May 2018
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Nick Clegg will cost us taxpayers £542 million – but is he worth it?

As Libdem leader Nick Clegg becomes a figure of even greater ridicule and contempt following his ‘I’m sorry’ video, people might not be laughing quite so much if they realised how much this lying buffoon is going to cost us.

Let’s assume that Clegg spends 30 years siphoning our money into his own pockets – first as an MEP, then MP, then Deputy Prime Minister, then no doubt he’ll find some sinecure in Brussels or else runnng some pointless quango. If he costs us £300,000 a year in salary, expenses, staffing and office costs, that’s £9 million we’ll be paying. Then, when he retires he’ll probably be picking up a pension of say £100,000 a year for another 30 years – another £3 million of our taxes.

Then we must add the tens of millions Clegg will have wasted. His pathetic AV referendum cost us about £80 million. Clegg blocked Cameron’s plan to reduce the number of MPs from 650 to 600, so that’s 50 completely unnecessary MPs we’ll be paying for – £15 million a year for say thirty more years – £450 million. 

All in all, the lying, incompetent, self-serving Clegg will cost us taxpayers at least £542 million. That’s an awful lot of money. Is Clegg really worth it?

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