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Have you been “Pfizered”?

Friday/weekend blog

An exciting new word to add to your vocabulary?

There’s a new word which I believe should soon enter both the English and American languages. It’s a verb – to “Pfizer”. A person can “Pfizer” and a person can also be “Pfizered”

The dictionary definition of “to Pfizer” could be: to inject someone, usually due to a vaccine mandate, with an untested chemical mixture using untested new technology, which is eye-wateringly profitable for Pfizer, but whose effectiveness is extremely doubtful, whose many side-effects have been concealed by Pfizer and the authorities and whose long-term effects on the human body are completely unknown.

If you have been “Pfizered”, you may well suffer from any number of 19 pages of possible side effects. The most serious of these may be inflammation of the heart muscles (myocarditis or pericarditis). For most people, this inflammation of the heart muscles will probably only last 2 to 3 months. But for some people, especially elite sportspeople who regularly put extreme levels of strain on their hearts, a Pfizering can lead to a heart attack and even death. So far, over 100 fit, young sportspeople – footballers, gymnasts, cricketers and others of their ilk – are believed to have been seriously “Pfizered”.

What evidence do we have of “Pfizering”?

As with the Wuhan lab-leak of the Covid virus, anyone daring to question the efficacy and/or safety of the Pfizer mRNA miracle vaccine, was initially branded a crank and conspiracy theorist and anti-vaxxer and right-wing fascist and so on and so forth by the scientific and political elites and their sycophants in the mainstream media as they herded us into their vaccination centres to be jabbed just like sheep or cows would be rounded up and injected with all kinds of cr*p.

Evidence 1 – The WHO warns about heart muscle inflammation

But now, even the utterly discredited, China-controlled, ludicrously-misnamed World Health Organisation (WHO) has admitted that mRNA vaccines can cause inflammation of the heart muscles. Here’s a quote from the WHO website I used a few months ago:

The COVID-19 subcommittee of the WHO Global Advisory Committee on Vaccine Safety (GACVS) issued a statement regarding reports of myocarditis and pericarditis following COVID-19 mRNA vaccines (1). Cases of myocarditis and pericarditis, although rare, have occurred more often in younger men (adolescents or young adults) and after the second dose, typically within a few days after vaccination with the COVID-19 mRNA vaccines. As of June 2021, US VAERS surveillance data estimated crude reporting rates of 40.6 cases per million second doses among males and 4.2 cases per million among females aged 12-29 years (2). Current evidence suggests a likely causal association between myocarditis and the mRNA vaccines.

Evidence 2 – Rise in excess mortality in younger age groups

And now we have an interesting study from Germany looking at the average ages of excess mortality in the year before vaccinations (2020) and the year of vaccinations (2021)

As you’ll see, in 2020 when Covid was getting going in Germany there was slightly raised excess mortality in the 60-79 age group as would be expected given that the Chinese plague affected the elderly most seriously. But once vaccinations (mainly Pfizer, I believe) started there was a pretty impressive rise in excess mortality in the 15-49 age group. And we know from the mortality rates of Covid by age group that it’s not the virus which is causing the excess mortality in the younger age groups:

Evidence 3 – Excess mortality closely follows vaccination

Here are two more charts from Germany. The top chart shows excess mortality by month in 2021, while the lower chart shows the number of first, second and (third) booster vaccinations given:

It would be difficult not to see some correlation between the number of vaccinations and the number of excess deaths.

It’s the same the whole world over

In my blog of 27 November 2021, I gave some examples of elite athletes having mysterious heart problems, sometimes resulting in death.

In my blog of 11 March 2022, I gave a link to a video from Dr John Campbell in which he reveals his astonishment that Pfizer and the US Food and Drug Administration tried to withhold the safety data on the Pfizer for up to 75 years.

Regular readers will know that I’ve just returned from the Land of Smells/Smiles (LoS). While I was there, a rather famous sportsperson died from a heart attack. Was his early death at 52 partly due to him having been Pfizered? We’ll never know.

