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Should we ever again trust our lying, self-serving, media-whore “scientists”?

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The unique Michael Crichton

I’m currently reading a 2006 book “NEXT” by the brilliant American author Michael Crichton.

John Michael Crichton; October 23, 1942 – November 4, 2008) was an American author and filmmaker. His books have sold over 200 million copies worldwide, and over a dozen have been adapted into films. His literary works are usually within the science fiction, techno-thriller and medical fiction area, and heavily feature technology. His novels often explore technology and failures of human interaction with it, especially resulting in catastrophes with biotechnology. Many of his novels have medical or scientific underpinnings, reflecting his medical training and scientific background at Harvard Medical School.

He’s probably best known as the author of “THE ANDROMEDA STRAIN”, “STATE OF FEAR” and “JURASSIC PARK”.

“NEXT” was the last full book published before his death in 2008.

Crichton’s warning about scientists

In “NEXT” Crichton wrote:

“The ultimate lesson is that science isn’t special – at least not anymore. Maybe back when Einstein talked to Niels Bohr, and there were only a few dozen important workers in every field. But now there are three million researchers in America. It’s no longer a calling, it’s a career. Science is as corruptible a human activity as any other. Its practitioners aren’t saints, they’re human beings, and they do what humans do – lie, cheat, steal from one another, sue, hide data, fake data, overstate their own importance and denigrate opposing views unfairly. That’s human nature. It isn’t going to change.”

Our scientists lied and lied and lied

When this paragraph was written 16 years ago, most people would probably have dismissed this as typical storyteller’s dramatisation and exaggeration. But now we know how right Crichton was.

Our scientists lied to us about the origin of the Wuhan lab-leaked plague, lied to us about the numbers who died from or with Covid, lied to us about the effectiveness of the “miracle vaccines”, lied to us about the safety (or rather lack of safety) of the “miracle vaccines” and lied to us about the likely death toll so they could present the worst case scenarios to terrify us into compliance with their ever more oppressive rules.

In all their lying and posturing and self-promotion, the scientists were egged on to make ever more outlandish doomsday claims by a totally irresponsible mainstream media desperate to churn out the most bloodcurdling clickbait stories

Scientists or just careerist media whores?

In addition to the flood of lies, there is one other aspect of our scientists’ behaviour I found particularly concerning – their apparent desperation to prostitute themselves to any media who might be prepared to interview them.

I naively thought that when one was invited to join a government advisory committee such as the ludicrously-misnamed SAGE, two rules would apply

  • Confidentiality – I would have expected Chatham House rules to apply
  • Multi-disciplinary – members would understand that theirs was only their own personal point of view from their particular academic discipline and that it was politicians’ job to balance things like immediate health issues, longer-term health issues and economic concerns.

This doesn’t appear to have occurred to the overpaid, over-pensioned, self-promoting members of SAGE. It seems that after every meeting, they would be rushing off to the nearest TV studios and newspaper offices to inform us that they alone knew exactly what needed to be done and that their, and only their, recommended policy was the right one.

These opinion-incontinent, self-promoting, media-whoring supposed “scientists” showed no understanding that confidentiality might sometimes be appropriate and absolutely no awareness that they were only seeing one small aspect of more complex policy issues.

Which brings us to “catastrophic man-made climate change”

Given what we’ve learnt from the scientists’ dishonest, self-aggrandising, deliberately-misleading, media-whoring behaviour over Xi Pingpong’s Chinese Communist Party’s lab-leaked plague, why on earth would anyone believe anything our research-grant hungry, self-promoting, careerist, data-manipulating, lying, media-prostitute supposed scientists claim about the idiotic concept of catastrophic anthropogenic climate change?

And why would anyone believe anything the utterly irresponsible, self-serving, clickbait mainstream media told us either?

3 comments to Should we ever again trust our lying, self-serving, media-whore “scientists”?

  • Marc Ager

    There are many excellent videos by “An Old man in a Chair”. He had to leave YouTube due to the banning of some of his videos and shadow banning, which allows the videos to be posted but no one can find them.

    “Like all qualified medical doctors who have told the truth about covid-19, Dr Vernon Coleman has been repeatedly lied about and libelled on the internet and in the mainstream media. In March 2020, after studying the covid death figures and comparing the death statistics in the UK to that of previous years, Dr Coleman said that the threat of covid-19 had been wildly exaggerated and that there was no pandemic. In that first video, he warned that the pandemic fraud (or hoax) would result in the deaths of many old people (which it did), the introduction of mandatory vaccinations (which appears to be happening) and the disappearance of cash (now a serious threat). As a result of his video, his Wikipedia page was deliberately and dramatically changed by government employees and used to ‘monster’ him. All his lifetime achievements were removed. Without any evidence or justification he was, among other things, labelled a ‘conspiracy theorist’ and said to be ‘widely discredited’. Google, which works with Wikipedia, reproduced the lies in an attempt to discredit him, so that nobody would believe his warnings.

