April 2024

The African-American Philosophers Society strikes again

Tuesday blog

Hopefully most readers know about the entertaining incident at the recent Oscars when one member of the African-American Philosophers Society – a Mr William Smith – thumped another member of the African-American Philosophers Society during a discussion about the purpose of human existence or whatever:

To show that this is a common modus operandi of the African-American Philosophers Society, rather than a one-off incident, I thought I might use today’s blog to give a few more examples of African-Americans having philosophical discussions about the meaning of life.

Prepare to be enlightened by these examples of these great modern-day thinkers from the African-American Philosophers Society:

and here:

and here:

I could comment on the intellectual level of the discussions of the African-American Philosophers Society. But I might risk writing something which could be deemed as politically-incorrect.

So, all I’ll say is – give us more diversity. Diversity is our strength. Diversity is really enriching the life experiences of us all!

5 comments to The African-American Philosophers Society strikes again

  • twi5ted

    Black on black crime is the elephant in the room that we are prevented from discussing.

    That this incident occurred between multi millionaire entertainers is quite fascinating. If it was manufactured for attention you have to question how out of touch the organisers are with reality. But makes the most sense given the political direction of the film industry keen to support Brandan and his failing NWO.

    If it was real then surely it is assault and Mr Smith needs to be prosecuted particularly given the vogue for 2 tier justice that exists with high profile figures being used as an example to us mere mortals. But oh dear multi millionaire world famous actor is black which makes him a victim of white privilege so what do we do? And the victim was black too.

    Think their heads will explode deciding what to do. Pathetic.

  • A Thorpe

    What is the point you are making? Is it that all African-Americans, or perhaps all Africans, or even all nonwhites behave badly or are of low intelligence? It is not true.

    The videos are not about diversity since they all seemed to be black women, or is the message that we will all end up like this if we accept diversity. The issue we should be discussing is what does diversity mean and what are the benefits. There isn’t much point in universities taking on students based on race just to satisfy a diversity requirement without considering their ability. It would result in the student not benefiting and the outcome could even be worse than not going to university.

    Diversity seems to be an obsession of politicians and intellectuals. It suits politicians to create the idea of an oppressed group who they want to help because it gets votes. Obama got to be president because of that. He didn’t care about the divided society he was creating. Hitler was another example of convincing intelligent Germans that Jews spread disease and were inferior in every way. We should be concerned about the ease with which we can be influenced to believe nonsense. We have a war in Ukraine with death and destruction and the media is obsessed with the celebrity tiffs. Smith went on to tell us that he was doing God’s work.

  • Marc Ager

    Those entertaining links to Kaotic bring up rooms on the Stripchat cam site in which naked women pleasure themselves. In my case, the example room contained a very busty naked woman who was very definitely a woman with a cervix.

    Apparently experts who create violent scenes in the movie and TV industry are saying that the slap was a set up.

    When Smith approaches Rock, you can see him brace himself and lean his face towards Smith. And as Smith delivers the slap he stamps on the floor to make the noise.


    I dislike the term African-Americans. Whites are not called European-Americans. Hispanics are not called Spanish Americans. And since there are constant calls for compensation for slavery, I prefer to use the term Previously-Owned Americans.

  • Brenda Blessed

    My rough timeline for all of this nihilistic social engineering, conditioning and social and institutional destruction is as follows:

    HIV AIDS => Thatcher government starting the dumbing-down of the education system by replacing the elite O Level exams with the much lower GCSE exams and destroying the coal industry while getting rid of our manufacturing industries and utilities, creating high unemployment and immigration to fill large skill gaps that has continued up to the present => the mainstream media growing ever more ideologically one-sided and woke => large-scale immigration still going on from Hong Kong (China conveniently caused the problem there), Afghanistan, Syria, black-African countries, across the English Channel and Ukraine => Mad Cow disease => foot-and-mouth disease, never seen before or since then anywhere else => superbugs in hospitals => global warming morphing into climate change and the climate emergency => the pandemic => the war in Ukraine.

    Can anyone identify any point at which our government of whatever colour has put a foot right?

    Bearing in mind that the late inventor of the PCR test, Dr Kary Mullis, who (very conveniently) died in August 2019, stated that his test cannot be used to diagnose a viral infection, read the following information on the diagnosis of AIDS on Wikipedia. It looks very similar to Covid-19 to me. Dr Mullis specifically objected to the use of his test to diagnose cases of HIV AIDS.

  • Bad Brian

    It looked like a staged fight to me and should be the subject of an investigation costing millions of dollars.It could not have been a real fight as nobody got stabbed.

    The bloke what got slapped is really, really, famous as he was the voiceover for a Zebra in a cartoon once. How cool can you get ?

    We can only thank god that the blow was not fatal or else his talents might have been lost to the world forever.

    The three clips of black people fighting in supermarkets reminded me of the struggle black people have had for centuries against the slave trade or for the slave trade, depending what team they were on, Nelson Mandela and Black Lives Matter ( no really!) and Sunny Liston throwing a boxing match with Cassius Clay.I had 3/9d on that fight and it was a fix !

    Fortunatley I made the money back the following year by having a 10/- flutter on the exact place , time and date where Kennedy would be shot and by whom. I only got two quid back because the odds were quite low as 500,000 people were also in the conspiracy and they all had the same idea as me.

    The three violent videon clips of black on black violence inspired me to return a bronze head (actually plastic painted over) of Darth Vader presented to me by the Archbishop of Canterbury about 1982, or was it some other strange dude in a frock.? I returned it to Toys R Us.

    I am going to hang onto the sacred chicken that the Rhodes scholars were in such a tizz about a year or so ago who saw the chicken as a symbol of white supremacy. Apparently they were outraged as the chicken had beat them in an IQ test.

    Try to remember that these people have had to fight all their lives and going to the local supermarket for a scrap is for them, simply practicing. That is their culture and should be respected as such. Lucky Prince William was not there in his Colonel Gadaffi costume as he would have got his white ass kicked even though he carries a sword at all times, unlike his wee brother who carries a chip on his shoulder.

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