A couple of weeks later in the LoS this 25-year-old gentleman mysteriously died of heart failure in his sleep:

เศร้า “บีม ปภังกร” นักแสดงจากซีรีส์ดัง “เคว้ง” เสียชีวิตแล้ว

He is/was a well-known actor in many TV series in the LoS and in a Netflix film about the LoS cave rescue.

I obviously have no knowledge of this young man’s medical history. But a crazed conspiracy theorist might suspect that he too had been Pfizered.

Maybe we were lucky in the UK that we mainly used the Oxford/AstraZeneca vaccine which was based on well-known, tried-and-tested technology. There were problems with a few people from the Oxford/Astra/Zeneca vaccine (venous thromboembolism and thrombocytopenia). But it’s not clear if these were due to the vaccine itself or the fact that it was administered without aspiration and therefore accidentally went straight into the veins a couple of people per million vaccines administered.

But by rubbishing the cheap, old-fashioned Oxford/AstraZeneca vaccine due to their fury at the UK leaving their beloved EU and by buying the ludicrously expensive, incredibly profitable for Pfizer and possibly dangerous Pfizer concoction instead, preening popinjay Macron, grumpy old fart Merkel and the always perfectly-coiffed recidivist incompetent Ursula Fond of Lying may have condemned thousands of their own citizens to unnecessary heart damage and hundreds to premature deaths.

6 comments to Have you been “Pfizered”?

  • A Thorpe

    “Pfizered” sounds good compared to the other manufacturers and Pfizer has a long list of claims against it. But my understanding is that Moderna and AstraZeneca haven’t brought any product to market before their Covid therapies. When you haven’t done anything it is easy to avoid criticism. Why is it the Pfizer is in the news about withholding trial data but nothing is said about the data for the other companies? From the data I have seen on incident reporting it is obvious that the vaccine production is not consistent and some batches have a higher level of incidents. Perhaps not surprising considering the new production facilities established with no experience.

    I have difficulty seeing any difference between these three companies. The initial trials by all of them were inadequate and not long enough to produce reliable data on effectiveness and certainly no long term safety data. Not one of them showed that their inoculation could prevent infection which is the entire point of a traditional vaccine.

    You refer to the AstraZeneca therapy as an “old fashioned vaccine”. It is not. I have a recording and a transcript of the Dimbleby lecture given by Sarah Gilbert, but the transcript does not include everything. I want to put in missing parts but haven’t had the time. It is what she calls a “platform technology” and describes the others as the same. She spent time describing the traditional vaccine development but only briefly described the platform technology but none of this is in the transcript.

    I don’t have the background to understand this, but a traditional vaccines use an isolated sample of the virus which is then grown in a culture to produce more of it. This is why it is time consuming and expensive compared to the new technologies. Some traditional vaccines use a live attenuated form of the virus and others a deactivated form that cannot reproduce. The platform technologies use different methods to deliver instructions to the cells to produce antigens. Because of this difference there is an issue that crops up which is the claim that the virus has never been isolated and therefore there is no proof that it exists. There have been numerous FOI requests asking for confirmation about the isolated virus and nobody has confirmed that they have it. What concerned me about Sarah Gilbert was that she confirmed that her team got the virus genome from the Chinese and they trusted them. There is now compact equipment that can quickly carry out genome sequencing. This is not the same as isolating a virus and proving that what is isolated is causing the disease being investigated. It is easy to see why some experts have serious concerns about this.

    I don’t know enough about the various vaccine adverse event reporting systems but they seem to be poorly set up in every country. But to link deaths to a particular manufacturer would need very accurate data. I doubt it exists. Even data related to vaccination status and the true cause of death is not reliable. This is why the all-cause mortality rate is being used since it is difficult to get that wrong, but UK does because getting the population correct to calculate the rate is difficult, as Prof Norman Fenton has pointed out.

