS/ISIL activity in Africa over the next few years. So the Ramadan score should begin to rise again to wonderful 2016 and 2017 levels.

Are we any better?

For years we in the West have been able to distance ourselves from the murderous savagery in many Third-World countries. But given what is now happening in Ukraine, our civilisational and moral superiority seems to be evaporating.

2 comments to A month of fasting, prayer, reflection and murder? – final score

  • A Thorpe

    I wonder how long it will be before Microsoft prevents the bing search engine from returning “misinformation”.

    I decided to look up how many had been killed in the name of Christianity, or by Christians. The highest figure I found was 195 million, but that was probably misinformation. “Thou shall not kill” doesn’t mean much to most of them.

    I saw a reference recently to Tolstoy’s speech on killing – “ war is not, as men now pretend, some particularly valiant and praiseworthy thing, but that it is, like all murder, a detestable and sacrilegious act, not only for those who choose the military career of their own free will, but also for all those who devote themselves to it for fear of punishment or for the sake of selfish interests.”

    The UK hasn’t killed anybody in Ukraine, it has just provided the means for others to do it. War by proxy doesn’t count.

  • Marc Ager

    All the same, Islamic religious murder and mayhem pales into insignificance compared to what the major western counties, all run by liberal globalists, are doing to their own people. – An unparalleled job of wrecking and ruining their own countries in order to make Marxist “sustainable development” possible.

    Marxism of any kind cannot be implemented in prosperous countries, so they are doing everything they can to create impoverishment and dependency on government.

    Apparently, Boris Johnson is considering giving people who live in Housing Association houses and flats the right to buy them.

    Not even GB News has said what doing that will bring about if that housing is not replaced, which it probably won’t be. – A shortage of rented accommodation that will keep rents high and rising regardless of the huge and ever-increasing Housing Benefit costs.

    Our government is making out that the coming food shortage is a direct result of the war in Ukraine because we buy food and fertiliser from that country.

    Rising inflation, of course, was brought about by the immense cost of the so-called pandemic made worse by the war in Ukraine. In my area, human waste is being used to fertilize the farmed land. Pig waste is also used. That is much better than flushing raw sewage into every major river in the country, which is happening.

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