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Lab-leak – what more proof do we need?

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More circumstantial evidence?

On March 24. 2018, this proposal was sent to DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) requesting $14 million for Project Defuse – Defusing the Threat of Bat-borne Coronaviruses”.

(left-click on image, then left-click again to see more clearly)

Here’s a link to the full document:

As you’ll see this proposal comes from everybody’s friend and the world’s most trusted doctor – Dr. Peter Daszak of EcoHealth Alliance. The work would be carried out at three locations Palo Alto in the US and Kunming and Wuhan in China.

Here’s the letter which accompanied the request for $14m for Project Defuse:

(left-click on image, then left-click again to see more clearly)

Hopefully this makes it quite clear that EcoHealth Alliance were running projects playing around with and doing ‘gain of function’ experiments with bat-borne coronaviruses at Wuhan?

Think you’ll see these documents in our mainstream media?

I’m presenting these documents here because I don’t believe any of our mainstream media will go anywhere near them.

I’m not a crazed conspiracy theorist. But it’s absolutely clear that there is a conspiracy of silence about the origin of Covid-19 conducted by our rulers, the scientific community and the supinely obedient mainstream media. There seems to be no curiosity at all in how the greatest disaster to strike humanity since WWII originated.

Even worse, there has been a two-year campaign of disinformation run by our leading ‘scientists’, various supposedly ‘scientific’ journals like The Lancet and the big tech companies to cover up Covid-19’s origins and to brand anyone suggesting a lab leak as dangerous and deranged conspiracy theorists and to silence them using threats to their careers and censoring their views.

Never in human history have so many been lied to so blatantly by their rulers. Or maybe I’m wrong. After all, the whole supposed catastrophic man-made climate change crisis may be an even bigger scandal than the 5 to 10 million killed by the Wuhan lab-leak?

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  • Brenda Blessed

    GB News – Dan Wootton Tonight | Monday 17th January

    Dan Wootton gives the results of a Freedom of Information request to the Office for National Statistics about the number of Covid deaths that were not associated with any underlying health conditions.

    The mainstream media is using 150,000 as the number of Covid deaths, but the Freedom of Information request made to the Office for National Statistics says that in 2020/2021 only 17,000 were deaths purely from Covid.
    And most of those 17,000 deaths were aged over 65. Shutting down much of the economy, schools and NHS and vaccinating the entire population with vaccines that don’t prevent the spreading or getting an infection of the virus, was never necessary for that low level of deaths.

    I wonder what autopsies of those 17,000 would turn up.
    Maybe something like Midazolam might turn up. Autopsies of the buried victims of Harold Shipman found that he had given them lethal injections of diamorphine.

    In my opinion, this whole thing is a power grab by unified liberal decadent politicians across the west that China is happy to play along with.

  • A Thorpe

    What doesn’t make sense is probably true. As soon as the virus appeared there was panic about it being extremely dangerous and the Chinese showed us fake pictures of people dropping dead in the streets. The danger was played up even more because it was linked with the release of a dangerous human created virus from gain of function research. Covid is not a dangerous virus and there were no significant excess deaths in 2019/20 before the vaccines. Brenda has given data for last year, but there are signs of the policies imposed on us and the vaccines creating more deaths than the virus.

    For the first time in history all governments have adopted the same policies of restricting our freedoms, spending money like there was no tomorrow and now they are all having to admit that that they have lost their war against the virus. As Mike Yeadon observed recently none of the past two years make sense and the driver is something else and that is the great reset. The release of the virus looks as though it was planned.

    Money has been printed endlessly for years to stimulate the economy. Interest rates are at rock bottom and saving made pointless. Debt has been increasing. The governments and central banks have run out of options. What we have seen over the last two years and in previous years with increased government spending is the theft of our wealth and its transfer to the rich. Taxpayers are left with debt we cannot possibly pay off. The next stage is now starting – high inflation. Interest rates cannot be increased because of high personal debt. Inflation will take away our savings and we will have nothing and be happy. The message of the great reset.

  • Jeffrey Palmer

    Again I must remark upon the fact that no ‘Investigative Journalists’ have bothered to find out just how much money the Chinese Communist Party has made from the rest of the world by spreading an infectious disease and then selling the world all the medical equipment necessary to deal with it.

    A Labour MP has just been found to have accepted a half-million-pound bribe from the Chinese Communist Party, but curiously there seem to be neither legal, nor diplomatic, repercussions for this; merely a ‘warning’ to other MP’s to be on their guard/wait for a bigger offer to arrive.

    Meanwhile, fake moral outrage from all the media about Tory Lockdown parties is completely missing the point.

    Government apparatchiks with immediate access to the most comprehensive, confidential infection statistics and medical advice available concluded that, in complete contrast to what they were endlessly drumming into us plebs via every available media source, having lots of mask-less drinks parties was absolutely fine because C-19 actually posed no risk at all to their own skins.
    Nor to the health of their wives, their mistresses, their children, or their elderly relatives.

