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What is the difference between a ‘scientist’ and a prostitute?

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Is Omicron almost as ‘deadly’ as a mild hangover?

Finally, more than two years into the Chinese Wuhan lab-leaked plague, I actually know someone who has been infected. The person is a 62-year-old man in reasonably good health after having lost a lot of weight due to a rather punitive diet. He had been on a 3-week holiday in a country in the Far East known for offering several hedonistic pleasures. After a few nights propping up local bars in his final week’s holiday, he woke up with a sore throat and a hoarse voice. These symptoms lasted for about 24 hours. I believe he assumed this mild inconvenience was the result of overindulging in several bars over several nights. It was only when he had to take a PCR test as a condition of returning to the UK that he found out he had contracted Omicron.

The result was that he had to spend another 3 or 4 days in his hotel, feeling perfectly fine, till he tested negative before taking his flight.

Lie, exaggerate, lie, exaggerate?

I ain’t no doctor, but I believe that if you caught the Black Death or the 1918 Spanish Flu, you definitely knew you were ill. But with the Omicron variant of the Chinese Wuhan plague, the effects are either so mild or non-existent for most people (except the medically vulnerable) that they don’t even know they are ill until rubbishy, unreliable (mostly Made in China) tests tell them they are ill.

The failure of Omicron to be as deadly as they had hoped seems to have posed a bit if a problem for the Project Fear ‘lockdown-everything’, ‘vaccinate everybody’ fanatics. All the evidence from South Africa suggested that Omicron was either asymptomatic or else gave symptoms similar to a mild bronchial infection. Moreover, there was clear evidence that Omicorn wasn’t leading to any huge rise in hospitalisations.

The Project Fear lockdown and vaccination fanatics resorted to several tactics to keep their Project Fear going. One was to claim that as South Africa had a younger population than the UK, Omicron could still be catastrophic in the UK. This conveniently ignored the fact that vaccination rates in the UK were much higher than in South Africa.

Another tactic was to deliberately lie to our politicians and the public about Omicron to suggest the danger to the UK was much more serious than it actually was. I believe a certain lady, who has just been elevated to the Lords presumably for her services to Project Fear, has recently been caught out lying twice.

The Bonking Boffin, Professor Neil Ferguson, also chipped in with his contribution. I thought the guy had been fired from SAGE following his well-publicised cross-London sexual antics during lockdowns that he supported. But like a bad dose of Athletes Foot, the guy keeps returning. From what little I understand he overestimated the likely number of Omicron hospitalisations by a factor of more than ten times. I think he achieved this feat of statistical nonsense by using Omicron’s increased infectivity compared to Delta while using Delta’s rates of hospitalisations and ignoring the data from South Africa about Omicron’s much lower hospitalisation rates.

What is a Covid death?

And then we have the problem that the method of reporting supposed Covid deaths has also been statistical nonsense.

There were 689,629 deaths in the UK in 2020, compared with 604,707 in 2019. Between 2003 and 2011, the annual number of deaths in the UK fell from 612,085 to just over 552,232. Since 2011 however, the annual number of annual deaths in the United Kingdom has steadily grown. So the increase in deaths from the last pre-Covid year (2019) to 2020 was about 85,000. The number of deaths in 2021 seems to be around the average for 2018 and 2019, but I haven’t found the exact figure. Moreover, as I’m sure you all know, if you die in hospital from cancer or heart failure or whatever, if you have tested positive for the Chinese plague within the last 28 days, your death is recorded as being ‘with Covid’  which is totally misleading and obviously hugely exaggerates the real number of Chinese plague deaths.

Covid has exposed how we have been lied to by the establishment, including our politicians of all political parties and it now seems our scientists. Modellers have also been economical with the truth in order to conjure up the worst possible scenarios to whip up fear and ensure compliance with rules which the PM and his advisers seem have to have ignored in various ways and not just parties.

Worse the media and especially the BBC went along with this version of the “truth” and defended the lies and sophistry.

Our ‘scientists’ knew the truth about Wuhan all along

And now we’re slowly finding out that the world’s leading ‘scientists’ knew all along that the Chinese plague had leaked from a lab in Wuhan – either the Wuhan Institute of Virology or the Wuhan Centre for Disease Control. But in order to protect the reputation of science, they deliberately lied to us about Covid’s origin and branded anyone suggesting a lab leak as a crazed conspiracy theorist. Most shamefully, a group of them signed a letter in the once respected Lancet, ridiculing the lab leak theory when they all knew it was the most likely explanation.

This brings us to the question: what is the difference between a ‘scientist’ and a prostitute? The prostitute is honest about what services she or he will offer and how much each of those services will cost.

