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China buys Jamaica?

Monday blog

Just a short one today.

Moving on?

As you probably know, Jamaica’s PM told Prince William last week that Jamaica is “moving on” and embracing its destiny as an independent country, later calling the Caribbean nation’s switch to a republican model “inevitable”.

Though it seem as if Jamaica would like to extract a pile of money in supposed “reparations” from Britain, before the country ditches the Queen. Speaking at a press briefing, Prime Minister Andrew Holness said William’s three-day visit to the island, which has sparked protests over Britain’s colonial-era role in the slave trade and calls for reparations, offered a chance to address “unresolved” issues.

Moving in?

What you might not know is that our Chinese friends are vying to become Jamaica’s new BFFL (best friend for life).

Since 2019, Beijing has extended more than $2.1 billion in loans to Kingston, making it the biggest recipient of Chinese cash in the Caribbean, and the sixth largest recipient in Latin America.

It is outdone by only the likes of Venezuela, Brazil, Ecuador, Argentina, and Bolivia. Jamaica’s own Foreign Affairs Ministry building has been built by China’s Jiangsu Jiangdu Construction Group.

At the opening of the new building in January, Beijing’s ambassador to Kingston, Tian Qi, stressed the importance of the year 2022 for Sino-Jamaican relations. It is, after all, the 50th anniversary of diplomatic ties between the nations.

Jamaica is following Barbados which became the world’s newest republic on 30 November 2021. It officially removed Queen Elizabeth II as the head of state, around 400 years after it became a British colony. An overnight ceremony was held in its capital, Bridgetown marking the birth of the new republic. This was after Barbados joined the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) Belt and Road Initiative in 2019 pocketing around $500m of Chinese loans in the process.

Who’s next?

The CCP now owns much of Sri Lanka and Pakistan due to these two countries being unable to repay massive loans made to them by the CCP. The CCP also owns ports around the world usually bought up by making unrepayable loans to corrupt local politicians:

(left-click on image, then left-click again to see more clearly)

It now looks like the CCP will use its ‘debt colonialism’ to take over a series of Caribbean islands and maybe soon start building military bases within easy reach of the US mainland. Interesting times ahead?

While Russia resorts to brutal 20th Century military invasions to grab more territory, the CCP is calmly and inexorably buying up the world without firing a shot.

3 comments to China buys Jamaica?

  • A Thorpe

    Perhaps we should be more concerned about the UK. How much is foreign owned, and how dependent are we on imports for vital supplies such as food and energy?

  • Bad Brian

    What Mr Thorpe explains in one sentence above is clear and bang on the nail.

    David’s blog has been warning for years about the dangers of allowing outside influences to buy up UK Ltd and I am sure most of his readers have agreed with him.

    It is not just the manufacturing that has been shipped abroad but the R & D too as they both go hand in hand. the best place to conduct R &D is next door to the factory as Mr Dyson found out.

    Uk pension funds have been spent buying Chinese financial operations that have then in turn bought UK companies that have then used and abused them, as the Chinese government has directed. Chinese companies are simply an arm of their government. There is NO private enterprise in China despite how they try to present themselves..

    Meanwhile, our governing elite have accepted seats on the boards and voiced support in parliament and through the MSM while the City Boys count their bonusses without any thought for our country’s future.Our Universities have been shameless in courting the Chinese and the bosses have lined their own pockets accordingly.

    I personally think it is too late to do anything about it and don’t believe there is the will to rectify this even if there was enough time.

    These Caribbean countries are just the next in a long list, happy to jump into China’s pocket so long as their politicians are well rewarded. They can pretend they have turned their backs on us because of the slave trade if it makes them feel better. Someone should tell them that China still practices slavery and are the most racist people on the planet.

    Lenin said that a Capatalist would sell the rope knowing it would be used to hang him. We have sold the whole nine yards.

    And as for Prince William turning up dressed like and Easy Jet pilot, what did he expect would be the reaction from a bunch barefoot peasants that still worship Vodoo ? It’s lucky he did not end up in a cooking pot.

  • Hardcastle

    The fact is we are totally dependent on others for all our essential needs.Our Governments of the past forty years have been criminally negligent in this respect.The first responsibility of any Government is protection of the realm,military defence,food and energy security.How much of this have we got? We are naked and at the mercy of others who are not our friends and our politicians are culpable. It is a long way back even if our politicians were interested and I think they have been bought long ago.The imme.diate and long term future look grim from any perspective

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