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The pandemic – too far-fetched for any fiction?

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Beyond the imagination of any fiction?

As far as I know, the three main works of fiction dealing with a pandemic are:

  • the science fiction classic novel “THE DARKEST OF NIGHTS” by Charles Eric Maine
  • the 1995 film “OUTBREAK” starring Dustin Hoffman and Morgan Freeman
  • the film “CONTAGION” made by Steven Soderbergh in 2011 starring Matt Damon

These three works all have one thing in common – they all start from the premise that the deadly virus evolved naturally in an animal and then spread to humans.

I suspect that the idea a pandemic might have been caused by America’s top medics using millions of US taxpayers’ dollars funding bioweapons research in a filthy, badly-managed, unhygienic, utterly corrupt lab in America’s arch enemy China after channelling the money through a front company in order to hide its origin was probably so far-fetched that it would never have occurred to the people behind THE DARKEST OF NIGHTS, OUTBREAK or CONTAGION.

That America’s top medics would then be protected by a massive cover-up by one of America’s two main political parties, the Democrats, the mainstream media, the tech giants and by many of the world’s leading and formerly respected scientists after over 6 million deaths and hundreds of millions of lives ruined – well that was simply too cynical, too evil and too ludicrously implausible for any work of fiction.

Yet that’s precisely what has happened.

WTF was the US Department of Defence up to in the Ukraine?

A few days ago, Russia claimed that the US had been involved in funding the development of lethal bioweapons in the Ukraine. These claims were, of course, angrily dismissed by US officials and the supinely obedient mainstream media as ridiculous Russian propaganda.

Only problem is – they are actually true. The US Department of Defence had been passing millions of dollars to labs in the Ukraine which the Soviets had originally been using to research bioweapons.

It seems that one day most of humanity will be wiped out by bioweapons rather than in a nuclear holocaust. Still, let’s look on the bright side. That should make the Extinction Rebellion climate catastrophist lunatics happy when much of the human race is exterminated by some crazies who manage to smuggle the latest bioweapon out of a lab and release it into the human population. After all, a few billion fewer people will mean less CO2 being released into the atmosphere.

Here’s the brilliant Mark Steyn on GB News explaining what was happening. You should start watching from about 6 minutes 40 seconds into the video and stay till at least 24 minutes.

Please note that the experiments Fauci and friends were carrying out in Wuhan in a supposedly Biosafety level-4 lab were on coronavirus pathogens with a survival rate of around 99.6%. The experiments the US Department of Defense was funding in the Ukraine on some of the most dangerous pathogens known to mankind (survival rate of around 50%) were being done in a Biosafety level-3 lab.

This is so irresponsible, you couldn’t make this up. Though perhaps amusingly, the virus described in the science fiction classic THE DARKEST OF NIGHTS also had a survival rate of only 50%.

A serious lab leak from the Ukrainian Biosafety level-3 labs has the potential to wipe out half the human race – almost 4 billion people. Yet, as far as I know, none of the traditional mainstream media has deemed this story sufficiently significant to warrant their attention:

5 comments to The pandemic – too far-fetched for any fiction?

  • A Thorpe

    I don’t believe that Covid is a bioweapon but it could have been part of a development programme. The users of a bioweapon must be able to protect themselves, it must kill rapidly and it must disappear soon after release and that doesn’t apply to Covid.

    If Covid came from animals nobody has identified how, which is unusual. Normally a route is identified quickly. Why is there no government concern over this and why no thorough investigation of an accidental release in view of the rumours? Why does there seem to be denial of an accidental release from the early days and of links between the USA and China?

    But now we have confirmation of links between the USA and Ukraine and nothing done to secure the labs and destroy dangerous pathogens when the threat of a conflict arose. As you rightly say Covid was not that dangerous, but the situation in Ukraine appears to be very different.

    The worst of this is that western propaganda has been painting China, Russia, North Korea and Iran as our enemy and it seems it is the USA. We might also ask what is going on at Porton Down. It hardly has a good track record.

    Mark seems to put his faith in democracy. I say democracy is the problem.

  • A Thorpe

    I forgot to add that in the video we have yet another “expert” claiming he can model events and forecast the outcome of wars. Mystic Meg could do better.

  • Jeffrey Palmer

    I recall reading that in the aftermath of the collapse of the Soviet Union, both chemical weapons research labs and Soviet nuclear fuel depots were basically unsupervised. Thefts from both were recorded during the Yeltsin era free-for-all when the Russian government was in a state of collapse, and Russian and international criminal gangs took advantage of this fact.

    In the Ukraine, a violent, bankrupt and chaotic kleptocracy which continues to mimic the Yeltsin era in Russia, everything is for sale to the highest bidder. There is no knowing what went on, particularly when then Vice-President Biden and his drug-addled son Hunter were active in Ukrainian politics and business from 2014 onwards.

    The stories about US-backed bio-labs in the Ukraine long pre-date the Russian invasion. And the fervour with which these stories are now being called ‘Fake News’ by the Western media, particularly by the BBC, of course arouses suspicion.

  • Bad Brian

    The British public are looking dewey eyed at these poor Ukranian people and their suffering as well they might.

    However, the British public have got only the vaguest of ideas about what the Ukraine was like and how it operated before Putin invaded.

    I know quite a few Ukranians whom I like but it has always been a tough place and they are a tough people as we can see on our TV screens.

    The place has always been run without much regards for law and order and it was always a good idea to have a few US dollars in your driving licence to get the local plod off your back. Very like Mexico in the way that the rich get rich by being gangsters and prey on the poor.

    If we end up with 200,000 women & children Ukranian refugees living here for any length of time then I think a large proportion will not want to ever go back and eventually their male counterparts will somehow end up here too. Then the crime rate will up a gear very quickly.

    One of the main reasons the Ukranians that I know living here say they don’t want to go back to live in the Ukraine is the weather.
    They get used to our winters which are mild in comparison and when they go home for a visit, they usually wait for the summertime.
    I think the sympathy will wear off as soon as British people find themselves living next door to these Ukranians many of whom could easily be extras on Peaky Blinders.

  • Marc Ager

    Good one, Brian.

    And our “government” probably know that and want it to happen. There were already plenty of Ukrainian economic migrants in Poland before the war started, also in the rest of the EU and apparently there are 200,000 of them here. If people come from elsewhere, our “government” wants them here. They will get on like a house on fire with the other migrants and our woke. And they will keep house prices rising.

    I can’t be the only one wondering how genuine the war is. We must know by now how little regard the narcissistic liberal walking corpses who run the world now have for human or any other kind of life.

    Tolerance and apathy are symptoms of physiological decadence/degeneration and we have it in abundance.

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