If our ‘scientists’ have deliberately lied and lied and exaggerated and lied to us about Covid, about the lab leak and about Omicron, why on earth should we believe anything these worthless, self-serving, grant-hungry, career-obsessed prostitutes masquerading as ‘scientists’ claim with their (lucrative for them) catastrophic climate change hoax?

Is GB News is the only news channel we can trust?

Throughout the whole mess of lies and exaggeration from politicians, self-prostituting ‘scientists’ and the media, only GB News seems to have come out of this with some honour. Figures like Nigel Farage, Neil Oliver, Dan Wootton, Andrew Doyle and Marc Dolan have provided us with superb reporting while the rest of the mainstream media have lied and lied and exaggerated and lied:

4 comments to What is the difference between a ‘scientist’ and a prostitute?

  • twi5ted

    No one really understands the true nature of fawning servility until he has seen an academic who has glimpsed the prospect of money.

    This quote from Yes Minister is even more relevant today.

    Academia has grown so large and competition extreme. Its no surprise those that are prepared to hold their nose and serve the money appear to thrive at the expense of the ethical.

  • A Thorpe

    Covid has been presented as something different to other respiratory viruses but it does not have any unique symptoms. We were told it does and so it was believed, just as people believe the nonsense of climate change. We never have details of flu in the same way but I assume that younger people may get it and suffer mild symptoms and treat it as a cold. There is no testing with flu and so nobody knows. The PCR test cannot distinguish between the two as recently confirmed by the CDC. There was a case in an American hospital a few years ago where it was thought to have a whooping cough outbreak among the staff and PCR was used resulting in over 1000 staff being off work. It turned out to be a common cold.

    China generated the fear with the propaganda of people being locked in their homes and dropping dead in the streets. Western politicians went down the same path, ignoring their pandemic plans and ignoring the consequences of their covid policies. The politicians need to explain why. Garden parties are irrelevant and just a distraction from what they should be doing.

    I don’t know where you got those death numbers from. I have an ONS database of deaths from 1838 to 2020. This database is still marked as provision a year later, which seems to be related to the population estimates. The total deaths for 2020 are 608,002 and for 2019 530,841 The deaths for 2003 and 2011 are significantly different in the database to yours. The database has a crude mortality rate and an age standardised rate, which allow for population changes which must be done when comparing years. The age adjustment relates to the “age structure” of the population but I have never checked how this is done. 2020 is the 12th lowest death rate on record and every year from 2008 and before had higher death rates. Where was the pandemic?

    It’s the recording of covid deaths that is going to be a problem for future years. The same is true in the USA. Both countries and probably others have different recording systems for covid deaths. There is an interesting paper about the USA – Covid-19 data collection, comorbidity & federal law: a historical retrospective by Henry Ealy. It is easy to find. The only reliable data will be the all-cause mortality rate and the best information comes from Prof Norman Fenton. His team has produced a lot of papers on this. My understanding is that there is no reliable data on any aspect of covid claims. The problem for 2021 data is that as well as covid deaths, there will be vaccine deaths and deaths because treatment for other illness was not available. They will all be attributed to covid.

    I have my doubts about GB News. They have debates with people having different views but it all seems to be opinion turned into fact, and completely lacking in any evidence.

    We now have Dr Steve James who spoke to Javid and is everywhere in the news. He claims to have waited to see the outcome of vaccines before deciding on their safety. That is ridiculous. He should be criticised. He cannot possible reach a view from his observations because we need randomised control trials to determine the benefits and risks of vaccines and they have not been done to acceptable standards. James seems to have no understanding of heath care risks.

    It is the failure to carry out rigours trials of vaccines, emergency approval with inadequate data and propaganda to encourage the uptake of an experimental therapy that that is at the core of this health care fiasco.

  • Brenda Blessed

    Research has been done into the US VAERS (Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System) data.

    The mainstream media never reports on the findings of the US, UK and EU vaccine adverse reporting systems. Apparently it is because the media regulator, Ofcom, has banned it from reporting anything that is likely to bring about vaccination hesitancy.

    The VAERS data is mostly reported by medics and records the batch numbers of the vaccinations. Examination of the data shows that certain batch numbers are the ones that bring about the most adverse reactions and deaths. The VAERS data shows that those batches are the ones most widely spread across the US states, presumably to spread the adverse reactions out as widely as possible.

    Dr Tom Cowan interprets the data of the research in the following video.

    VERY SHOCKING Russian Roulette Via Vaccine Batch Number Explained By Dr. Tom Cowan –

  • Ed P

    BB: the VAERS data is reckoned to record only a small fraction of the adverse post-vax issues. Some say below 10% of what’s really happening.
    And bad batches apart, there’s an awful lot of ‘jabbers’, recruited and quickly trained, who do not know how to aspirate, so may inadvertently be injecting IV instead of IM – this alone could explain some of the worst reactions.

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