    There are claims now, as you show, that all-cause mortality is increasing after vaccinations were introduced and it is being assumed that this is due to the vaccines. But there is no proof that this is the cause, it could be because other health issues have not been treated. It is just as bad as the climate change nonsense. Correlation is not causation.

    What on earth is going on? Science is being corrupted and decisions are being made by governments with little evidence is justify anything.

  • Brenda Blessed

    Watch the video linked to below of a huge Zoom session hosted by Ron DeSantis, the governor of Florida, involving some of America’s leading physicians.

    Needless to say, it was not reported by the mainstream-media low-life that stinks to high heaven.

    Let’s hope that DeSantis stands for US President in 2024. Trump will be too old and he made too many unforced errors in his term as President, in my opinion. DeSantis looks like the real deal. The evidence against the lockdown measures would have been much weaker had he not taken a stand against them in Florida.

    DeSantis Hosts Roundtable Discussion On Ending Covid Theater Once And For All –

  • A Thorpe

    I have just seen an article reporting these vaccine adverse events from the EudraVigilance database. It is impossible to compare them because the report does not say how many vaccinations were given for each manufacturer and some people will have received more than one dose.

    Pfizer: 19,239 deaths and 1,927,063 injuries
    Moderna: 11,454 deaths and 629,641 injuries
    AstraZeneca: 8,490 deaths and 1,204,744 injuries
    Johnson & Johnson: 2,651 deaths and 138,793 injuries

  • Eric Legge

    No, I haven’t been Pfizered.

    I found out early on that the vaccine manufacturers were made exempt by governments from legal liability for damages to health and life.

    Then I saw the survival rates (of course, not from the mainstream media, which is mostly owned by Blackrock and Vanguard) that are shown in this post.

    Then the entire west shut their economies down in lockdowns at costs never before imagined and set out to vaccinate their entire populations with unvaccinated survival rates of 99.96%.

    There were huge advertising campaigns that are still ongoing to make everyone get vaccinated, including children. Just before partygate hit the headlines, Boris was about to have a national conversation about mandating vaccinations, obviously because the fear that the media was generating was not working as the liberals expected that it would. They are now up to the fourth jab and there appears to be no end to the number of jabs.

    Apparently, either the jabs don’t work because apparently the positive tests that the bogus tests generate are running higher than ever and/or the jabs are not really vaccinations.

    What are they then? – In my opinion, it looks as if they deliver genetic engineering technology that is designed to bring their victims under genetic control so that the liberal totalitarians can determine when anyone dies (depopulation) or who gets to have children.

    The liberal totalitarians have to enforce their screwy misinformation and outright lies that they are disseminating by banning any debate or alternative information across the media and social media that they control.

    I would have to have been mental had I allowed myself to be Pfizered.

  • Ed P

    A previous ‘vaccine’, for swine flu in humans, was withdrawn after approximately 50 deaths resulted. At the time, this was considered an unacceptable number.
    The EudraVigilance data (provided by AT, above), show over 40,000 deaths. That’s 800 times the previous point of withdrawal. The USA VAERS data show many more deaths and injuries.
    It’s increasingly obvious these jabs are not fit for purpose, or at least not fit to do what was claimed for them. The way they’re still being ‘pushed’ by the death authorities, who really cannot be unaware of all the deaths, suggests they ARE doing exactly what’s intended, but that’s a terrible thought.

  • Marc Ager

    Is everyone aware that you get Pfizered by the booster shots because the booster shots are all made by Pfizer?

    It looks to me as if the two initial AstraZeneca jabs were designed as a very cheap way of getting the world’s population “vaccinated” at cost and then Pfizer would take over, probably because the first two shots are vital, allowing the targetting of the booster shots to be selective in delivering the gene therapy. Ranging from a saline solution to the real deal.

    Get a load of this BS.

    Why is AstraZeneca not used as a Covid booster – and can you have a Pfizer booster after an AstraZeneca jab?

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