    Yet they locked all the rest of us down, and brought the economy to a standstill, in full knowledge of this.

  • A Thorpe

    I have just had a quick look through the document. Fauci has kept his name out of it and wasn’t he supposed to be the source of the money used by Daszak? I note that the University of North Carolina is mentioned – this university shares many patents with Fauci and Moderna.

  • Hardcastle

    Exactly Jeffrey and if people cannot see this I despair.Out shopping today without mask as usual,majority of all ages still masked up.One lady actually swerved to avoid me! Dined in the local garden centre,full of pensioners like me.All wearing masks whilst queuing but unmasked when sitting! Cannot they not see the nonsense that this is.? The Nudge Unit has certainly been effective and people are permanently scared and this can only encourage those who wish to enslave us.Do not be fooled by what appears to be a roll back of the madness.This is,in my opinion,just a lull in the onslaught,before the next assault.Do not forget,the inflation,digital currencies,cashless society and all the climate change nonsense to come.These people mean business and being reasonable and explaining scientific and financial truths to them will not cut the mustard.They are fully aware of the truth,it is power they have and want permanently.The vast majority are asleep to what awaits them,some painful times ahead,the cost of power from April,might start to awaken some.They were not owing when they said “you will own nothing and be happy” Let the reality of that sink in. However,few seem to do reality any more,but it will come and bite you,that is a certainty.

  • A Thorpe

    “Obviously, as long as some special interest groups (including climate-illusionists) will have a direct interest in selling a catastrophic storytelling (to justify their existence) and will keep running the game (and benefiting of taxpayer’s monies) science will have to remain in a back seat. More recently, after having ruined their countries for SARS-CoV-2 and imposing lock-down to half the world population bringing economies to a halt and pushing hundreds of millions of people on the verge of bankruptcy, all for a disease showing a very low death rate and a median age of the dead of 83 years, talking heads and influential people encouraged by all climate activists, extremists and lobbies feeling the time has come for action, have started to announce that if nonsensical measures could have been taken for COVID-19 to save lives (this remains to be demonstrated) the same and more could be done for climate change! Everybody should feel the jitters in the spine and be frightened.”

    From – The rational climate e book by Patrice Poyet

    Available free and full of outstanding detail about the climate but also discussing more general issues.

    This is an opinion about it from an expert: “”Your book is amazing. I may not agree with everything in it, but the intensity of your research is beyond anything that I’ve seen. Best wishes for a better 2021, Dick” Richard Lindzen, personal communication December 15th, 2020.

  • Marc Ager

    GB News itself did not use that Office for National Statistics Freedom of Information finding that its Dan Wootton show exposed in its own news bulletins.

    Therefore, GB News must be following the Ofcom ruling, which the rest of the mainstream media obeys to a fault, not to broadcast anything that would deter people from becoming fully vaccinated.

    For some reason, the GB News discussion programmes seem to be getting away with enlightening us without making Ofcom come down on them.

  • Immunity, Infectious Disease, and Vaccination – A lecture by Raymond Obomsawin (2013)

    Obomsawin died mysteriously in December 2021. Apparently, he went from being in good health to dying a few days after sending an important document to RFK Jr. related to the safety of the COVID vaccines.

    Quote from the introduction to the video recorded in 2013: “Why do vaccine shots pose serious physical, mental, and behavioural dangers in humans? Raymond Obomsawin gives a historical overview of human attempts to create immunity, artificially, via vaccination. He explores the issues surrounding these artificial attempts to protect human health. Raymond Obomsawin shows the real causes of some of the more recent health issues and how vaccines, among other artificial chemicals and pharmaceutics, cause harmful and, oftentimes, lifelong health damage. He shows, via statistical and historical facts, that vaccines have no positive impact on the decline of disease. Watch this video expose the truth about vaccines.”

    The vaccinations for smallpox are dealt with from a historical perspective. Here are a few findings that were not made known to the public, most of whom currently probably still believe that vaccination got rid of smallpox.

    Smallpox is five times as likely to be fatal in the
    vaccinated as in the unvaccinated.

    In highly vaccinated areas, e.g., Bombay and Calcutta
    smallpox is rife, while in minimally vaccinated areas,
    such as Leicester, it is almost unknown.

    80 percent of the smallpox cases admitted into the hospitals have been vaccinated with 20% unvaccinated.

    William Howard Hay US MD 1936 –

    “One of the most insane things we have advocated in medicine was to insist on the vaccination of children, or anybody else, for the prevention of smallpox. We were never able to prove that vaccination saved one man from smallpox.”

    Apparently, it was better living conditions that got rid of smallpox, not vaccination.

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