    There is far more stuff on his old-style website

  • A Thorpe

    The question you ask needs a second part. It should be why are scientists lying, and why do the majority of people believe them. People have returned to their childhood when they believed lies about Father Christmas. They have no capability of rational thought and more than ever they live in fear of uncertainty, which makes them vulnerable to influence.

    But not all scientists are lying. It seems to be those who depend on governments for their jobs or governments to buy their products for our consumption. The scientists working on military hardware are not lying because it is so secretive and we are told very little about it. We also don’t know about government secretive research labs.

    University climate science departments seem to have got rid of any doubters. One dismissal in the news was Peter Ridd, an Australian Barrier Reef expert who did not agree that the reef was in danger. There are other physicists who appear at conferences but they are ignored by the MSM. Science is not just about the climate and it is taught in schools, colleges and universities. There should be thousands of people who know the claims of climate scientists are wrong. Why is there silence? I only know one mechanical engineer from my working days and I cannot get him to think about it. He does have a daughter who has bought into the nonsense so that might be a reason. I know more electrical engineers and they think that heat transfer is a net effect and so heat can come from the cold atmosphere. They will not accept the laws of thermodynamics. When well educated people cannot see the scientific fraud then what chance is there for others? But it is not just about scientific theory, there is no empirical evidence to support the claim and people cannot even see that. With the threat to our energy supplies and rising costs, they still cannot see the fraud.

    It has been the same with Covid. A pandemic was declared with no evidence to support it. Panic set in, or was faked, and this results in actions not based on evidence which always turn out bad. All the conclusions from past pandemic studies were ignored. Modellers who had been proven wrong in the past were listened to. The pharmaceutical companies saw an opportunity to make billions by offering a cure using an experimental therapy never proven to work. This was accepted by health care experts, politicians and the public without question. We were told about 95% efficacy for vaccines without any understanding of what it meant. We accepted a treatment that was not in any way like traditional vaccines. We were lied to about waves of infection which were waves of increased testing. I cannot see any evidence that the vaccines had any benefits and they may have serious side effects. Vaccines take years to develop and to test for safety but this was ignored. Fear was used to promote them and with serious consequences if the concerns about side effects are to be believed.

    I put the blame for this entirely on the political classes. Scientists have always looked at different ideas and common sense usually prevails when they produce nonsense, such as cold fusion. With climate alarmism the media has promoted it but with the encouragement and approval of the politicians. Al Gore and Obama stand out in the US and the Miliband brothers here together with Thatcher. In the case of the pandemic I question why every country followed the same policies almost immediately. Politicians never agree on anything. They appear to have been controlled by Big Pharma. In contrast look at the chaotic response to Ukraine. They have effectively encouraged Ukraine to believe they can win and the result is death and destruction. In my view Ukraine is the result of problems created and unresolved by WWI and this is because politicians sign treaties and agreements and never keep to them.

    Politicians are the problem because most people wrongly belief that democracy means they work for us. It is becoming increasingly clear that politicians may not even be in control. They are following instructions from their masters. Elites have always controlled us from emperors to kings and now it is the financial-digital complex acting through corrupt politicians and we continue to elect them. We never matter to them. They have always ignored us. They only time they pay attention is when there are riots.

  • Brenda Blessed

    Never forget that according to Einstein’s relativity, there is one block of spacetime that embodies past, present and future.

    Key Einstein quote: “Now he has departed from this strange world a little ahead of me. That means nothing. People like us, who believe in physics, know that the distinction between past, present and future is only a stubbornly persistent illusion.”

    Einstein also said that time only exists so that everything [that is fated to happen] doesn’t
    happen at once.

    Nietzsche put it in the following way before Einstein’s equations put it in mathematical terms.

    Nietzsche wrote in his unique autobiography, Ecce Homo: “My formula for greatness in man is amor fati [love of fate]: that man does not want to have anything differently, either in the future, the past or for all eternity. Not only must he endure necessity, and on no account conceal it — all idealism [most religion, socialism, communism, feminism, etc.] is falsehood in the face of necessity — but love it …”

    So, when the decadent rot sets in deeply enough, fate opens the doors for the soulless narcissistic demons to come in and stir things up. The mindless stupidity of the majority of people, including the liberal decadents pushing the globalist lies, who believe that they are running the show, means one thing: that they are a complete waste of time and space. That their time is up.

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